Who is your Eve Hero or Alter-ego?

An old player named MAV-65G

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I miss you Mike

Still here, trying to keep writing


I appreciated the real one on the Simpsons, what range. Keep doing what you do.

A Eve hero? Are people here really that pathetic?

He is my black ops hero <3

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Not that I want to follow in his footsteps but I have a great respect for what the Mittani has done in EvE.

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My mom back in 2003 while I was afk. She got my raven blown up good!

Well it’s nice to be here where people are not mean


Keith Eaton for me. Patient, polite and really helped me get into EVE. He taught me valuable things and we spoke most days. He even built me a marauder he was that sort of guy who had so much patience and generosity. I haven’t seen or spoken to him for years now… when I last did he wasn’t feeling too great health wise. So Keith, wherever you are. I hope you are doing well and everything is okay. Eve help channel misses you.



Zedrik Cayne, who showed me that you only get put of EvE what you put into it, and that bad CEOs need educated.

I’ll tell you one of the best heros i’ve ever encountered in this thankless cold, harsh universe of war and destruction…the guy I’ve leaned on time and time again to carry me through the darkness…



Well, this answer is simple.

James 315 saviour of Hi sec and undefeated champion of Alliance Tournament XII.

May praise be upon him.

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my fav video too :smiley:

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@quaaid and @nolimitsoldier for being the most technically talented fliers I ever met and for being patient enough to teach me.

Oh yeah,
@cuckoo and @magicpreacher for showing the ropes of the merc community.

@mortlake for being the funniest poster on the forums.

@Jonah_Gravenstein that whole scrotumite incident.


I am very sorry I do not have names the 2 dudes who taught me to successfully PVP in 29 days in my info. (check my history, Its not skills, its <3’s and a good FC :wink: ) It was their passion for the game that keeps me here to this day even though they are gone. The other 2 who still play, I will not reveal to protect their privacy. o7 to all who we have lost.

@James_315 : for wisdom and teaching so many
@Jin_taan : info, passion and perspective
@Olmeca_Gold : a genius

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My first 2 corp CEOs were great and kept me motivated to login.
Sadly both left the game years ago.

@Mike_Azariah and @Ripard_Teg for their written contributions and services generally.

Veers Belvar and Lucas Kell were always good value in C&P :slight_smile:

Oh, and that Mo dude who posted some technical PvP stuff in a way I could actually follow. Was that you @Ghost_O_Mo ?

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Yeah, that was me. I’m glad to hear that stuff worked out for you.

I assume you mean this link.

(Posted in case anyone wants to read it)


Aww, thanks <3