War On Corona Virus!

5. - 6 hours later, at 07:41:

Also, I can’t really associate with parties who seek to indict the benefit of my work for life against me and against others.
I do work with other values and I do take those attacks in consideration and I integrate it in my security of contracts,
include the disregard towards that security of contracts in acts of war against me and the security of my family.

I also register copyright for the disregard towards the security of my family and why I shouldn’t be associating with parties who seek to do so and to attack the registration of copyright of those attacks by making them seem as if I couldn’t register copyright about the description of the analysis which is a fact, which description of the analysis is done from me, and, not from others,
which others, seek to forfeit my rights in acts of war against me,
and seek to forfeit my rights so as to seek to forfeit evidence of their attacks against me,
and mislead my family with false offers of friendship for business,
and deceit in regards with work in disregard with facts related to military security for the well-being of society they try to credit themselves to discredit others with.

Many of those actions are grounds to snipe them.

Lol, to busy to do any research but your comments are 250,000 characters long.

I’m 99.9% certain that the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic will be with us for many years to come due to apathy in the media of people not knowing that then translates into non media walking around and talking like the media to feel important. Other factors involve slow rates of vaccination, people never the virus saying it isn’t bad to get, people not wearing masks, etc.

I would also suspect most people will die, not from old age, but instead people will die Covid-19 or Covid-19 related issues.

Here’s another reason the Covid-19 pandemic will be around for a long time.

This photo is of a residence close to where I live. His sign promotes the Covid Pandemic as a Flu Pandemic. Covid-19 is caused by a completely different virus then the Influenza virus.

People not even knowing the difference or caring about knowing the difference between a Coronavirus and an Influenza virus is 75% of the problem of mitigating the pandemic in the U.S.

The network that the guy is part of needs avoided at all costs.

What’s even funnier is one sign says “Lions Not Sheep”.

This is good news because people will be able to test themselves without traveling to a hospital where the sickly person could possibly infect other people.

On the down side, terrorist elements will be able to use the home test kits to infect and then incubate human specimens with Covid-19. The SARS-CoV-2 infection is then gathered and placed into a solution that keeps the virus active for several days. The solution is then places into a pressurized dispenser to become an aerosol biological weapon that can be sprayed in crowded area, a subway platform or busy airport, where the virus would last for several days.

Most likely places terrorists would spray the biological weapon? Hot and Cold facet knobs, toilet bowl flushing handles, bathroom and stall handles or along the top edge off the stall door that people commonly use to close the stall.

Five different variants of Covid-19 in one state + three foreign variants, one from Brazil, one from Africa and the third from the UK.

The question is, where are all of the Covid-19 variants that China should be reporting on?

#coronavirus #variants #COVID19

Coronavirus: The next round of variants could be worse: Physician

307 views • Apr 1, 2021
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Yahoo Finance
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Coronavirus cases rise, physician says, ‘It would not be good to be in a 4th wave’

230 views • Apr 1, 2021
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250,000 characters can be a lot less than 300,000 + pages or sheets with 2 pages recto and verso, each.

contrary to how you portray the Special People by misrepresenting them,
and by misrepresenting my comments,
and misrepresenting my studies,
and how you would misrepresent research that I do,
how you would misrepresent research that I give you,
or, report to you,
the exact same ways that you make falsification of 100% of my reports to you due to your mental conditions blocking you to see the light and see the truth of your ways,
and how you try to coerce me to be misrepresented as if those Special People were messing around with my head light when they don’t,
and in fact,
when they are on my side and against you,
for the falsification of reports that you do against them,
about that exact same falsification of reports that I am in courts against you and your government about with those Special people,
against you.

So yes, your propaganda is not welcomed,
whoever it is supporting it with you,
also is against National security and against global health ,
and public health.

You’re spreading misinformation about me,
about them,
against me,
and seeking to get them against me,
you’re also against my work ,
you’re also crazy and against mental health,
and against my family,
and against my fiancée as well.

You’re also harassing my son with your abuse by the way,
and I would have to train him to fight you in self-defense.

You’re at least 10 trillion times worse than disruptive and of disruptive behavior and treacherous to suggest that Special Operations are against me while they are bound to secrecy,
contrary to what you publish.

It’s more cost-efficient to invest in military against you,
due to the eternally evil wrongdoing which cannot be forgiven that you commit against humanity by making such false suggestions against me,
and trying to coerce me and my family into your psychological warfare, which no Special Operations officer, friendly or enemy,
military police,
do or did against me,
nor planned to do,
contrary to your efforts and abuse for eternity since you will never be forgiven for your transgressions as you intended.

Japanese tissue is a thin, strong paper made from vegetable fibers. Japanese tissue may be made from one of three plants, the kōzo plant (Broussonetia papyrifera, paper mulberry tree), the mitsumata (Edgeworthia chrysantha) shrub and the gampi tree (Diplomorpha sikokiana).

### Japanese tissue - Wikipedia

Features Innovation Technology

South America: Rich in resources

October 1, 2002
By Pulp & Paper Canada

South America is exceptional in that it is almost the only area where new greenfield mills or lines are built – but there is a good reason for this, namely, “raw material”. South America does not enj…

This, by the way,
contrary to your suggestions,
is info from Google, and not research.
I cannot do research you asked since I would need government approval which I do not have.

if I do get police work to research attacks from you against me
seeking to coerce Special people against me,
when I do research for them,
also is falsification of reports against me,
and also coercion of benefit from my work by rendering it vain,
and making false suggestions to invest efforts in project which you try to make vain by not thinking about the Special people who save my life from your attacks against me.

to be with you obviously is not half as bad as you tried to make it seem to be,
neither is it the job of the Special people paid from my uncle due to you,
you thief.

We pick some of the key plants to grow in a Japanese garden, below.

  • Hakonechloa. Hakonechloa macra. …
  • Quince. Cydonia oblonga. …
  • Rhododendrons. Azalea ‘Rosebud’ …
  • Araiostegia parvipinnata. Araiostegia parvipinnata. …
  • Cherries. Prunus ‘Pink Shell’ …
  • Japanese maples. Acer palmatum ‘Sango-kaku’ …
  • Wisteria. …
  • Peonies.

More items… • Jun. 21, 2019

### Best Plants for a Japanese Garden - BBC Gardeners’ World …

Washi (和紙) is traditional Japanese paper. The term is used to describe paper that uses local fiber, processed by hand and made in the traditional manner. Washi is made using fibers from the inner bark of the gampi tree, the mitsumata shrub (Edgeworthia chrysantha), or the paper mulberry (kōzo) bush.

