Why do you play in Highsec space?

Seriously, thanks. I couldn’t tell if they were trying to convince people to make alt characters so they can enjoy null/low-sec, shoot up mission runners, or if they just want people to think they’re a hard ass.

I play in high-sec space because I’m a no-skill griefer who can’t last two seconds in the other areas of space like null-sec where the real PvP players are supposed to hang out. I always get sent home crying to mommy with my tail tucked between my legs by the elite ubermenschen warrior Chads who engage in honourable fleet warfare in between polishing their sigma grindset. Despite being obligated to move out of the game’s obvious starter zone, I relegate myself to live out my pathetic gankbear loser life somewhere that lets me club caged baby seals while being completely safe and protected by CONCORD.

My other me, well, multiple mes actually, live in high-sec because they just want to do PvE in peace and are entitled to not have to deal with all the PvP drama that goes on in the other places. Besides, high-sec is a very important part of the game, maybe even the most important, so this is a completely rational expectation, and my other mes would really appreciate it if you didn’t tell them how to play the game because this is a sandbox and they can play however they want to, thanks.


Same, I’m just a newb who likes to shoot ships that can’t shoot back.

Well that’s clear then

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having lived in both for a good many years the answer for me is simple null sec and low sec are like having a second job even just travelling through those areas of space is a chore…i make tons of friends in high sec and always have good chats in local and go about my daily life without having timers or call to arms and then spend the rest of that game time you have for the next couple of hours just say waiting to be told where to go or which structure to kill…i even went ice mining only this week and got chatting with what looked like a mining op there were so many in the belt and it was a good laugh just getting to know a new gang of people…cant remember the last time i took my rorq out and dont see it being used again to be fair it along with my other capital ships will just remain docked up

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W and null when Omega, HS when Alpha, as a soloer.

We need both so it’s not a repetative monotonous grind. Filaments and WH’s was the best thing that happened Eve imo, at least for me, as a soloer and explorer/roamer.

The whole thread is stupid IMO. The best is to pick from each space what you need and like. I don’t get the concept of restricting oneself artificially to one type of space or even one system. Each type has pros/cons/situations.


There are currently no plans on restricting space entry based on character age.


HS is relatively the most comfortable space for me. I can fully enjoy my loner playstyle in this space thanks to relative (compared to LS lack of safety basically anywhere except npc stations and NS/WH complete lack of safety unless I’m part of big corp/alliance).

Even if total available income from HS resources is lower than in other spaces, the amount of income viable for someone like me(not part of giant alliance or even not rich/skilled enough to be Bruce Lee of solo pvp) is still the highest. I can’t use my orca:procurer:procurer fleet anywhere outside of HS without risking 60%-80% death chance every run. I cant run anomalies with the same risk using 300-400M battleship or faction cruiser.

Another reason is logistics - in highsec hauling, transporting goods, getting myself organised requires the lowest effort and is not as risky as ex: trying to build up my production in lowsec, where my ship can be caught by insta-locker pirate fleets or campers generally (I once got locked up died in a pod even though I used goddamn auto-clicker to warp away as soon as my shuttle got destroyed, so I know there are certain gate camp setups that can catch literally anything, even something that warps in below 1 tick, sounds like madness to me, but at least I realised this while flying without high-grade implants or anything people call ,blingy’’).

Finally, other people above stated many times that mayority of players live in highsec, work there, invest resources, create market etc. Thanks to this I am next to plenty of opportunities to make isk by industry, for instance. Not only this, but trading and supplying myself by products brought to New Eden trade hubs which are mainly in HS I’m able to live rather comfortably.

Lack of friends, lack of will, lack of inspiration. What more would Null give me besides more of the same but with the added risks that it’s a no man’s land, hardly a station to dock at and restrictive jumps due to gatecamping? What would I do in Null besides dying over and over again?
I can’t afford to fly in Null, much less live there.

How about security status? Keep those gankers out of the Garden of Eden. Let them live in darkness.

*CCP would make a lot more money if gankers had to constantly buy Clone Soldier Tags in order to enter HS.

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Why play in HS?

The market.

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It has to be because of the restaurants.



Look up.

I agree with you. I have been playing in Corps or together with other players but I want to play when I feel like and when I have time to play. I dont want to be dependend on other players and of course I just have time to play once or twice a week.

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I don’t spend much time in HS, but I would not want to go to NS again simply because I didn’t like the big alliances much. Have you figured out a way to live in NS without joining one of the whales out there?


If you find an answer please shoot me an email.

Renting is always an option.

What do you mean by “real”?

nahh… renting would be like being in a big alliance, but paying them just to let you be there. That is even worse.

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You’re not wrong…

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