Where are the positive changes though?

I read that when Goonswarm started to move North which made CCP introduce Triglavian NPCs attacking all nulsec stations resulting in Goonswarm to stall their advancements.

(actual quote I had read was “When GSF went north with 1000 titans and NC/PL was unprepared and very likely to lose everything…suddenly the game needed a Drifter invasions and blackout. The timing on that is highly suspect and the ‘expansion’ was at best half baked and rushed out the door.”

If that really happened then yes it is true that EVE Online is not a Sandbox game.

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I find it curious that there were exactly 27 systems (9 x 3) that fell completely to the Triglavians, and how it all neatly can be mapped out into a triangular shape apparently inhabited by three sub-factions. It brings into question whether or not players (pve or otherwise) actually were making a difference in the outcome.


With hindsight, the only differences were which systems flipped, and how quickly.


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If you post like the world revolves around you. I’ll sharp remind you it doesn’t.

It’s a service really.


I never said it makes EVE a theme park. Instead, I said exactly the opposite:

Now, do these things push EVE fully into theme park territory? Of course not. But they are clearly theme park design that shouldn’t exist in the sandbox.

This doesn’t make something a “theme park” though. This was a single event that changed EVE the way CCP wanted it.

It’s a single event that is texbook theme park design. The defining thing between theme park and sand box design is player agency:

In a sand box game the developer creates the world but leaves the content creation to the players. You choose your path through the game world, the goals you are trying to achieve, etc. And you succeed or fail primarily by your interactions with other players in the shared world you inhabit, all of whom are equally free to make their own choices.

In a theme park game the players are passive consumers of content. The developer creates neat little packages of pre-made content that you get to play through, and nothing you do can meaningfully deviate from the script or change the experience for the other players.

The invasion was overwhelmingly theme park design because it was a scripted event where the outcome was predetermined and the players were passive spectators. There was no sand box where players could decide how to react to the invasion and what its effects would be, it was purely the equivalent of a new WoW raid with new scripted story elements attached.

“theme park” and “sandbox” are not mutually exclusive,

They absolutely are. The design concepts involved in them are in direct opposition. You can have a game with mixed content but the combination is awkward at best and is probably going to do at least one of them very poorly.

to demand that CCP limit the development of the game to only things that fit a narrow (and potentially outdated) view of what a “sandbox” is (as determined by aging boomers or someshit) is a great way to make the game boring and stagnant.

Having abyssal sites exist in the open world instead of private instances is “boring and stagnant”?

Having an invasion where “choose your side” is more than just a marketing gimmick and the actions of players determine the outcome, up to and including total victory and elimination of the triglavians, is “boring and stagnant”?


If this is your definition, then literally every patch put out in every video game in history would qualify as a “theme park”.

Um, no. A patch that reduces damage on the overpowered thing by 10% is not theme park design. A patch that introduces a scripted event that the players can experience but not meaningfully influence is theme park design.


Welcome to NewEdenLand feel free to visit all of our theme parks:

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Tri-sec - well, you can’t really go there. VIP only.


lul sec master race :smiley:


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That’s a man.

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Good thing I’m old and can blame it on bad eyesight! Pulling the age card to help you pull your foot out of your mouth seems like a better idea more and more now. :wink:

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to be fair we use 200 million ships ++ sometimes

some people have carriers and dreads to :smiley:
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CCP don’t do positive stuff. The game is on a death trajectory and they just stir the ■■■■ to try and make it look like stuff is happening.

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“EVE IS DYING!” claims child for the 16th year in a row.

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And 7 days later… T space is dead.

Even if there are no players in T-space, the NPCs still have epic space battles.

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Ok? A new feature hasn’t yet succeeded. It’s hardly the end of the world.

We’ll all get filaments to Pochven for Halloween.

Does it bother anybody that “Pochven” is seven letters? Shouldn’t the Trigs have chosen a nine letter word?

They cant change that now, also it looks good on memes.