### Washi - Wikipedia

I’m gonna have to block you,
due to lack of respect from you,
and due to your disregard of the fact in irreverence…

I guess you must be kidnapped at gun point to say such things,
you prefer to be.

What to eat in South America? Top 10 most popular South American plants

  • Plant. Chupasangre Cactus. Chubut Province. …
  • Plant. Chaura. Buenos Aires Province. …
  • Plant. Guaimbé Misiones Province. …
  • Plant. Juçara Palm Heart. São Paulo. …
  • Plant. Bola verde. Catamarca Province. …
  • Plant. Ñandubay. Chaco Province. …
  • Plant. Guabiroba. Paraná …
  • Plant. Mistol.

More items… • Jan. 9, 2021

### 10 Most Popular South American Plants - TasteAtlas

### South American Pulp and Paper Market Study | WWF
https://www.wwfca.org › South-American-Pulp-and-Pa…

The relevance of South America in the pulp and paper global markets is … made commitments to purchase increasing levels of FSC certified fiber used in their …

### Looking to Latin America - Recycling Today
https://www.recyclingtoday.com › article › recovered-fi…

Dec. 12, 2019 — It includes Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. Overall, about 400 pulp and paper mills are located across Latin America. Opportunities exist within the region to import recovered fiber. Selling recovered fiber into Latin American paper mills comes with some challenges, however.

### South America - Products | International Paper
http://www.internationalpaper.com › products › south-a…

International Paper is a leading supplier in the South American region. We offer corrugated packaging products, paper, cellulose fibers and a great customer …

### Bat Uses Pitcher Plant as Toilet; Plant Benefits
https://www.nationalgeographic.com › science › article

Feb. 3, 2011 — It’s no load of crap—a carnivorous plant in Borneo survives mostly off of bat feces, a new study says. … The bat gets protection by roosting in the plant’s rounded leaves, while the plant—which also traps insects—gains vital nutrients from the mammal’s droppings.

“medicinal value of the various types of Japanese Rice and Waxed Rice Paper”
### Rice paper - Wikipedia
https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Rice_paper

Rice paper is a product made of paper-like materials from East Asia made from different plants. These include: Thin peeled dried pith of Tetrapanax papyrifer: A …

What do you mean smart people don’t win wars?

Do you mean the US didn’t win the war because they were smart?
Why did they win the war then if it was not because they were smarter?

It is rather insulting my intelligence and the intelligence of Special Operations,
which by the way,
their work in intelligence is not only likely to be more in tune with their work than yours,
exactly is more in tune with their work than yours,
including your intelligence which I have no doubt they have more reasons to attack and deliberately damage enough to diminish the treats you pose.

Just where do you think you’re going and how?

2. - 1 hour later at 06:51 Fri Apr 2, 2021:
If the Special Operations, which, by the way, are with Media Relations,
due to my work, if not contrary to you ,
do so unfulfill (Add to dictionary) their duties as you falsely suggest,
the law that deal with this is the Security of Information act,
which Security of Information you attack by making falsification of reports,
against the validity of information that I have submitted, and input and output.

Additionally the entities that deals with this are military police who also work in the same place, which is also public and also allow me communication their media relation and commanding officers,
and who also have a global authority,
and are also the only ones to have a mandate with the UN to serve for work about those information you so attack.

3. - At 06:57:
1 more N95 from my work which I finally found during preparation for the logistics of my move to the larger and lower cost storage 17 miles or so away, over 33.5 miles round trip.

Suzhou Sanical Protective Product
Manufacturing Company, Ltd. external icon

admin@cemask.com MS6115
MS6115L 84A-5530 - No - All Models pdf icon [PDF – 126 KB] external icon

The 3rd one is another 3rd set of filter on top of the 2 others that I have, including the new sealed one,
which I may use on the plane to Europe,
unless they prefer an N95 mask,
which I can get 10 or 20 for $100 or so,
from out West, by mail.

I also want you stay away from my future wife and our child by the way, as your falsification of report are illegal and criminal and coercive if not organized crime or enemy military forces.

You can go and suggest your control or domination games to win them somewhere else.

Also, what part of contracts you don’t understand?
You don’t want a contract but you want a contract you don’t want?

4. - At 09:07:

Daily deaths in France 31st March 2021.
They are not rising. Cases are rising but that could be from increased testing. It looks like an attempt to scare the french into having the vaccine.

In fact,
the exact same electronic you perpetrated against me,
and fraud,
against my account here,
and against credit for intellectual property,
which you represent as if Special person were playing with my head light,
in attacks against both that intellectual property and intelligence,
is also detected by them,
and I do too have to get more evidence of how you do so attempt to do so, and did attempt to do so,
as I also know that you will seek to have evidence of those facts forfeiture in courts and refused,
as they too refuse to protect financial instruments related to it,
and try to cover up attacks related.

Even went further as to try to get me to hide their frauds against me so that they could try to defraud other people and keep it quiet,
which is also illegal to hide and not only has to be reported but for which I’m also offered firearms license to arrest and potentially get rid of the problems instead if they refuse arrest.

How can a judge and prosecuting attorney be so stupid as to try to get away with fraud like this,
by seeking to justify prosecuting to cover up fraud,
and lie it’s legal to hide it,
when it’s not.

They even try to make it seem like if it’s legal to pay others to do so,
while they disregard to mention the problems they cause,
to then try to hold me liable for causing damage to others,
so as to try to diminish their own liability for damage they seek to justify to others,
which is not only illegal for them to do,
but which is also illegal for them to try to divert with other people they wrongfully accuse and try to make them seem like if they made no-sense to try to cover up other fraud and sought forfeiture not only of financial instruments,
of inventory programs for those exact same financial instrument.

So yes, now, with those 2 photos,
about inventory programs for accounting and property,
I got evidence of electronic warfare,
which I will register for copyright now.

You will also notice that,
the same place where the studies were done in computer lab,
were trashed from the same criminals.

the way they attack work can’t be good for my family’s rights to that work.
It proves how paranoid your doctors are.

the mandate of the military police is not to be against me and to be messing with my head lamp or other’s head lamp,
to help them,
and protect them,
as they do to you.

They don’t protect you by messing with my head lamp or the head lamp of others or alienate them.

That is sick and pathetic and you should go and get medically checked out for suggesting that.
It’s also against the military police mandate by the way,
and I don’t need a mental health hospital contract to find out,
even if I did have a mental health hospital work contract there for it and to report it to you and to the proper authorities,
without making 1% of the falsification of reports you do and did.

Okay Lilsteel, this is your mission for the next ten hours.

