War Deccing newbro corps

(Predvodnica LSG) #102

I can say A, you can say Z but only time will tell who is right. So, we’ll see…

(Scipio Artelius) #103

What. You haven’t said anything other than CCP has two opposite conclusions from the same data.

I’ve just asked what those opposite conclusions are. I’m not a Z to your A, there’s no substance yet to be a Z to even if that was my eventual position. At the moment, there’s just a bogus claim that isn’t even clearly explained.

The concept of opposite is pretty easy to understand, so surely if it’s true, there’d be nothing to do but agree with what you’ve claimed. Unfortunately there’s nothing but avoiding actually explaining what those opposite conclusions are.

(Predvodnica LSG) #104

Blah blah blah you can throwing old Eve tricks around for days but it is no more, PA is now in charge, no more, easy living, CCP.

(Wander Prian) #105

For someone who doesn’t subscribe to Eve anymore, you sure have lot of assumptions about the future and seem to think you know for sure how things are going to go.

Do you have any sort of proof for those assumptions, or are you just pulling it out of thin air?

(Predvodnica LSG) #106

Just wait, we will see.

(Wander Prian) #107

So pulling it out of thin air it is. Got it.

(Vulvona Ride-in) #108

dont forget EVE’s moto:

“Im not having fun unless you are not having fun!”

(Predvodnica LSG) #109

another stupid idea that will become an ancient history :blush:

(Vulvona Ride-in) #110

Get rid or the killmails… and you remove a lot of purpose for those pvp’er.
Imho, the killmails remove a lot a legitimacy from the play style that CCP first envision for their game back in the days.

Now, mainly all action in EVE is taken with the killmail in mind.

(Predvodnica LSG) #111

And the next important question is who make profit on killmail and why it is not CCP ???

(Rovain Sess) #112

Changes and everbody looses their ■■■■. Just let it happen, and like everything else in Eve - deal with it. At least this idea is getting traction and change - nothing else outside of null luv does…


(Lugburz) #113

i looked at their kb, not dying doesnt appear to be something theyre very good at.

chances to see these boys (RIOT) undocking for a fight are about as rare as the dodo.

(Azazul) #114

I’m just reading this big discussion on RIOT now … it’s a lot of fun!
We have not been doing “merc” jobs for many months, we do not like having too many commitments. We declare war on everyone who happens to us. It also happens corp of noobs, but most of the time they contact us saying that they are in trouble, and then we close the war. Many times I happened to kill a ship and then give him the donation of the isk to repay it … because the game must be fun for everyone. The Dodixie station is not always camped … if you look at the KB you will see that the kills are 90% elsewhere, we are always roaming! We do not care about our KB! We had a gank corp in RIOT for 1 year … so all red lines, but who cares! Eve’s spirit is to play in a group, alone you’re dead! Do not cry for anything, take a beautiful new ship, form a fleet and come looking for us … even our ships explode!
Soon the wars will change, but stay calm … we still find a way to shoot you all!
Kiss kiss

(Natural CloneKiller) #115

Contact me. We smash RIOT for fun and would be happy to have some more fun with them through your corp.

(Quor Dresden) #116

You stated you like doing pvp with your Corp. Well then going to war is a way to pvp. If you are getting ganked then discord some Corp members over for some fun. Form an alliance. Can’t pick and choose the skill level of the pvp you engage in. Some you win some you lose.

Or simply drop Corp and stay in touch with your new friends. I don’t care much for pvp but I would hate Eve if it got rid of the current system. The threat is part of the fun.

(Salt Foambreaker) #117

Yes and PA bought two Sandbox games because they are butt hurt and want revenge so they will end PvP…


Keep dreaming.

(Azazul) #118

Sure NC, the last time, however, you have lost the ship …

(Lord Harrowmont) #119

Good. Die more. Maybe you will learn next time.

(Aadris) #120

In general, hi-sec wardeccers are bottom feeders that can’t actually go up against other Pvpers / experienced players, they pick on newbros because it’s all they can do. Any actual decent Pvper would be completely bored station camping newbies.

My suggestion: find a pirate corp / pvp orientated alliance that’s nearby, talk to them and explain the size of the gang normally camping you. They may join your war or send some members temporarily just for the fun of it. Bring instalockers to get the pods.

(Lugburz) #121

id agree as ive seen them do it, RIOT is about one of the worst most risk averse corps out there; thats from experience too, not looking at kb or anything daft its literally by flying this character around dodixie, speaking to other people i know that were decked by them (yeh they couldnt get a fight that wasnt on station either) and also speaking to the other guys new and old; oddly, the older players with half decent killboards didnt get attacked, but the new players did lol what a trash alliance.
id comment on what some of them were saying above but i cant actually make much sense of azuzel or quor.