Which Eve Online character name do you like the most?

I have 2 character names to choose from for my main and my alt. Which Eve Online name is better and what do you think about both names as well.

First name is:
Excelsior Gokhan

The second name is:
Jade Baron

Which name do you think is better and what do you think of both names overall?


No EVE toon will ever top Greta Thunfisch. Everything about that toon is perfect. Read her bio.

Coming in a close second is Swedish Doom Goblin.

@Aiko_Danuja This character name is uwu

/melts ice

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Manface Missiletits.

Most beautiful character ever.

Toilet Blaster…

First one, no. The name of a Star Trek starship followed by a Klingon name doesn’t go together well.
The second one is a better idea.

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Oh crud. Ok, you make a strong argument. Excelsior means ‘higher’ in latin. ‘Gokhan’ means lord of the sky, in Turkish. I like the name Excelsior a lot. Is there some way to make Excelsior a good name by using a second word?

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