  1. Gather all data regarding the various types of Covid-19 vaccines.
  2. Break the chemical compounds down into their respective atomic element group.
  3. Gather data on the physiological and psychological side effects of each chemical and atomic element.

For a guideline, use the manufacturing process that is used in Eve Online.

While you do that, ill be dreaming of eating cordyceps and Lions Mane mushroom extract.

Don’t fail me again, Lilsteel.

You don’t give me mission, in fact,
you don’t even contract with me.

All you gave me are fake offers to waste my time and abuse.
You also don’t pay me for what you say you want me to do.

I heard false rumors people worked on this for free,
which is also false since others made over trillions of dollars from this.

when the courts and police fail their jobs,
it’s the Special Operation who take over for them,
so as to protect society ,
and have those vaccines logistics handled by the army.

So, either you work with the army,
or , you’re a civilian,
or, you’re an enemy.

I couldn’t fail you if I tried,
because none of the offers you mentioned are valid.

At this rate, none will ever be.

  1. Break the chemical compounds down into their respective atomic element group.

How can I break the chemical compounds of any of those when I don’t have any data valid and related to them,
especially and, not to say the least,
data related to the administration of those systems or subsystems you refer,
including those related to the laws of contracts or assignments,
against the same Special Operations you libel and slander,
against the courts,
which courts have no authorities over this,
because it’s out of their jurisdictions,
also because they failed their duty to society,
and more.


  1. Gather data on the physiological and psychological side effects of each chemical and atomic element.

That is superfluous information .
The data you need is physiological.
The same physiological honor attributed to my family,
that you kept trying to commandeer,
which I am holding against you to God,
because, as you said, Special Operation could not work,
and, also, you interfere against my marriage.

So, pay up, or shut up.

Yeah, that explains it right there.
You can go to hell and choke on it.

By the way,
the worse the physiologic effects on your system or others,
the worse the associated psychology related,
or, disassociated from it,
depending on the level of cognitive dissonance,
you, no doubt, experience, if not flat outright,
administer and invest in.

Fraud is fraud, and to try to cover it by refusing to deal with it is no less fraud to my wife and kid.
but fix your financial system if you want us to deal with it,
otherwise, no,
we’re not interested in participating in your organized crimes or inorganic crime association networks.

People fought World War II over this.
You’re also insulting the deaths of my relatives who died in WWII,
who offer me police clearance in Germany , and work there,
due to their good work for humanity.

Not to support organized crimes that the army is investigating since the 1970s, and organized Medical Command due to failure intended to be caused to civilian government systems in war against the health and well-being our of systems,
which is the same reasons they got a 2003 patent for the SARS virus,
10 years after that November 1993.

Also, don’t try to divert from the fact with other focus on things related while trying to make them seem as if they were more important to divert from the associations of those facts.
And quit trying to be tampering with military evidence.

So, what do you exactly pay for this mission?

It seems to me it’s zero or less,
as ,
you would take my time,
and ,
cause forfeiture and seek to cause forfeiture,
the result would not be used to serve humanity,
but ,
would be used to attack me,
by refusing to pay me properly for the work sought to be done for it.

“Gather all data regarding the various types of Covid-19 vaccines.”

“how much do people get paid to Gather all data regarding the various types of Covid-19 vaccines?”

Nothing related to valid contracts,
or, valid contracts offer,
meant to be used to prevent death from humanity,
which death to humanity,
is caused against work done to serve all of humanity,
leading into pandemic against this humanity,
which ,
while the work done to benefit this humanity was done,
that humanity was attacked from the same intentions
against that same humanity,
while trying to seek to attack the credit of the work that was done for that humanity,
which the judges of the benefit of the work,
sought to justify their actions by discrediting the benefit of the work to humanity,
while they were themselves benefiting from it,
cut the very benefit they were themselves imparted from God from it.

2 minutes 10 seconds audio-visual.
US national news · 1 hour ago

One police officer killed after car rams barricade at US Capitol, according to reports

One US Capitol Police officer died on Friday and one was injured following a security incident involving a vehicle at the Capitol’s northern barricade. The Capitol grounds were placed under a lockdown following the incident.

Video via @cspan

2 minute ago 17:06 Apr 2, 2021 New York time

U.S. Secret Service

We ensure the safety of the president, the vice president, their families, the White House, the vice president’s residence, visiting foreign heads of state, former United States presidents and their spouses, and events of national significance. https://secretservice.gov/protection
5:00 PM · Apr 2, 2021·Twitter Media Studio

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Below is a ‘roadmap for vaccine passports’, published on the European Commission’s website in May 2019 (BEFORE Covid) Everyone who warned about this agenda was dismissed as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. Yes. There is an agenda. Yes. We have receipts Source: https://ec.europa.eu/health/vaccination/key_documents_en


Khan has taken City Hall to the brink of bankruptcy

He currently spends £1 billion of taxpayers money just to service his debts after splurging on ridiculous PR stunts and increasing the number of staff at City Hall by 45%

Even mayors who #GetWokeGoBroke

The same guy who try to forfeit my receipt and blame me while they are the ones trying to enslave me with attacks against my inventory of their attacks as if it made no sense to report their intent to forfeit their attacks and theft with encryption, while trying to make it seem as if they gave proper info to encrypt and get the funds from encryption, which they didn't and never will due to war.

They also lie about association with them, as they try to forfeit evidence of their intent to enslave for over 35 years, most definitely against politics, which also makes it illegal to associate with them and hide their activity.

Bill Gates, the man who wants to restrict air travel for the many has bought a private jet business to service the few.


2 . - At 19:07, 21 hours later:
Stay asleep.
#VaccinePassports #chriswhitty @PrisonPlanet
#plandemic #DissolveParliament

I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own. #VaccinePassports #VaccinePassport #NoVaccinePassports

3. - At 07:01 Sun Apr 4, 2021, 1 day later, 12 hours after the last update:

3.2. - At 07:17:

4. - At 16:53, 2 days later, 10 hours after the last update:

Protect our pubs. Say NO to #CovidPassport #NoVaccinePassports #NoVaccinePassport #nocovidpassports #Easter

4.2. - At 17:04:

Vaccine passports needed to watch a football match, but not to get on the packed train to get to the stadium, or in the pub afterwards. It’s a stupid, unnecessary, wasteful idea from people who don’t live in the real world. Give it up.

