Why I quit AG and why you should too

That surprised me to be honest. The Noctis did not fire on any one obviously, you repped it, but when you sent combat drones on the attacker it did not turn off your shield reps.

The experience I had was a Marauder and I was using twin guardians which were giving each other cap, so when I sent my drones on one of the attackers it turned off. I can only surmise that the Marauder opened fire or activated its bastion, rather than it being my drones, so would explain that.

Live and learn.

Got that wrong, ouch.

Well at least that is better than I thought but we still can’t rep AG fleets doing DPS. Good to know that people repping can still concord whore…

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Yeah the log will show something like “because of it’s resistance” or something like that when they activate bastion, it is very clear but also bit confusing if you are not aware of that, same with Orca/Porpoise activating the core.

Yeah my kill board is there but i do not pay to much attention to it, it does not pay for my industry or new bpo’s and such, so not very useful.

I was transferring cap and Tina ran out of cap but Dracvlad did not, which meant that Drac stopped transferring cap to her, but she continued to give cap to Dracvlad. I did not look at the logs and just assumed it was the fact I used combat drones on a ganker. Still only a little error and meaningless because the issue is pretty much the inability to rep those in our fleet shooting criminals. It was not long after I came back to the game.

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They should be thankful for the massive freebie they’re getting from CCP in the form of war immunity. If that were to be taken away, AG would cease to be an institution within exactly 24 hours.

Maybe we need to start asking CCP for a change to make it so that anyone who isn’t war-eligible can’t aggro another player, except in self-defense? :thinking:


Sounds reasonable tbh.

well bye bye ganking.
And i find it an appalling idea just remove a game style you do not agree with, i hate ganking but i am not trying to get CCP to remove it, it is within the rules of the game.

It’s not “removing a game style,” it’s “removing a crutch.” Your play style would still be there, as its fundamental mechanics wouldn’t change. You would just be obligated to defend yourself from the interference of others. CCP has pushed similar changes through to other aspects of the game. Wars, for example, now require war HQs. I can’t go and declare war against someone unless I expose myself to attack by other players, and put my assets on the line. This, however, didn’t eliminate the war play style; it just modified it to not rely on the crutch of being able to dictate engagement terms as the aggressor 100% of the time.

Also, just because you aren’t trying to get CCP to remove ganking, doesn’t mean that 87% of the rest of the community isn’t. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but over half of all new threads we get are whine threads about non-consensual PvP, peppered with demands to remove it from the game. So if I take the opposite stance, and demand that CCP adds more non-consensual PvP to the game, or removes various crutches and imbalances that give players undue safety, I’m not being unreasonable/a hypocrite/whatever, because I’m doing the same exact thing everyone else is.

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I admit i would not mind seeing wars gtfo but also part of the game, slightly abused i would say by corps that do nothing else.

But as an industry guy seeing the difference in building time in a player structure Vs npc stations it makes me cry, 13.5 days for a carrier Vs 4 days, if you build a lot that adds up fast, but the current war mechanic having a structure is just pointless even more so with the “make it easy for the big guys to clear medium structures” patch.

And no i have not noticed i do not read the forums a lot, like a few posts every few months, just not a fun place to spend to much time :slight_smile:

You’re making it clear that you dislike any aspect of the game that lets players attack other players without their consent. You of course have the right to your opinions/desires. And that’s why these debates happen. But what I will say has a degree of objectivity is that my idea is in line with the game’s vision, and your ideas aren’t—they are merely rooted in your personal feelings about these specific game mechanics.

Well now you know. Even if you just do some casual browsing during your spare time, you’ll see that I’m right. In fact I don’t think even someone like Dracvlad would argue against this claim.

Well, they where all in npc corps before the change or recycled corp to evade the wardec

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This is the fundamental problem with antiganking culture.

White knights are often hiding their inner toxicity.


And all of that needs to be put in the trash.

Any sort of PvP “immunity” needs to be accompanied by considerable reduction in efficiency across all PvE sectors. Or rather, like I said in the FW thread, exposing yourself to PvP should carry significant boosts to efficiency instead (that way players won’t feel like they’re getting “nerfed” again).

