War On Corona Virus!

Yes, you sure don’t which is why it makes it so much more worthwhile for society…

You see, if you tried to justify harm to society or others, they need help from that harm you tried to justify to be caused to them, to prevent them from getting hurt.

Just how sick how are you exactly ?
Surely someone as professional as you in this field and getting confirmation about medical science and insurance from an obstetrician doctor would know .

If you studied enough computer science you would know that you too.

I don’t think computer science has anything to do with your situation and mental state to be honest!

I don’t think you would need it.
I’m the one who needs it due to attacks from you.
You also can’t be good to my family due to your acts of spying against me and the health of my family.

Classic delusion and paranoia right there!

Please do yourself some good and seek help!

Lol, yes, it does.
Computer science has to do with how this forum works.
Check it out.

Why don’t you try and take it over with your medical skills and find out for yourself?

You also mention about that you didn’t think I should apply for police work.

I’m also sure I would not apply to work police for you.
I don’t think I would be complicit with that, nor hide your behavior from my family.

The investigator is to find out who you are hiding behind this interface system to remain levels of anonymity while trying to abuse personal information, which you don’t even understand how that info and system works.

Police work offers help for housing and also psychologist required for work, so yes, buddy.

Also, don’t lose your rifle around me.

I don’t think I should engage with you any further as this is not the place for this kind of discussion, I think it has gone too far already!

ISD can you remove my posts and the replies from Pontryvel Crendraven As this is not the place for this kind of discussion!

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You’re pretty sickening indeed.
No wonder the pandemic kept aggravating so long.

No matter what good some people do, you always have those who try to turn anything good into evil and make it seem as a threat to others, and seeking to omit the level of propaganda they emanate from their inner souls towards others.

It can’t cut it in this pathologic environment.

In fact, more than 10% of what information you got from this system is used as sick from you.
You could never reach 97% efficiency in 20 years at that rate, not even with the best information systems on earth, and signal intelligence.

It is, however, I have to save your post, and also email them about you.
It’s not the first time you tried to defraud me and others and it won’t be the last time you try and try to get away that way with it.

I already knew you were going to attack me and my family with your sickening misrepresentation of health and physiology as you would to my family, and I already mentioned it to the private investigator before I wrote you.

I wrote him that I had to deal with it.

I also have to email the staff about it since it already is under review even before you started as you did in other threads and also for those information removed.

I can also remove the posts myself and save them so the staff doesn’t have to waste their time for you, since you don’t even know how this information system works, and trying to make you seem like if you knew about it.

During interference and during other interference against my marriage, and misrepresenting those attacks and attacks levels as if they were not attacks during the war against the corona virus.

Good thing I will never have to work with you.

Ok, closing this thread as it has gone way out of hand with a lot of personal attacks.

ISD Bahamut