We demand a Zero Tolerance Policy for malicious rookie scammers

if he’s potentially making his rookies buy isk with plex then give him the isk?? if so then no, that is not the EVE way.

You meant anarchy, not democracy.
Democracy means the leaders are elected by the people. So when the leader is bad, people won’t fly with him later.
Anarchy means there is no hierarchy, so I can’t order you because we are equal.

Sorry for nitpicking, but democracy does not prevent hierarchy.

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Gratz on using you’re appropriately.

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The fact that you said that in a post that was most definitely NOT ignoring me is a sweet irony.

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It’s what anti-gankers get accused of while still being ineffective even after every change. I must admit that it does seem a little amusing to see others watching things happen that they don’t like and seeing nothing in the mechanics that lets them do a damned thing about it.

For the argument of deccing such corporations as the OP describes: Yes I’m sure the blanket deccers were looking out for that. That’s like in Halo, Dr Halsey: “My spartans saved the human race from the Covenant”… they were created to crush separatists.

On the one hand, CCP is smart not to attempt something like - for example - the US constitution with it’s endless words, paragraphs, subsections, and lines, that can still be gamed 7 ways to Sunday as far as a UELA is concerned. There are players who do this for a living and would love nothing more than to screw with people and then gaslight everybody about it. There’s such a thing as a “letter of the law versus the spirit of the law”. Law and rules interchangeable in this context I suppose. Under the spirit of a law you can go about without direct criminal actions nor intent and be OK. Under the letter of the law you go to prison for cutting a tag off a mattress and could not prove you were never going to sell the mattress to someone else.

But given that CCP is not taking the route of trying to cover everything so wannabee lawyuhs can have a daily field day of it, they perhaps want to judge a case per the basis, they do not appear to really give a rat’s ass. You get cases of some people getting ousted - even on a baseless accusation like a certain CSM - and others getting away with in-game murder of every intent of the user agreement and rules.

Which is better? Neither. With rules rules rules you get lawyuhs lawuhs lawyuhs (USA for example) with “we’ll judge it on a case by case basis” then what happens on first shift on Monday is entirely different from what happens on second shift on Friday. And eventually they learn to break the rules on Thursday instead of Sunday. As always, the quality of players is in decline anyway. You can tell the health of a community by how many laws it has, or needs. The more there are the worse people are. And how anybody can think they are playing a game doing such mundane scammish things makes me nervous considering the existence of universal suffrage.

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You white knights act like new players are innocent little lambs - they are competent adults who can make their own decisions. They can join EVE and be a goofus, they can join a high-sec mining corp, or they can join an elite ganksquad. The choice is theirs to make.


Delicious tears, Anderson. :wink:


I love how people think I’m at all related to this guy, come and send in an application and see for yourself the kind of ‘newbie scam’ I’m running :stuck_out_tongue:

How about instead of crying that we scam people, provide proof that we scam people. Cuz We don’t. Maybe our corp is huge because its actually teaching new players the game and keeping them interested instead of just uninstalling within the first 48 hours. Thats All I mostly care about is keeping people from leaving the game. If they choose to leave the corp, that’s fine! How about instead of whining and whining, try actually doing somthing for the community instead of being toxic.

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This 100%

Ah the usual accusation. I’m no fedora wearing gamma. Most of the gamma behavior I have seen comes from your kind. The delusion bubbles are a huge tell.

Seeing that there now some “informercial” grade advertisement about Eve on Youtube that runs around 6 minutes, it’s apt to bring in noobs actually drawn to a so-called “space game”.
This is unlike the “be a villain” or “one eye on your wallet” advertisements of the past. The past advertisement campaigns were disasters that brought in the kind of people nobody wants to play with.
Under this new ad campaign, to make it worthwhile, anybody doing anything even potentially exploiting of noobs should be nuked from orbit with an Imicus just for the extra insult.

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They are innocent lambs because they are newbies, FFS. You can’t make an informed decision about what to do in EVE if you’re still trying to learn how the game works and don’t even know that these scams are possible. And you’ll notice that nobody is complaining about people scamming more experienced players who should know better… The sole issue here is people who know they suck at social engineering and can’t run a scam against informed targets preying on newbies before they can get established.


you’re replying to CODE. scum. doesn’t matter if the player is a fresh 18 year old or someone in their 60’s who either way could be their first time playing EVE online. CODE. will find a way to scam them just cause they are new.

Agreed newbies need to be protected and guided for as long as possible before they meet the more harsh aspects of the game. Best way to do that is encourage the growth and starting of well run newbie friendly corps, that then recruit newbies and build them up as they learn the game.

AKA “not run by you”.

I argue otherwise, our corp runs well. What about us in your eyes is not good?

The fact that you’re the scammer targeted by the OP.

I am not, you have evidence that I’m this Noori Naarian?

I kind of …

… have to agree with it.

Not all of them, but quite a few.


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