4.3. - At 18:22:


Dr. Jimmy Answers Questions About COVID Vaccines & mRNA Science - Sponsored by Moderna

103,144 views • Apr 2, 2021
103K views - 2 days ago
Jimmy Kimmel Live
17.9M subscribers

5. - At 03:55 Mon Apr 5, 2021, 2 days later, 10 hours after the last update:

5.2. - :

Free to read. #NoVaccinePassports #NoVaccinePassport

5.3. - :

What many people haven’t seemed to grasp yet The ■■■■■■■ recession that a year lockdown will cause Hasn’t even began yet

10:24 AM · Apr 4, 2021 · Twitter for Android

5.4. - :

Don’t cheat! What percentage of the UK population has been killed by Covid:




= > 3.8%

30 votes·6 hours left

6:36 AM · Apr 3, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

5.5. - :

5.6. - :
…, 2004:

"If I’m obliged to have an ID card by the emanations of the state, I will grind
it and eat it on my cornflakes.”

#NoVaccinePassports #NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere #NoVaccinePassports
#nocovidpassports #covidpassports

5.7. - :
A quick 45 second video on Masks and vaccines from Dr Ryan Cole #NoVaccinePassports #NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere #NoVaccinePassports
#nocovidpassports #covidpassports

5.8. - At 04:33:

This is the Government’s vaccine passport template…as
Britain sleepwalks towards a big brother society where
individuals are only given access to sport, arts and
hospitality venues via a QR code.


Now why would Russia be amassing its military in the Artic?

Viruses are less likely to remain active for very long in the sub-zero temperatures.


The rate at which COVID-19 has spread throughout the globe has been alarming. While the role of fomite transmission is not yet fully understood, precise data on the environmental stability of SARS-CoV-2 is required to determine the risks of fomite transmission from contaminated surfaces.


This study measured the survival rates of infectious SARS-CoV-2, suspended in a standard ASTM E2197 matrix, on several common surface types. All experiments were carried out in the dark, to negate any effects of UV light. Inoculated surfaces were incubated at 20 °C, 30 °C and 40 °C and sampled at various time points.


Survival rates of SARS-CoV-2 were determined at different temperatures and D-values, Z-values and half-life were calculated. We obtained half lives of between 1.7 and 2.7 days at 20 °C, reducing to a few hours when temperature was elevated to 40 °C. With initial viral loads broadly equivalent to the highest titres excreted by infectious patients, viable virus was isolated for up to 28 days at 20 °C from common surfaces such as glass, stainless steel and both paper and polymer banknotes. Conversely, infectious virus survived less than 24 h at 40 °C on some surfaces.


These findings demonstrate SARS-CoV-2 can remain infectious for significantly longer time periods than generally considered possible. These results could be used to inform improved risk mitigation procedures to prevent the fomite spread of COVID-19.

With the Artic having seasons of six months of no sun light, I think Russia is growing SARS-CoV-2.

MiG-31’s would be the mostly combat aircraft of choice due to extremely rugged and Cold weather tolerant design of the aircraft. The MiG-31 is a variant of the MiG-25.



A fomite or fomes is any inanimate object that, when
contaminated with or exposed to infectious agents,
can transfer disease to a new host. In the 21st century,
the role of fomites in disease transfer is
higher than ever in human history because of the
indoor lifestyle. Wikipedia

People also search for: Transmission, Hospital-
acquired infection





noun: fomite

  1. objects or materials which are likely to carry infection, such as clothes, utensils, and furniture.

Definitions from Oxford Languages

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2: implications for infection prevention precautions

Scientific Brief

9 July 2020

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2: implications for infection prevention precautions

WHO scientific brief on COVID-19 transmission

19,729 views • Jul 10, 2020
19K views - 8 months ago
World Health Organization (WHO)
672K subscribers
1 minute 14 seconds audio-visual.


Modes of transmission

Contact and droplet transmission

Airborne transmission

Fomite transmission

Other modes of transmission

When do people infected with SARS-CoV-2 infect others?

SARS-CoV-2 infected persons who have symptoms can infect others primarily through droplets and close contact

SARS-CoV-2 infected persons without symptoms can also infect others

Remaining questions related to transmission

Implications for preventing transmission

Key points of the brief

Main findings

How to prevent transmission


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  12. Advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19. Interim guidance. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2020 (available at Advice on the use of masks in the community, during home care and in healthcare settings in the context of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak).

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WHO continues to monitor the situation closely for any changes that may affect this scientific brief. Should any factors change, WHO will issue a further update. Otherwise, this scientific brief document will expire 2 years after the date of publication.

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You know, to take military installations out of context of the UN and the UN (High-)Security council isn’t going to solve the viral problem,
which viral problem is caused from the contagion of the viral agent,
which viral element is the problem
when people pay for making their own intent at making science seem like non-sense,
when people pay to have have content go viral,
and when people pay more for content which does go more viral.

It does not only defeat the purpose of health and medicine,
it is also viral on a pandemic level,
which seems to be getting potential to reach multi-pandemic levels,
if not for the first time in history.

Maybe revive some of the old pandemic viruses and get a new bible chapter ,
where no one has gone before,
or something…

2. - Edited in at 17:41, 9 minutes later, Mon Apr 5, 2021:
It’s also like if you engaged in war against me and to intend to delay my marriage and attack morals by trying to make me seem like if doing something wrong against your moral levels,
instead of actually bringing those morals up and improving those morals,
which you wouldn’t care if some bad source tried to indict me about it for life,
which unfortunately for your moral level is not only against the Pentagon Chaplain’s office in moral warfare against them,
but is also immoral and against moral and coercive,
and intend to and seek to use jargon and communication gap,
to divert from the fact,
which is not only immoral and against moral,
which you also wrongfully tried to not only hold me liable of,
interfered against my duty to God to raise my son in virtue,
misinterpret the values of the same virtues,
by deliberate misinterpretation of communication to try to cover it up,
try to make me and others seem to be obligated to be bound by the same false sense of moral,
which you then try to obligate me to be bound to,
which I do not only have the right to do,
which is illegal for me to do,
as it is not only against moral,
alliance and protection of allies,
against those same allies,
which are misrepresented as enemies with intent to attack their moral(s),
and morale, as well.

So yes,
I do report this to Interpol and register copyright for it since it does interfere against my security and marriage, and well-being of my family,
and seek to extort from us by propagation of attacks against communication, and with intent to make that communication to seem to make no sense,
and with intent to cause confusion by attacking the communication,
as shown in this intelligence report,
not to mention, to try to attack my intelligence,
while trying to improve your intelligence,
while attacking, in acts of war, and not for peace.

It’s also deceiving and against moral too.
I know for a fact because they offer me police work against the same attacks against the same moral,
which moral they do so misrepresent by the way,
and sought to be diminishing,
even now so,
to the point of pandemic levels, level of attacks against moral and against morals.

