What else are you playing?

(lilsteel) #121


(Khergit Deserters) #122

Mount & Blade Warband, native/vanilla. First time I’ve played in about five years, and I still think this game is in the top 10 of best PC games. It’s like being in an interactive movie. Someday there will be an incredible MMO like M&B. The only problem is, the player-owned castles will have to go into Reinforced mode-- or everybody will have to be online 24 hours a day.

Or, maybe someone will dream up a brilliant solution to dilemma of how to handle territory control PVP in a persistent sandbox… when people who need to be defending can’t be online 24/7. One compromise would be to make all PCs stay in the gameworld, even when the player is logged off, and have AI control them as NPCs. But that would encourage MMO-addiction behavior among players. (The more you’re online actively playing your PC, the better your competitive strength. Of course, that happens in MMOs anyway). Any ideas?

(ISD Buldath) #123

I play a lot of ARMA 3 Now a days

(Khergit Deserters) #124

That’s another classic, IMO. But requires a person with keyboard layout IQ/memory ability and twitch reflexes/talent. And an interest in tactical planning/challenge resolution/problem solving. The AI can eat you up, if just stomp through to the front door…

(ISD Buldath) #125

A lot of what I play is with a community that has there own set of mods and combinations that make the gameplay unique. MilSim Esque without being total Milsim, if that makes sense.

(Eric Kalfren) #126

Farming Simulator 19. Tbh I’m a little mixed on it but it did keep me up way past midnight lol

(lilsteel) #127

Someone I know plays Farming Simulator 19 on PS4.
His farm(s) is(/are) quite big now.
I saw him running a train last evening, probably delivering goods to another part of the town.

In the meantime , I am checking this out.








Didn’t have time to finish installing the updates.
Maybe I have to restart tomorrow, but hopefully, it will instead continue from where it was stopped at.

(Fluffy Moe) #128

Just finished Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, at least the main and big quest lines, havent finished exploring all the islands and everything yet. While its bigger then previous games I don’t think its as good as Origins was.

The Greek setting is not as interesting as the Egyptian setting was for some reason, not sure why, just feels that way. Killing the main villain in the main questline of Odyssey was also rather anti climactic after everything else that has happened during the quest line. Also I’m not really into the whole naval combat thing in it and don’t understand what other people that call it great see in it, to me its not great at all, just tolerable.

Its interesting a bit and its ok, but just ok, not great, and I’d rather have more regular on land content and better developed quests ( like the above mentioned finale of the main quest line ) rather then naval combat.

(lilsteel) #129

Also, the keyboard has the exact same problem as on the previous laptop, I now have to use the online On-screen Keyboard, for the ‘e’, ‘d’, ‘3’ and ‘c’ key.
The '‘e’ key started to malfunction yesterday and is now continuing with the same hack as before.
I know the was applied during the hardware damage to cover up for the hack.

The military police informed me it’s caused by the same war.

It also makes Ctrl+C to copy malfunction.
However, it works when the keyboard code is applied with the On-screen keyboard.

What are the odds of it happening on Black Friday, to try to sell me storage to get my keyboard(s), or buy another keyboard, or another computer?
What about the relation with the fact that it started yesterday to be implemented to malfunction today?

Item Code: KMICA00060

Part #: M-KE-001

MiniBird Multimedia keyboard - M-KE-001

Overview -
Multimedia keyboard ,
keys: 104 keys

Interface: USB
kb size : 465 * 147 * 25mm , 1.5M USB, Color box package
Weight: 475 g


One more

(Was sold out)


The keyboard is finally working back again at 10:03 AM.

(Maud) #130

Other than Eve I play World of Tanks, World of Warships and DayZ.

Any other DayZ players within the Eve community? :zombie:

(Jahar Makanen) #131

I am playing Star Conflict.

It’s like Counter Strike but with starships. Same style of War Thunder (Same game studio)

A lot of pew pew and explosions. Many ships, many modules, weapons, upgrades.

Free to Play
Pay to Upgrade faster


(Eric Kalfren) #132

Let my cousin talk me into playing World of Warships after watching some youtube vids he recommended and damn there went my whole weekend. Work already tomorrow. Terrific game I know I’m late to it but awesome change of pace

(Neo Detonation) #133

I love playing WoWS more than WoT, mainly because I’m better :smirk: .

(lilsteel) #134

I got another one for $5.00, or $5.65 with with the tax (13%, HST Harmonized Sales Tax 5% GST Goods and Services Tax + 8% PST Provincial Sales Tax) .

As soon as I got the new keyboard, the laptop keyboards started to function back again, and it only failed again for the first day that I had the new external keyboard.

However, the first of 2 RAM upgrade(s) receipt(s) is missing (yes, 2 ‘(s)’ due to grammatical error, since the language rules does not convey plural well for this particular kind of condition), and the benefit for the added RAM is only visible with EVE Online.

No other systems uses it.

If it is not missing,
it is in my storage which I can’t access since the last armistice celebration for the first mark of the first 100 years due to communication problems at work, if not caused by communication problems at work, from sources which are paid to cause communication problems.

I in fact risk to lose 23 years of work which I now store there.
It will be $1,000 or more next December 2018.
Even more if it has to wait until January 2019, or if it is not too late.
Yeah, that’s over a $200,000 cost.
Much cheaper to get a bachelor in psychology, or master, for the same price, even though we’d lose potential benefit to society for designing hardware (which are actually good, and not weapons).

(Jeremiah Saken) #135

I loved warband. M&B 2 incoming with better sieges and unit management.

(Konstanze Mirshahi) #137

I’ve got Bannerlord on my wish list as well.

Currently I’m playing Ghost Recon: Wildlands. It’s basically like Far Cry and Just Cause.

Another game I’m waiting for, or module if you will, is RDO. I played RDR 2 on launch day so I get to play RDO tomorrow - I’m really excited.

(Eric Kalfren) #138

I’m so hooked to World of Warships that I’ve pretty much quit Eve. I made a deal with myself that I’d come back and stick to it this time and here I am with barely enough time to keep the skill queue chugging along. Ah well, life’s short

(Yiole Gionglao) #139

All I can say is that WoWs is a great MOBA but enjoyment is inversely proportional to tier. :wink:

(Eric Kalfren) #140

Tell me more. My cousin and my friend both were pressuring me hard to buy this $40 tier vii ship! I kind of enjoy the grinding. I have a couple tier v ships but I’m still trying to find what I like.

(Sanguinius Olacar) #141

I play a lot of games, mainly Battlefield 5 on PC