What else are you playing?

(Yiole Gionglao) #142

Well, up to Tier VII you might enjoy the game even when your team are potatoes. But not after that point, and it becomes outrageous at Tier X as every last potato will make it there eventually and won’t level up nor quit, so the amount of bad players at Tier X is unbelievable.

Also as a F2P game, it’s designed so you must pay in the end. :wink:

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been playing it on and off for 3 years since release, but it must grow with you becuse frustration at higher tiers is a thing and taking breaks is necessary. Right now I still sail my Tier Xs but also are grinding up tiers VI and VII to enjoy more the game.

(Khergit Deserters) #143

Agreed, WOWs is more fun that WOT in a lot of ways.

(lilsteel) #144

I never played the CU, but I remember the website with all the data for it still there when I started after NGE.
I didn’t have a Jedi, except under level 5, but it was over-imbalanced.

Now, I have a Jedi, and got it level 90 on day 1 with a special one-time option.
I don’t play it, though, I can switch it from light to the dark side.

(Aetrid) #145



I’ve been enjoying Ghost Recon Wildlands - Fallen Ghosts and Planetside 2 (Vanu ftw - but game might be in decline not sure yet - oh well, been fun regardless)

EvE has everything beat as far as depth goes, though. No comparison.

(lilsteel) #146

(Jeremiah Saken) #147

Just did full clear/salvage of gallente epic arc so need a little break before starting minmatar one and saw discount for endless space 2 on steam. It really looks good and as a MoO 2 huge fun I hope it’s as good as it looks. I been doing tutorial right now and it’s fantastic so far.

(lilsteel) #148

Not playing these but they are there, except most if not many of them require paid accounts, which, sometimes, is covered by a 3rd party store, for some commercial license reason.

(Quor Dresden) #149

Titan Quest. Classic hack and slash like Diablo. Love the progression and loads of gear to mix and match with your choosen skills.

(lilsteel) #150

I’m playing SWG : An Empire Divided on the Legends server,
and I got a level 90 Jedi (light side) and many veterans rewards for 3 years worth or so.

I have each kind of harvesters setup, as well as a GeoThermal energy extractor and I’m about to level 4 other character, including a Structure Trader and then a Beastmaster, and possibly a Shipwright or Droid Engineer.
I make more money than it costs me run the harvesters.
Once the other pilots get to Tatooine, I will be able to get 50 lots compared to the current 10 lots I have for buildings and extractors.
That will let me run Elite Harvestors and Factories to automate productions of items.

(Drago Shouna) #151

I have my gaming rig in storage in a cupboard atm after stopping playing EVE for a while.

So I bought an x box one x to keep me occupied, currently playing Neverwinter and Elder Scrolls Online and finding them very enjoyable.

(Rain6637) #152

A handful of mobile games. Also hooky

(mimi45) #153

Black Dessert Online
Fallout 76
Fallout 4

(Khergit Deserters) #154

WOW. Yes, I admit it, and I don’t care what any of ye all say. My latest feat was to kill some baddies that wander aimlessly around the lawn, while I also put out some fires with a borrowed fire extinguisher. Actually my wolf pet (whom I think of as a drone) did probaly did most of the actual killing. He’s a little slow-witted though. My char has massive forearms and a good moustache, but no cool clothes or armor yet. I’m thinking about joining an RP clan. It’s the only way. But surprisingly, there aren’t that many to be RP clans to be found on the US/Oceania TZ server. :anguished: WTH?

LARP is out of the question-- there’s no option to make your char anything but a young and mighty cartoony toon. Maybe the Wizard class has some options. ::Hmm:: Gandalf the Grey. Gandalf the Skinny. Gandalf the Balding. Gandalf the Going to the Dentist Wednesday After Work. Anyway, a lot of possibilities. I’m just in the free trial area, but more to come. I need to get to the Maester or whatever now.

(Yiole Gionglao) #155

I would try it, but the art style has always driven me off.

(Khergit Deserters) #156

Yeah, I agree about the cartoony graphics. And you don’t have much options at all about sculpting your char’s body. Or maybe that’s because I’m playing the free version.