Like this game’s many other idiosyncrasies, the ability for AGs to be able to interfere with gankers while themselves being excused from interference from others is dogshit game design. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t think gankers should be war-immune either. Someone being able to sit on top of a gate or station with a Tornado and a 0.4 sec status that they got from selling tags, and having the first-strike advantage in 100% of cases, is ■■■■■■■■ too.

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Well i am not immune to gankers and i lost a lot of quite expensive ships and pods doing what i do.
I am clearly not playing EVE for omgz shoot everything that moves :slightly_smiling_face:
we all enjoy different things for sure.

I know Brisc has mentioned doing the abyssal filaments, sure you are vulnerable when you leave them but while doing them you are pretty much in another game immune to pvp, so far i have done 0 of them, i would not mind(mine) the return of the Trig HS sites we had 2 years ago or something, those was fun and my Rattle had some use there, while also being a tempting target for the shady people :slight_smile: was good source of ore to.

As for AG being toxic, i do not know about that, i have Aiko blocked in game for the spam in local and many other in safety, makes local bit more sane :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, but ganking shouldn’t be the only counter-play method available to players. In fact, the only reason ganking is so prevalent today is because CCP slowly pushed ganking to be the only counter-play method available to players.

Can’t declare war on them because of war immunity…Can’t bait them into attacking you or getting a flag because of the safety button…Can’t infiltrate their corporation to assassinate them because of the corporate FF setting…Can’t attack their PoS industry/research infrastructure because everyone uses public citadels and is covered by asset safety…Etc. etc.

“Well, I guess we’re just gonna have to gank them then, aren’t we?”

That’s where we are today.


Naiveness, this is the right word for generic antiganking, it is not even about hate or toxicity, it is mostly done by people who couldn’t figure out what is this sandbox called EVE Online.

You should do antiganking for yourself for sure, for the people who work with you or for the people who pays you, but why do for random unknown alts who you have no idea about who they truly are?

People get deluded but the criminal timer, what if the criminal timer was renamed to HERO TIMER?
When in hero timer you have 9 seconds before getting concorded in 1.0 sec and 24 seconds in 0.5 sec.

Why Hero Timer?
I am not like people who twist words and do jedi mind tricks just to appeal one crowd, the reason I am saying hero timer is because this is real asymmetric war, it is just too costy and takes too much time and too much ISK to project enough force to kill the enemies in their region. The people who live over there are using every possible mechanic and resource they can to get richer and powerful.

But with the ganking you can jiu-jitsu a way of dealing with such threats, doesn’t matter how big is the other guy there will be a way!

In the end of the day when all opinions cease you can clearly see that ganking is just self-defense.

I tell every new player to start looking into ganking, otherwise they will only get stomped over and over by the people who are farming for a decade or more and who are just evil feudal lords from null sec or low sec pirates. This is a dying game, don’t except the new players to be farming for 10-15 years so they can keep up with the bitter vets.

I tell them this because people have this difficulty of abstracting what is the sandbox from mundane morality, people should leave worldly concepts at the door when they join, otherwise they will never achieve EVE enlightment!

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Oh you talk about toxic bunch , we killed a -8.8 loki coming out of jita , talk about uncouth and vulgar , some of our new player are in shock


Sounds like one of those lowsec wanabe pirates that just dress and talk like pirates but are not pirating where the fat loot is because they are afraid of Concord. Not a ganker.

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One of these AG whored a freighter we ganked. Hour later he undocked and whored on tornados/thrashers at Jita undock. I am not sure if I should praise him to grow a balls and actually gank something, or shame him because he is not following the white knight ideology of AG…

Hmm, if I would run an AG-corp and roleplay LawEnforcementSupporters I would tag as many Gankers as well, just to record their activity (many lossmails aren’t uploaded, what somehow makes the statistics on ganking activity on zKill a bit incorrect). Especially for all the newbros who do not have the SP to fly ships who could even remotely kill a Ganker before CONCORD arrives.

In the end, why should the Ganker care who is on the lossmail, the ship was doomed in the moment he pulled the trigger anyway? True, the AG who points a Tornado that has just fired did not contribute anything to the kill, that is completely CONCORDs work, but he made sure the Gank is recorded for the public statistic and cannot fly under the radar. Fair enough in my book.

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