War Dec by corp who is run by one player running 5-15 acounts?

Are you kidding me? Have you never played any game with open PVP? Warzones? Battlegrounds? There are a lot of games with PvP where groups need to coordinate and log in to fight against other groups.

If you cant afford 10 accounts, then why not make 10 friends? The wardeccers never cry about being outnumbered because their opponent has more friends and more accounts than them. Why are you crying about being bullied by 10 accounts?

Welp, there’s the answer to your "they must be alphas cheeeeeating!!! issue, @xavier69 .

I’ll take “what’s a ping” for 100, Alex". (13 years, eh? ok…)


No it’s not. EvE is not real life.

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This story sure took a turn from where I originally thought it was heading with the OP.
I’ll need to always keep in mind to hear the full story before reaching a conclusion.
Let the tale continue on…

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Who cares if they are 1 player or not. If they are, then they are easier to kill. You can get 15 accounts yourself or get some other players and defend. This is just a whine thread about someone who solo anchored an asset designed for multiple players and then can’t take it when he is unable to properly mount a defense. You want big boy toys and their advantages then be ready to fight for them. Otherwise there are plenty of NPC stations you can use to your hearts content and not be wardecced.

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All the whining in the past has lead to the war eligibility mechanics.
So CCP gave you a path to not be wardecced and to not pvp in highsec with the exception of ganking.

Now you chose to stay war eligible and now you are complaining about it again?

What are you expecting? Should CCP remove all other players from the game, so you can ignore the rules?

What is so difficult to adapt to a given ruleset and play within these boundaries? Do not put up a structure and be not war eligible. Do your stuff on an NPC station or if you don’t want then be prepared to live with the necessity to defend or move your stuff.

Or move in a region of EVE where wardecs don’t matter or where bad people can’t reach you.

Lots and lots of possibilities exist besides forum whining. You just need to use your brains if you have some.


You’re wrong in the sense that no one actually ever cared about shooting our structure there …
… and we had one there for quite a while …
… and you’re right because we’re the ones who you’re actually talking about …
… who are shooting down structures there.

OP’S A ■■■■■■■ ASSHOLE




It was an in-game house fire, obviously.

I sort of been there and might even had felt what you are feeling right now. I looked at the issue as a opportunity to learn every part of the advents what was happening and what was about to happen to my corp Frostpacker at the time.

I had looked long and hard at how I allowed myself to fall victim and understood at the time and still to this day that it was really my own fault for allowing myself to be in a situation that I was not able to protect what I had unless forking out more isk.

I took that isk and applied it into large skill injectors to boost this pilot that they can’t take away.

I hope you find what you need to find and are able to move forward and take something positive out of the wardec that currently seems to be causing grief.

We’re not extorting anyone. This guy’s literally just an asshole.

Why am I not surprised.


oh yes, forgot the absurdity of high sec citadels… :slight_smile:

To tell you the truth i just uninstalled the game. I was trying to make T2 which I struggled to do since ccp implemented PI and destroyed my market profits or limited me to however many robotics and guidance systems I could make per day. Now with the new war decree system my cardboard upwell structure is targeted by extortion corps who can now war decree 1000 corps a day. In reality the profit for my T2 has gotten so low in Jita I was nearly going to quit based on the effort of making 1000 T2 drones a day for only like 100m isk. Overall the game has become less and less appealing in the last 18 months. I would imagine most of this started with FTP being added as the unpopular changes saw a mass exit of paying customers. I honestly should have left then too. Like all sub games that go free to play this game is flushing down the toilet. I’d hate to see how much CCP market changes destroy any profit left in T2 but I am not betting on this sinking ship anymore. The ccp employees fleeing in large numbers tells me staying here is a waste of my time. It was good 13 year run… Bye! CCP

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liar if gave ■■■■ i could open the email pedro sent me asking for all kinds of stuff.

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Im sorry you cant autowin or reload your save


Heh the premise of this thread is false. Mine. isn’t one guy and his alts, there’s actually only one obvious alt in the corp; and it isn’t @Black_Pedro’s.

Given who he’s busy insulting on the forums, all I can say is that the OP has definitely made his lot in Eve a lot worse than it needed to be.


Ok bye. People who aren’t as weak as you will continue to succeed where you failed, nothing of value has been lost.


I am still salty and I am still hunting


I found Jason Hammersmith for you.
From: Enauweyle Lermenlieu
Sent: 2020.03.22 04:59

I’ve found your scumsucker.

He is in the LEM-I1 system, 8UD2-J constellation of the The Kalevala Expanse region.

With regards,

Enauweyle Lermenlieu

Yesterday before this very reply…

/then there is

Re: How much for this swines corpse?
From: Iceacid Frostpacker
Sent: 2020.03.05 21:05
To: Name withheld

Corpse of Jason Hammersmith
Tobacco (Item Exchange)

You will have to be fast as there is also a live contract out in the open market.

Re: How much for this swines corpse?
From: Name withheld
Sent: 2020.03.04 15:40
To: Iceacid Frostpacker,

100 million isk

How much for this swines corpse?
From: Iceacid Frostpacker
Sent: 2020.03.04 01:14
To: Name withheld

Dear Name withheld

I am currently hunting the corpse of Jason Hammersmith
There is a brand new cargo container ready for this swines to be placed on ice.

Can you supply a quotation for such a corpse please.

Looking forward to adding that swine to my collection.



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