2.2. - Edited in at 17:56:
I do also include the level of attacks against memories,
and intent to cause delays,
and render efforts vain,
and all other kinds of wrong doing that they seek to control the right of distribution of,
unfortunately for them,
doesn’t work that like that at all,
for which they will also be held responsible for trying to misrepresent
as if it should be done like that.

It is also part of goals of war,
such as intent to create anger and frustration,
and is related to the level of bad feeling they try to create
& being focused to ,
while trying to hide the big picture,
so as to intend to divert and control from diversion,
and seek to interfere against the detections of their actions seeking to deceive with deception, and ,
how they seek to hide their deception towards my child with other additional deception and other additional attacks of war, in war,
while immorally misrepresenting the war as peace,
and while immorally trying to misrepresent peaceful actions as war,
so as to seek to gain advantage from the intelligence,
which intelligence is immoral in essence.

There are also other levels related to this which I did not include,
which I am studying,
as part of the analysis phase of the work,
in regards to how it is applied, after being sought to be applied,
and so on.

It also has to do with the same system of forfeiture that they tried to hide and cover with previous implementation of those activities,
which previous implementation of those activities they also seek to use as precedent to justify further repetition of those actions with the same similar goals,
with variations.

So, definitely psychologically, and,
also analyzed as such, even before getting a license or licenses for it.

2.3. - Edited in at 18:39:
I was going to write,
and I won’t even mention , the part that I was going to add,
and then,
I decided to change it to ,
and I will even mention , with the part that I was going to add,
I then forgot exactly what it was,
but it also had to do with something related to intended frustration they try to create,
and how they try to cover it up,
and how they use encryption to do so.
Also related to anger, and, the confusion it seeks to bring focus on,
to create inequality and so on, and seek to create injustice from it,
as if injustice was legal,
which it is not.

The Government-backed app will be used by major
events and could see fans sit in different parts of
stadiums according to their virus status

3. - At 19:15:

4. - At 19:32, 18 minutes after the last update:

“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of
tyranny is in keeping them ignorant…Any law which violates the inalienable
rights of man is essentially unjust and tyrannical; it is not a law at all.”

~ Maximilien Robespierre

Meanwhile, in Paris…
11 seconds audio-visual.

4.2. - At 19:37:
California has a new double mutant variant.
More younger people getting infected.
1% to 2% can get infected again.

The vaccine is to outrun the mutations.

Disgusting brutality from Czech police whilst with his
child for forgetting a mask child had to be comforted
by a stranger… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :point_down:
0:44 seconds audio-visual.

Cells healing incurable viruses - Guided meditation

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Coronavirus Infection is a self healing Disease

3,930 views • Mar 26, 2020
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A novel approach to treating viruses

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Self-healing plastic

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2. - 1 hour later, at 20:50 Mon Apr 5, 2021:

Coronavirus Cases:


view by country





Currently Infected Patients

22,794,007 (99.6%)
in Mild Condition

98,220 (0.4%)
Serious or Critical


Cases which had an outcome:

106,520,723 (97%)
Recovered / Discharged

2,870,089 (3%)

One of the most destructive conflicts in European history was The Thirty Years’ War, a series
of wars in Central Europe between 1618 and 1648.
The end result was the death of approximately 8 million people.
The war devastated entire regions.
Famine and disease led to high mortality in many parts of Central Europe.

102m people in Central Europe is 76 times less people than global population.

2% of American died in WWII compared to Soviet Union.

2.8m deaths from disease divided by 8 million death from disease is 35% of 8 million.
2.5 times less.

3. - 34 minutes after the last update, at 21:30, 2 hours later:


Don’t say you weren’t warned. You were. #NoVaccinePassports

The Ministry of Heath in #Israel is now considering taking the Green Passport away from parents who refuse to give consent for their children to be vaccinated. PLEASE SAVE US.

3.2. - At 21:33:

Newspaper headlines: PM ‘pins hopes’ on free twice-weekly Covid tests

By BBC News
Published 17 hours ago

3.3. - At 21:37:

Could. Not. Make. It. Up!

Businessman from Wuhan has already been awarded a £2.8 Billion contract, funded by British tax payers, to supply lateral flow COVID testing kits.


Californian firm 'is getting £2.8BILLION to supply UK lateral flow Covid tests ahead of plan to offer kits to EVERYONE twice-a-week

  • Innova Medical Group has secured contracts to supply up to a billion Covid tests
  • It is owned by Pasaca Capital Inc, chaired by Chinese millionaire Charles Huang
  • The company has its ‘primary’ factory for making tests in Xiamen city, China
  • Ministers are hoping to start receiving British-made swabs next month
  • But they are still waiting for regulators to approve these tests for use in the UK


PUBLISHED: 13:29 EDT, 5 April 2021 | UPDATED: 13:29 EDT, 5 April 2021

A Californian firm backed by private equity has won deals with No10 to supply more than a billion coronavirus tests ahead of the mass twice-a-week testing drive.

Innova Medical Group has raked in £2.8billion from British taxpayers in controversial deals for lateral flow tests that give results within 30 minutes.

It was officially founded last March by Pasaca Capital, chaired by Chinese businessman Charles Huang who was born in Wuhan - the city at the epicentre of the pandemic.

4. - 01:32, Tue Apr 6, 2021:

‘Overwhelming circumstantial evidence’ points to COVID-19 lab leak

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Sky News Australia
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It also disapeared without a vaccine passport.
#NoVaccinePassports #NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere #NoVaccinePassports
#nocovidpassports #CovidPassports #sackchriswhitty #sacksage

They already have their social credit score

5.2. - :

The Chinese state’s pursuit of external critics has become vindictive. It is allegedly behind death threats sent to a UK-based academic, and faked sex tapes made of an Oz-based journalist. And all because they challenged the CCP, says Martin Barraclough

China won’t tolerate international criticism

The CCP’s pursuit of its foreign critics is nasty and vindictive.

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We are now paying the price for surrendering our basic rights and freedoms so cheaply last year. This lying and incompetent govt seem unwilling to return them. So many seem to enjoy living under house arrest in a tyranny.

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Suicides aren’t increasing, really?

Humber Bridge closes footpath after 6 young people jump to their deaths in the last month alone.

They can try and hide the truth, but it won’t stay hidden. #lockdown2021

After six Humber Bridge deaths in just a month, we’re calling for action to prevent yet more tragedy

Hull Live can today reveal a chain of tragedy as it campaigns for those in authority to do more

Flowers left near the Humber Bridge after the death of a teenage girl, one of six to take their lives there in the past month

5.5. - At 02:26:

A two-year old.

