[YC 126 NEWCWC] Broadcast of Hope: Remembering My Husband Among the Stars

My husband committed Military PTSD Related Suicide in December. RIP Zedz Dead.

Broadcast of Hope: Remembering My Husband Among the Stars

The cyno is lit, his light guiding home,
In the cosmos’ expanse where we once freely roamed.
Together we ventured, through starlit game,
His laughter, my beacon in this virtual plane.

He showed me worlds, held my hand in the dark,
Funded adventures, left a permanent mark.
In battles and mischief, a partner so dear,
His absence now echoes, painfully clear.

His spirit now rests in Molea’s vast grace,
Among stars and memories, his eternal place.
Our corp and alliance mourn the heavy loss,
A void unfillable from this tragic cost.

The sorrow lingers from what came to pass,
His own hand brought the darkness so fast.
But through the void, his legacy speaks,
“Broadcast for reps,” for every soul it seeks.

No one should journey through shadows alone,
Where sorrow takes root, and grief is sown.
Together we’ll stand, no burden too dire,
Offering solace, a bridge from the fire.

In unity, we rally, with courage anew,
To cherish his spirit and honor his view.
In the cosmos, we’ll guide all those adrift,
With arms open wide, we’ll offer our gift.

The cyno’s still burning, a symbol so bright,
Guiding all weary souls through the night.
In his name, we’ll reach for those about to fall,
With love everlasting, we’ll answer the call.


Sharing your story helps break down the stigma around mental health and PTSD, showing others they’re not alone. Your commitment to keeping your husband’s memory alive and helping others shows just how caring and loving you are.


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