Version 20.06 - General Feedback

I just want to recognize how well done the overhauled Career Program is. If I’m looking at this right new players should be getting basically non-stop rewards for the first several hours if not days worth of playtime just as they try out and stick with new activities. This is instant gratification done right, and CCP you deserve an immense amount of credit for it.

I’ve in the past been very skeptical of if this game could ever attract and keep large amounts of new players in this day and age. This is the beginning of making that possible.


I’m not entirely sure why CCP made ISK reward for activities as in-game items that you have to redeem to home station if you are in space at which moment the ISK is added to your wallet balance.

Why not do that immediately when you click the claim reward button instead of this additional step?

Is this deliberate so new players learn how to redeem stuff or just some random addition for the sake of doing things different… or an oversight perhaps?



Its delibarate, you have to push buttons so you can receive bacon. When the act of pushing the proper button to receive proper bacon is established, you replace bacon with PLEX and the button with credit card detail field.


Ok but you click claim and the ISK would go to your wallet, now it first asks if you want to redeem it to station and only then goes to wallet. Simply clicking the claim reward button would already fulfill what you say… I think. Though not entirely sure how these corporate brains think so maybe you’re right. :no_mouth:

So the Soldier of Fortune path isn’t fully completeable unless you switch corp?


@CCP_Paragon So far so good for me. No bugs or weird things happening… yet.

So, the AIR Career Programme is just yet another version of Activity Tracker or Opportunities, but we get paid this time?

Truly groundbreaking.

goodfellas laugh


DX12 update. Beautiful. Thank you.

Fake dirt on camera? Please no. This could be the new red dot.

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What fake dirt? Can you show a picture?


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The isk reward is laughable low in the New AIR Career Program. If this is geared towards new player, newer player need isk! 63,500 isk per task is a JOKE! There is no reason that tasks are not paying newbros 1M isk. So 4-5 tasks and they can replace a lost frigate or destroyer.

Also the SP is serious low. Newbros need more SP rewards. Nothing like telling newbros on comms, that months of training is required to do everything. I had a guy asking about training/flying titans. I laughed! Told him years of training and isk that he will never be able to grind in game.

I hope that you will be removing the Activity Tracker, or merging it with the AIR Career Program. It now seems entirely redundant.

More generally, I hope that the EVE Forever project includes a significant amount of removal of misleading old systems.



Small changes can sometimes have massive impacts. Fast and consistent rewards are incredibly important to keeping people hooked on a game. The way the goals are structured should simultaneously passively reward players who choose to do their own thing, while also giving quite a lot of guidance and experience in different areas of the game to those that choose to actively follow it.


Wow. We definitely look at things differently.

I’m hoping that the career program is better myself. However, I seriously doubt that the small and short-lived dopamine hits of extrinsic rewards are going to lead to long term player retention. Don’t get me wrong, immediate gratification in the form of extrinsic rewards is a useful tool when used properly. However, I’m thinking it’s probably better for long term player retention for the career program to teach players what they need to know in order to have success and fun in a challenging, UPvP sandbox.


Clients lagging out. Not playable. Update — OK, seems better now

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Absolutely. When will CCP learn that Eve Online is about making everything quick and easy?

A Titan for every newbro!!!


The new AIR career rewards looks like a decent way of giving new players something to do, but it’s an irritant to existing completionists. “Join a corporation”?? Really? Must make that retroactive.


Yeah that needs to be made retroactive.


It about making on boarding less painful. The rewards are very low for the amount of isk a newbro has to invest in skill books, ships, and fittings. The SP rewards for newbro should cover the magic 14 or be able to get them in a cruiser in a day or two at most.

Yes, newbros ask about capitals. CCP pushes the lie that everyone can fly everything. No one will tell newbros the truth. It takes years to train stuff and years to afford ships. CCP should be honest in their advertising about the time sink that is EVE.

A lot of the Icons and symbols are not loading.

Are they? Maybe I missed some commercials or in-game ads, but I never got that impression. Seems to me like that’s something people bring with them into the game.

Moreover, you can tell players the truth -and not just that it takes years to fly titans. The truth is that you don’t need to fly expensive ships to get kills or have fun, nor should they feel compelled to grind for imaginary crap they don’t actually need.

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