Utter madness.

NEW - Family is being thrown off a @SpiritAirlines
flight from Orlando to NY because their two-year-old
child is eating without a mask.

2 minutes 26 seconds audio-visual.

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Why the Coronavirus Slipped Past Disease Detectives

Groups of scientists tasked with identifying pandemic-prone microbes were stretched too far and thin

6.2. - :

EPT-2 will build on the lessons
and knowledge from its
predecessors and bring
heightened focus to those “places
and practices” that enable not
just “spill-over” of new microbial
threats, but potentiate its
“amplification and spread”, and
invest in the One Health policies
and capacities needed for their
prevention and control.

EPT I Successes

Advances in diagnostics, genomics, and informatics under EPT 1 allowed for
investing in capacity to collect genetic and epidemiologic data and resulted in
the most comprehensive zoonotic virus surveillance project in the world,
unprecedented in scope and productivity for identifying and predicting pathogen emergence. With its focus on detection and discovery of viruses at the
wildlife-human interface, PREDICT has made significant contributions to:
strengthening surveillance and laboratory capacities for monitoring wildlife and
people in contact with animals for novel and known viral agents that may pose
a significant public health threat; characterizing human and ecological drivers of
disease spill-over from animals to people; and strengthening and optimizing
models for forecasting disease emergence.


EPT2 is focused on mitigating the impact of novel “high consequence pathogens” that originate in animals with a goal of enabling early detection of new
disease threats, effectively controlling those threats, enhancing national-level
preparedness in advance of outbreaks, and ultimately reducing the risk of these
diseases emerging by minimizing human behaviors and practices that trigger
the “spill over and spread” of new pathogens. EPT2 consists of a suite of One
Health Investments, PREDICT 2, One Health Workforce, and the
Preparedness & Response, that contribute to each of these goals and are
complemented by strategic investments in key partners including the U.S.
Centers for Disease Control, U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, and the
World Health Organization.

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Covid-19 Vaccine Developed by U.S. Army Begins Human Testing

The vaccine has shown preliminary signs of protecting against new strains, Army researchers say

6.4. - At 20:25:

Covid-19 vaccine developed by US Army begins human testing

Army researchers say their vaccine was protective in studies of monkeys that were exposed to the coronavirus (Representational image) (AFP)

Army researchers say their vaccine was protective in studies of monkeys that were exposed to the coronavirus (Representational image) (AFP)


wsj3 min read . Updated: 06 Apr 2021, 04:47 PM IST
Peter Loftus , The Wall Street Journal

The vaccine has shown preliminary signs of protecting against new strains, Army researchers say

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6.6. - :

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4 hours ago.

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2 hours ago.

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will.i.am Debuts Innovative Face Technology Concept, XUPERMASK, in Partnership with Honeywell

April 6, 2021

Los Angeles, California - Tuesday, April 6th, - Creative and tech innovator will.i.am has partnered with Honeywell to debut XUPERMASK ( / so͞opərmask), the game-changing, high-concept face technology designed to help you meet face mask guidelines without compromising style, launching on April 8, 2021, bringing modern tech into the modern world.

### will.i.am Debuts Innovative Face Technology Concept …
https://www.honeywell.com › press › 2021/04 › will-i-a…

29 mins ago — XUPERMASK is constructed out of innovative materials, including silicone face seal and secured by an elastic strap for comfort and high …

This is exactly the reason why checking which vaccine you are being given is important.

Could be related to Prions eating the hosts brain.

Careful, that zombie apocalypse might still happen.

HEPA (/ˈhɛpə/, high-efficiency particulate air) filter,[1] also known as high-efficiency particulate absorbing filter and high-efficiency particulate arrestance filter,[2] is an efficiency standard of air filter.[3]

Filters meeting the HEPA standard must satisfy certain levels of efficiency. Common standards require that a HEPA air filter must remove—from the air that passes through—at least 99.95% (European Standard)[4] or 99.97% (ASME, U.S. DOE)[5][6] of particles whose diameter is equal to 0.3 μm; with the filtration efficiency increasing for particle diameters both less than and greater than 0.3 μm.[7] HEPA filters capture pollen, dirt, dust, moisture, bacteria (0.2-2.0 micron), virus (0.02-0.3 micron), and submicron liquid aerosol (0.02-0.5 µm).[8][9][10] Some microorganisms, for example, Aspergillus niger, Penicillium citrinum, Staphylococcus epidermidis, and Bacillus subtilis are captured by HEPA filters with photocatalytic oxidation (PCO). HEPA is also able to capture some viruses and bacteria which are ≤0.3µm. HEPA doesn’t require to filter smoke and fumes while it is important to know that all air purifier doesn’t have HEPA. An air purifier with HEPA captures 0.3µm particles while an air purifier without HEPA captures smoke and fumes.[11] HEPA is also able to capture floor dust which contains Bacteroidia, Clostridia, and Bacilli.[12]

HEPA was commercialized in the 1950s, and the original term became a registered trademark and later a generic term for highly efficient filters.[13] HEPA filters are used in applications that require contamination control, such as the manufacturing of disk drives, medical devices, semiconductors, nuclear, food and pharmaceutical products, as well as in hospitals,[14] homes and vehicles.


HEPA filter corrugated internal structure and aluminium support along with the description of its functioning principle (interception, impact and diffusion of dust particles through a dense non-woven fiber matras

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Licence terms for access to the QCovid algorithm for the purposes of academic research and peer review

Covid risk calculator.

You can check your personal covid fatality risk using a Oxford University calculator.

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Doug Ford declares state of emergency, announces stay-at-home order | FULL COVID-19 update

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CTV News

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CC … with Open Transcript

45 minutes 40 seconds audio-visual.

18 minutes in subway 🚊tunnel communication not unnumbered but interfered .

The Children Are Not Okay

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Kate Wand

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Will the Canadian military pay for medical school?

Because this position requires a medical degree, the CAF will pay you to complete an undergraduate medicine program leading to a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree at a Canadian university. The CAF will pay for your tuition, books and instruments. You will also receive a salary, medical and dental care, and paid vacation.

https://forces.ca › paid-education

Paid Education | Canadian Armed Forces

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has a number of paid education programs for a first-class education that will prepare you for a challenging and rewarding career in Canada’s esteemed military.

Why Choose Paid education with the Canadian Armed Forces?


The CAF will cover all tuition and fees for your education, including all the textbooks and supplies you need.


You will earn a Salary from the moment you start your studies, including Benefits and Vacation.


