When is a nub, not a nub?

There is or was an in game browser :smiley:

You realize the very concept of learning is reading/hearing what other people wrote and then putting it into practice right?

You’re saying literally the only way they can learn is to have someone walk them thru it.

Whereas they can Google the mission fit, fit up, and try it out themselves.

It really isn’t that hard :smiley:

No please redirect yourself to where I say ultimately they will have to try it for themselves to learn. It’s only a couple of posts up, won’t take you long but you will need to actually read my posts instead of reading what you want to read out of them.

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Right? I’m not disagreeing that they have to try it on their own :smiley:

But there is a ton of reliable info out there that they can test out.

To say otherwise is folly.

Again, haven’t said otherwise, just said that ultimately it’s going to come down to trial and error and no amount of googling will help.

All that back and forth and you finally agree. So we are done here?

But the googling will give them a very huge step forward.

I’m sorry but I’m not going to accept the excuse that they are defenseless lambs :smiley:

They have all the tools they need. They just need to pick them up and use them.

Who said they are defenceless lambs?

The fact of the matter is you can do as much research as you want on a subject, and even if you get given all of the reliable sources you don’t know how you are going to perform till you put it into practice. This understanding extends to nearly anything.

Of course! We agree :smiley:

When is a nub, not a nub?

When your pilots name is NOT Chribba!

Everyone else are nubs, and I am a highly skilled vet and no one better give me any sass!

Unless nubs get special treatment and extra privileges like some people have suggested in other treads. In that case all my alts are just poor little nubs, and we all deserve special treatment and extra privileges!

30 days is considered a rookie/nub because that is the time it takes for you to be able to close out rookie help and not have it reopen.

and I think CCP even states that they are still considered “new” up to 30 days. rookie players (30 days old or less ) that is in relation to griefing in starter areas…

i consider them no longer a nub after the 31st day.

I remember when new players wanted to learn. I gave up.


Not show up

Did you watch the vod that informs of the possibility that the Amarr tech stolen from Triglavian that is draining Blue Star energy that can alter system wide asteroid belts to yield both highsec/lowsec materials all while sitting safely in your Nulsec jacuzzi tub? You put in the effort or help others with their effort to nolonger be concidered a NUB in my books.