[Winter] Fleet Abyssal Deadspace Feedback thread - feature now available on Singularity Test Server


(Bertok Francis) #121

Do the driller platforms drop anything? I ran a T1 site with a solo retribution and they never dropped anything.

(elitatwo) #122

Yes the driller platform are like the bio-cache, they may drop something or not. I take it that the driller cache is for the fleet buddies, if any.

(Fonsui) #123

I have only seen drillers drop red loot so far, or be empty. I would like to see more data on their drops, but completely out of the blue I expect the loot table basically to be like the main cache, just lower chance and quantities on all the good stuff. Alternately, they may restrict certain or most items from dropping from drillers entirely.

More data will answer this for us.

(Predvodnica LSG) #124

Every driller drop something to me but nothing very good or important loot.


(Metuzalem Hadouken) #125

While fleet Abyssal Space looks very much like a fine idea please CCP consider the repercussions. Instead of 3 ppl going into 1 filament you will have 3 ppl triple boxing 3 alts in 3 different filaments. All this will lead to is for 1 person to be able to fly t4-t5 filaments with a upfront cost of roughly 500-600 mill and getting 3 times the loot of someone who pays 1.2-3 bill for a cruiser in order to run the site. Yes lowering the “barrier of entry” to abyssal space is a noble endeavor but it shouldn’t disenfranchise players who can’t / don’t want to operate several accounts at once. Essentially it would totally screw up anyone who wants to use cruiser t4-t5 filaments as it wouldn’t be as nearly as profitable as fleet filaments. The data essentially speaks for itself with the majority of t4-t5 runners being 5+ year old characters those ppl have very probably several alt already and they will switch to triple boxing rather quick making cruiser high tier filaments obsolete. Note: this is only in regard to the pve filaments. Pvp fleet filaments are fine as with pvp you have a different loot/payout overall.

(techzer0) #126

Alts are a part of EVE.

Anyone willing to do fleet work by themselves is more than welcome to do so.
A single person that runs three accounts for three times the loot is getting the same amount of loot as the guy running one account.

(Metuzalem Hadouken) #127

Wait aren’t you contradicting yourself here?

(techzer0) #128

The guy running 3 accounts is getting the same per account as a guy running a single account doing the same thing.

I worded it differently. Get it now?

(Frothgar) #129

BTW, I want this to be a thing, my concern is overwhelmingly about how cap warfare is overly represented in the NPCs and disproportionally effects frigs, it effectively makes it a single large NPC neut alpha a frig’s capacitor from outside of gun range, and no frig logi have a Cap transfer bonus.

Really some look at how the TDs and Neuts behave to make more turret based setups viable.

Also if you make the NPCs resists more omni, it might make more fits/weapon types viable.

I’d really hate to see this be a Go Worm or Go home thing, as right now Gilas are massively over represented.

(techzer0) #130

Missile and drone ships are over represented because they give the player a lazy way out. They are easy and require less thought.

They are far from the best ship to use.

(elitatwo) #131

Or you run 3x logi-damavik, duh!

Except for the ludacris price tag, damaviks can produce a ton of damage to long point range.

Well, it would require 3x humans to fly them since 5000 alts will not be able to do this unless someone used cheat-boxer.

(Frothgar) #132

I don’t think we’re disagreeing, but I don’t see too many folks actually running the polarized Deimos fit, and I don’t see much else out there for the higher end sites that can run all types of filaments.

I’ve run Couple hundred 5s in my sacrilege, I’d love the phantasm to be a thing in non-electricals but I don’t see it running a 5. Done the Gila thing, its lazy and boring.

My concern is how frigs get cap alphad by any BB neut, and it reasonably is going to take just 1 cycle of 1 neut even if you have a battery.

(Frothgar) #133

Can some attention be paid to boundaries? Some NPCs go right for a boarder and hug it, (Leshak spawn, Drifer BS etc) Going outside the boundary in a frig is spectacularly lethal.

Maybe have it so the NPCs have a separate boarder just short of the player boundary so we can at least orbit close without dying? (Like they will only go Xkm from the gate)

Maybe disable warpoff on disconnect too as your friends could possibly keep you alive as well. I boundary violate all the time orbiting the boundary skirting BS in my Sacrilige, but jebus its almost immediately lethal in Frigates.

Cruiser and BS neutralizers also really disproportionally affect Frigs.

(Bubba Billybob) #134

Nearly all feedback on the initial Abyssmal test server was completely ignored, and it took months to fix basic stuff that was repeated many, many times over the test server “cycle”. Pretty sure the thread didn’t get one reply, either.

(Jeremiah Saken) #135

because devs expectations for new the features are hit hard with players and game reality. Suddenly they won’t have time to change incoming patch the way the players want and just releasing what was shown on SiSi with premise to change it later. That’s why I stoped giving feedback. It’s pointless. Only whine megathreads “may” change something and as shown with wardecc mechanism only other points of pressure, like “we are sold and we need income or we all be fired” may actualy work. Feedback thread have no use. It’s the place where you can show appreciation for devs work nothing more.

(Luigi mon-de-sound) #136

to bad whinig that didnt stop ecm changes

(Dark Lord Trump) #137

I notice that “Covert Ops” are permitted but Stealth Bombers such as the Manticore are not. Is this intentional and if so will it change?

(elitatwo) #138

Oh man, I hope not. Stealth bomber could make some interesting combination of frigates possible in higher tiers.
I hope I can get back to trying the abyssal sites with frigates this week, sorry for taking so long.

(CPT Ashen) #139

Any update as to why Bombers aren’t allowed into these?

(Aetran Molou) #140

They should be, bombers are considered Covops.