Your career with the CAF is waiting for you after you graduate, no job hunting required.

4. - At 21:04:

This is from the same system which attacked my student loan and try to get the Specisl Operations to mess with head lights when they are not only not, but also,

Actively monitor not only those activities but also other communications.

Furthermore, this printer was to get a court document application for :

Self-Represented Accused

Application for Access to the Ministry of the Attorney General’s

Criminal Digital Disclosure Hub

Self-Represented Accused Application Form (002) (002).pdf

which form, I had to print offline, as they’d otherwise try to cover fraud with Hong Kong , the same way, against my child’s education and education costs and health insurance.

So , the good part is that’s I have to write to the Attorney General ,
so to write to the

5. - Edited in later, at 20:30 Fri Apr 9, 2021:
Deputy Attorney General,
to inform why it is in the public interest,
of which security measures are implement to report to authorities,
and which authorities,
in relation to risk posed (potentially caused) to public interest.

5.2. - At 20:35:
I managed to make 2 blank copies of the 2 pages document,

the 2nd of which were not necessary,

which only include 8 lines of text,

for $3 at ### Smart Access Internet for 6 pages,
with a second copy of the original blank document,
so as to be able to keep a blank copy of the original blank document after filling out the form of the first original blank document.

The 3rd copy was for the owner of the store, which he didn’t want,
which I now have 2 blank copies of,
for in case that I want to make some photocopies of them,
for in case that I make an error on the original blank document,
after which I would have to use the 2nd blank document ,

because the party receiving the filled out request form doesn’t accept the filled forms online,
neither do their program allow others to fill out the form unless they get a $500 + license,
which $500 + license they don’t want others to get,
as if they were not monopolizing the thing illegally…

For which we have a case ,
against their disclosure system,
which is abusive of trade secret ,
and a falsification of reports about the benefit of trade secrets for Public Works.

So , the good part is that’s I have to write to the Attorney General ,
to write to the Deputy Attorney General,
about merit and benefit to public interest which outweighs risk posed from it, but also prove why the risk is false and how it extorts.

this post was hacked and I had to save the data in iPhone :iphone: Notes :memo: , as the input kept skipping, and would have deleted the whole content instead.

2. - 2 hours later, at 23:24 Thu Apr 8, 2021:
About the mask dirt,
plus (+) hand infection.
plus (+) taking words out of context.
& taking context out of proportion & exaggerating as if honorific
when against accuracy + not being a
sharper scalpel which sharpens other’s skills…

The mask dirt which was 10 times worse in 1 day to 2 days compared to 6 months of usage,
the hands were not not dirty,
but the gloves that I used over my hands were extremely dirty,
because they came into contact with the 7 + years to 10 years of dust accumulation over boxes of financial records,
even though my hands underneath were clean.

So, when I touched the mask,
I could have used my hands instead of the globes,
but I was not concerned that it would be a risk to that level.

So, to clean one’s hands over excessively without gloves,
is worse than if using gloves,
and disposing of the gloves instead.

When you work in a food plant,
every time you touch something unclean,
have to touch something on the floor,
you have to change the gloves,
by disposing of the previous gloves,
they become a biohazard,
and cannot be afforded to come in contact with the food.

Even that level of precaution was not as bad as the case with the 7+ years of bacteria which ended up in my airways.

So yes,
the mask is dirty,
the bacterial level is way below the threshold,
and the filter action of the mask still functions.

3. - 8 hours later at 07:59 Fri Apr 9, 2021:


New information has surfaced, which may explain today’s odd decision by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to rule compulsory vaccination
being legal (see thread: https://twitter.com/NikolovScience/status/1380154120414367751…)

Gates and Soros are the largest donors to ECHR: https://eclj.org/geopolitics/echr/conflits-d-interets-entre-juges-et-ong…



Evidence for corrupted decisions by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR):

ECHR in Strasbourg ruled today that compulsory vaccinations would not contravene human rights law and may be necessary in democratic societies: https://dw.com/en/echr-rules-obligatory-vaccination-may-be-necessary/a-57128443…

This is NOT good!


ECHR rules obligatory vaccination may be necessary

The ruling is the first time that the European Court of Human Rights has weighed in on the issue of compulsory vaccinations. The decision could play a role in efforts to end the coronavirus pandemic.

Parents had protested Czech rules that schoolchildren should be vaccinated to attend class

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg ruled on Thursday that compulsory vaccinations would not contravene human rights law — and may be necessary in democratic societies.

The ruling came following the evaluation of a complaint brought to the court by Czech families regarding compulsory jabs for children.

“The measures could be regarded as being ‘necessary in a democratic society,’” the court judgment read.

Although the ruling did not deal directly with COVID-19 vaccines, experts believe it could have implications for the vaccination drive against the virus, especially for those who have so far stated a refusal to accept the jab.

This judgment “reinforces the possibility of a compulsory vaccination under conditions of the current COVID-19 epidemic,” Nicolas Hervieu, a legal expert specializing in the ECHR, told AFP news agency.

What was the court ruling about?

The decision said that the compulsory vaccines administered by Czech health authorities were in line with the “best interests” of children.

“The objective has to be that every child is protected against serious diseases, through vaccination or by virtue of herd immunity,” it added.

Watch video _ _ _ 03:04

Finding ways to combat vaccine skepticism in the UK

The court ruled that the Czech health policy was not in violation of Article 8 on the right to respect for private life in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights.

By Czech law, children must be vaccinated against nine diseases including diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B and measles.

The case was brought to the court by families who had been fined, or whose children had been refused access to a nursery for failing to comply with their legal vaccination duty.

A precedent for COVID-19 vaccination drives

Countries across Europe have seen a swell of disinformation regarding the coronavirus pandemic. This has led people to not only be skeptical about the coronavirus itself, but also about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Anti-vaxxers — people who refuse to receive vaccines, or to vaccinate their children — have spread various conspiracy theories about why governments want to vaccinate their populations.

As a result, governments may be contending with large segments of society who refuse to be vaccinated, making the goal of herd immunity that much more difficult.

Although the ruling by the ECHR may have set the precedent that obligatory vaccinations do not contravene the European Convention on Human Rights, this does not mean European countries will force people to be vaccinated.

Watch video _ _ _ 01:33

Coronavirus: Anti-vaxxers pose major public health threat in Pakistan

This would abuse my fiancée is she was obligated,
gives me power of arrest ,
and yes,
is enough to be against those courts.

I could get a warrant against them for it.

The courts are taking wrongful decision based on fear mongering from parties investing in illegally making money and monopoly of the same systems.
Neither of which can be legal, nor the courts.

they also endanger her life,
which means that we would have the right to hire a licensed armed bodyguard to protect her,
with a bullet proof vest and license to carry.

