Years too late

I suspect it is languishing, but it consumes so little resources, might as well keep it open for the once-in-a-lifetime skin sale.

This game is precisely what whales want with it’s mobile or wait gameplay. It will more likely drive away players who dont have time for the time and isk sink.

I keep saying it that the time sink/wait and isk earning at newby level play is too low. And then the market which is pretty much suited purely for vets unless a newby is happy to fly trash.

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I don’t think so. The whale is typically a dude with too many dollars and not much time, who wants to lord it over other players with his superior gear right from the get-go.

EVE is very unsuitable for that kind of player. These dollar giants get ganked by the first group of alpha pilots, who fly under the big guns.

You can disagree but it definitely is a mobile type pay or wait/grind game. I have “too many dollars” so isk isn’t an issue to me and loss means nothing. I dont have time for a second job as i have pne already and a family. I dont know about the other bit unless you think it’s obnoxious that someone can afford to constantly fly whatever they want? People do that anyway.

I don’t actually disagree with THAT part of the argument; what I really question is it’s effectiveness.

The current system is really reminiscent of the mobile game monetization scheme, no disagreement there…only, those other games actually do the bad thing BETTER.

The new whales actually ROFL-stomp the poorer opposition in those games, which is what the whales want. That’s not the case over here. For EVE, it’s a total mismatch of conflicting game mechanics.

And just to make things clear - i think the current model is sht. It takes too long to skill things and things cost too much for regular peeps. Itsas if the game basically demands an enternity to experience the full content with decent gear or pay up.

I know i can do plenty of things to earn isk like my isk printing indy alt but i dont want a second job. Sitting in a station printing isk, using my time, or just buy 30 bil. It’s a no brainer.

You said it. Thank goodness for RookieHelp Channel. This is a really complex game, and the players there have carried me this far.

Which is also why I keep coming back to play. The community is great.

That was CCP Burger who is here from at least 2015.

It’s honestly baffling.

I found this article that is explaining, how they are doing this “feed off the economy in-game,” thing in Eve mobile.
What Might CCP's New Paradigm Of Pay Packs Look Like? - INN

Its not bad, the article.
This whole idea is stupid and not necessary. We have PLEX, Nice fittings, and a helpful player base.

If game is shallow and easy, people play it for few weeks and are bored.

If game is complicated and hard, people play it for years and still dont know what they are doing.

I wouldnt touch anything if I would be dev in CCP.

CCP have to stop selling things that will omit the actual gameplay for people. They have to learn first, and the best its by playing. Else they will be only angrier if they lose it fast, actually rage quitting and uninstalling in first week or so, because CCP scammed them.


Run it until it breaks? Shouldn’t take long.

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:joy: This Bergur guy is completely unhinged.

Bergur specifically mentions the hurdles that new players go through learning how to get a new ship, fit a ship, and grasping these fundamentals of EVE Online.

Instead of teaching the new players and explaining these things to them, they rather opt to fleece them and make them waste 20 € on a ship that can die the minute it undocks. And the new players do not learn a single valuable thing about EVE when they buy this pack. They do not learn how to use the market, how to use the fitting window, how to learn about fittings, how to search for fittings online. Tthey learn nothing. It is ridiculous that this Bergur guy has the audacity to call this “we help new players overcome a hurdle”.

But how can CCP replicate this, teach this in a way that retains players rather than jettisons them out of the client and onto the next game?

This pack is most definitely not the way to teach new players a single thing. In fact, it takes almost every single opportunity to teach them a single thing away from them and only teaches them one lesson: If your credit card locked you out because you bought too many ships, you are not fit to be a customer for us.

you might not teach these basics on day one, but teaching the precursors you need to be able to tackle PvP when a player is ready.

And that is where the open world can come in very handy instead of your abysmal dreams of instanced experiences. If you want them to slowly teach about PVP and the wider world, have a career agent give them a nice mission to retrieve or deliver a certain item from a low sec station. Tell them that low sec is dangerous, that they might die on the way, how certain ships and certain ways of fitting these ships can help to get through danger zones and have these missions pay a nice reward. The low sec locations are always in a system that is reachable from at least 2 different directions, so that it cannot be hellcamped easily. First, you just give them the above basic info and let them deal with it on their own. If they succeed, congratulate them, give additional information and send them away, maybe even to a second mission of that kind in a harder to reach place. If they don’t succeed, give them encouragement that this happens all the time, give more information about alternative routes, about checking the killboard stats for dangerous border systems or systems on the way, and so on and so forth to give them all the information they need to succeed.

Stuff like that should be the norm when you replace the CA with new approaches. But instead, you opt for instanced space and cinematic experiences. And to sell them packs that teach them nothing.

Bergur Finnbogasson […] Finnbogason added.

This page’s text quality is just like CCP’s development quality: A never changing disappointment. These typos have been plaguing every single article there and it’s not changing. Just like CCP does not spend money on QA, this site does not spend a dime on a proofreader.



But that is actually the game!

No it isn’t, that’s for the proles (proletariat).

I find it very hard to pity new players.

Google exists. The game been out for nearly 20 years.

You can literally find anything you need online.

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I learned EVE just fine in 2006 with less.

If they can’t, then they really should just play like My Katamari or something :smiley:


New pilot here.

Rookie chat is amazing. Not a single question goes unanswered. Sometimes the links provided are overwhelming. Google/youtube bring results in seconds (sometimes videos are older, but you get the gist of things).

It seems I picked an interesting time to join the game, because reading a lot of these threads people seem very unhappy.

One question I do have concerning monetization. Why do they sell shoes and boots in the cash shop, as far as I can tell there is no way to even see my character’s feet outside of character creation.

Long story… goes back to Incarna about a decade ago. Since then our CPU’s fans spin more for something they removed. See Eve runs (metaphorically) hotter than other games

Boots.ini is a special pair of boots though. See CCP Internal Videos - Boot Ini - YouTube

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