What is this purple gas cloud thing?

I see this thing off in the distance and I have no idea what it is or if I can even get to it.

I can only see it when I am in one area of the solar system. if I warp to the stuff 31 AU in the direction of the purple cloud, the cloud disappears. Is it something I can warp to? Is it just part of the skybox when I am within a certain radius of…a planet or something? It’s driving me crazy. I want to travel to it to see it closer but I don’t know how.

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Hello forum

@Boozbaz More than likely part of the skybox.
Scan down a wormhole and warp to it :smiley: it looks neat too.
I really like the way they did the scaners. Good immersion stuff.

Fifie scans everywhere.

Are you in stain? It reminds me of the pool of radiance. It has the best view at 6QBH-S.

This was in metropolis. and yeah I think @Fifie_Brindacier was probably right, I think it might just be part of the skybox when within proximity of something. Similar to how the skybox changes when you are in an ice field.

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