This wouldn’t be the first precedent he had to set up in courts for those seeking to set those precedents.
He would only be doing his job to protect her from threats and risks against our health,
against public interest,
against the health of our potential child.

Even my sister has obviously been abusive about it,
despite her being a doctor.

Good thing the bodyguard worked in the largest mental hospital in the jurisdiction where she works,
she has mental problems from depression causing her to do that.

As she said,
it doesn’t matter if she is a doctor,
she can still be crazy and work,
which is however not true.

There is no way she can work for my fiancée nor for me,
in this medical field,
nor others.


ECHR: Conflicts of Interest Between Judges and NGOs

By Grégor Puppinck - 13 months ago

When we looked more closely at the background of the judges of the European Court of Human Rights, we never imagined the troubling discoveries we would make.

After a 6 month investigation, we are releasing an important REPORT (appendices available here) outlining the extent of the relationship between NGOs and ECHR judges, and the resulting problems and conflicts of interest.

We have identified seven NGOs that are both active at the Court, and have judges among their former staff. At least 22 of the 100 judges who have served since 2009 are former staff or leaders of these seven NGOs.

Among these, the Open Society Network stands out for the number of judges linked to it (12) and for the fact that it actually funds the other six organisations identified in this report.

The powerful presence of the Open Society and its affiliates is problematic in many ways. But even more serious is the fact that 18 of the 22 judges were found to have served on cases initiated or supported by the organization with which they were previously associated.

We have identified 88 problematic cases over the last 10 years. In only 12 cases have judges abstained from sitting because of their connection with an NGO involved.
And this is a low assessment that does not even take into account the close financial links between NGOs. For example, we did not identify all cases involving other NGOs funded by the Open Society Foundation, nor did we identify all cases in which a judge from an NGO funded by OSF ruled in cases in which that foundation acted.

Russia is massing near the Ukrainian borders. With the possible invasion of the Ukraine, I would expect to see several new variants of Covid-19 + increased spread of the virus in Russia and the Ukraine.

Self-duplicating in hosts,

not replicant, nor replying to HIDDEN REPLY.

2. - As continued from above : ^^^

My birthday is April 14, 2021.

3. - 10 hours later, at 06:02 Sat Apr 10, 2021:

We’re all shocked. (we’re not).

3.2. - At 06:05:

Under 50s who don’t want the vax need to stand firm. Govt need 85% of you to accept so they can roll out vaccine passports. If you don’t, they can’t. Simples!

3.3. - At 06:06:

Lockdowns extend outbreaks allowing more time for the virus to mutate into more virulent strains, while while blocking the natural herd immunity process so the virus causes more damage in a more susceptible population.

3.4. - At 06:08:

The number is even less

They’re lying to you – Official NHS data shows only 3.5K have died of COVID-19


Listen Now

For twelve long months the people of the United Kingdom have been repeatedly told to stay at home in order to protect an NHS which seems to have had a holiday when you look at the official NHS data, and save lives. Millions of lives have been put on hold, millions of others have been ruined. Millions of jobs have been lost, thousands of businesses are now closed forever.

But a huge majority of the British people think it has been worth it due to the fear propaganda that has played on a 24/7 loop on their television screens, and headlined every newspaper over the past year. Because they have been led to believe that over 125,000 people have died of Covid-19, and they’ve been told that number would have been much higher if they had not complied with the destruction of the economy and decimation of their lives.

3.5. - At 06:12:

Yeah exactly :100: :flushed:

3.6. - At 06:15:

Taking everything into account, … it is reasonable to conclude that the total number of deaths from Covid-19 is not 148,000, nor 126,000, but much closer to 15,000.
YES 15,000 you read that correctly.
Have we all been conned by sinister forces?


A Deceptive Construction - Why We Must Question The COVID 19 Mortality Statistics

3.7. - At 06:17:

3.8. - At 06:17:

“Evidence of the hate element is not a requirement” for hate incidents to be recorded. A fiction from the mind of Kafka? A quote from a Stalinist showtrial? Nope. The UK in 2021.



What is hate crime?

Hate crimes and hate incidents

In most crimes it is something the victim has in their possession or control that motivates the offender to commit the crime. With hate crime it is ‘who’ the victim is, or ‘what’ the victim appears to be that motivates the offender to commit the crime.

A hate crime is defined as ‘Any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice based on a person’s race or perceived race; religion or perceived religion; sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation; disability or perceived disability and any crime motivated by hostility or prejudice against a person who is transgender or perceived to be transgender.’

A hate incident is any incident which the victim, or anyone else, thinks is based on someone’s prejudice towards them because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or because they are transgender.

Not all hate incidents will amount to criminal offences, but it is equally important that these are reported and recorded by the police.

3.9. - At 06:21:

  1. This 6 minute video summarises the findings in our new report exposing the “1 in 3 people with Covid-19 have no symptoms” claim:

6 minutes 56 seconds audio-visual.

Smashing the “1 in 3 people with Covid-19 have no symptoms” claim

3,311 views • Apr 9, 2021
Norman Fenton
264 subscribers

3.10. - At 06:24:

An overwhelming majority of “pandemic” casualties also suffered from other conditions. The average age of victims tracks life expectancy in every country.

If the reckless interventions had not taken place, how would anyone know there was a pandemic?

A very convenient pandemic

ByDaniel Miller - April 8, 2021

IN THE early stages of the ongoing ‘war on terror’, which started twenty years ago, a nebulous conception of the enemy, non-existent victory conditions and the consistent dishonesty of warmongering politicians such as Blair led some to wonder if the threat of the global ‘Axis of Evil’ had been exaggerated to achieve some other set of goals.

Today, in similar circumstances of unanswered questions and ambiguous realities underpinned by systematic deception, reinforced by Boris Johnson on Monday as he launched the new phase of the psychological and economic war he is waging on the British people – vaccine passports (and after that?) – this question is being asked:

Is there a pandemic? Was there ever a pandemic?

Perhaps the most important point to grasp is that a pandemic is a construct, not an object. There is nothing you can point at which is the pandemic, only various data points indicating that one exists.

The World Health Organisation changed its definition in 2008 to exclude the criterion of ‘enormous numbers of deaths and illness’. In other words, the definition of a pandemic is ultimately a matter of interpretation. There is no data that currently supports the claim there is a pandemic in Britain at this moment, and whether any data ever did is doubtful…

‘Always better without politics,
that’s why it can be better to not include it,
and even better to actually remove it that way.’