War Deccing newbro corps

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It’s been a while, but when I joined up with the Orphanage, we were guaranteed 15 wardecs a week against large null blocks.

I found that maybe 10% of the orphanage were guys who were solid mechanics, capable of executing sound maneuver in any ship, against any ship.

The other 90% were following directions, doing what everyone else was doing, and blapping all the flashie red dots. They were all in, but most just weren’t very skilled.

We absolutely slaughtered the null guys, wholesale. I was in several fleet fights against null entities that I recall, and I can’t recall losing one. We each had dozens of ships in the local area to choose from, good scouts, and (comparatively) a lot of smart mechanical players.

Null fleets tended to be one-dimensional. They had an obvious doctrine, one method of winning, and they would show up for a fight after traveling 30 jumps ready to take any fight.

As we would have been watching them for 15 jumps, naturally we would be flying a scissors fleet to their paper fleet… we would meet them on a gate with a bait ship, split their fleet, and mop up the mess.

Over and over I hear people call highsec fighters risk averse… which is true of some but is equally or more-so true of the fleet fighter of null.

It is the small gang mechanic that I respect though, that 10%… they’d chase you across the game in an Ibis to get a fight. And then they’d win.

They also did highsec wars.

My opinion…

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@ISD_Sakimura This thread is obsolete due to game changes.

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Not necessarily. People will always complain, even claiming they are a newbro Corp that pooled their isk to build and deploy their first citadel only to be wardecced by those mean mean vets.

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I stand corrected :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: