Why I quit AG and why you should too

I feel bad for Dracvlad because he is so maligned and wrongly treated by all these nasty forum griefer bullies. Dracvlad just wants to not play a game, and argue endlessly in the forums with his strong opinions about what is and isn’t. I was talking to Aiko the other day, and she said that he even lectured her about her own alliance, who is who and how it all works and what they do and how they do it and why and wherefore. The Dracvlad is just a real know it all, and it’s amazing that other people don’t acknowledge his sage expertise as the final word in any discussion.


Aiko it is absolutely disgusting how you force yourself upon poor Dracvlad despite he blocked you and yet you use physical force on him to read your posts and reply to them. Such clear showcase of inhumane treatment should not be tolerated and should warrant real-life prison time. :upside_down_face:

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I think the entire community owes him a big apology. We should all get him a fruit basket.

I know what you are trying to say with that.

Just nasty Destin(ies) being Destin(ies).

Tut tut!


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Dracvlad is so knowledgeable, if you had the sum of all knowledge in existence, the truth basically, Dracvlad’s knowledge would still be bigger than that.

He could lecture god so to speak.

You hurt me Drac. Because it comes from you I accept this as true

We don’t agree on many things, but Drac speaks the truth. Just enjoy the game is good advice.

So much hate from certain people here. You need to calm down, it is only a game.

Alas people mistake ‘high’ security for ‘absolute’ security. It simply never dawns on them that the whole reason Concord have slower response time in 0.5 to 1.0 systems is to make them less secure. I mean…that’s not some accident or oversight. A level of insecurity is built into the game, and intended.


Yeah, they are a pretty toxic bunch. You are not the first to experience this. Most of them are not ag because they enjoy the playstile of hunting gankers. They are ag because they despise or outright hate gankers, while having some kind of hero complex.

Because they think they are the “good guys” and can’t separate pixel shooting in a game from real violence, they somehow feel justified to act extremely aggressive and toxic to gankers, and anyone they perceive as supporting or enable them, including CCP for not removing it from the game.


Now think about what you said.

Does that sit well with you?

Now that you edited it, it doesn’t make any sense anymore.

I have never seen a ganker who does not gank just for the pure pleasure of ganking. It’s about the most fun activity in this game. Dunking miners just never gets old.

Absolutely nothing to do with hate. We also don’t want to change or remove mining, we just play the game.


Wait is this missing Lore? So Dracvlad trained Bob? And advised him on drop% values for killmails?
So when no loot drops we should all be shouting out DAMMIT DRAC!

I too like to talk to myself.

Drac what is the meaning of eve life? I would talk to my self too if I had the mind of Aiko.
Not you thou Reso I would get bored.

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Boredom is a good thing thou.

Me doing logi and combat drones on Ganker, i did not die (that time) :slight_smile:


Simple, the meaning of Eve life is to use your noodle to avoid being someone’s killmail and in doing so get as many kills as you can and build up your position while making as many friends and contacts as possible. Oh and don’t forget to do something fun every so often :wink:

Yeah the biggest fail i would say comes from the pilots not fitting their ships, does not have to be fancy blue stuff but just leaving all the slots empty is meh.
I saved a badger from 6 Ruptures, ok i give they did not attack all at once but it was not even hard to keep his shield up since he put some effort into it.

No way, Drac said this isn’t possible to do anymore! You cheater!

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But i did die from repping a freighter with safety red, i was a tad bit surprised, but he could have used a web alt and failed at getting away, or war target but the zkill entry did not state war so i can only assume it was from web.