138m SP Returning Player


I’ve dipped my toes into this game a few times, primarily with EvE Uni, and the WH Campus. I’ve learned that being an itinerant gamer and WH don’t mix well, as i’ve lost most of my stuff during extended breaks twice now. At any rate, part of the reason I take extended breaks is due to content drought (don’t get me wrong I can scan, roll, etc., and did so actively while engaging with my corp in huffing, crabbing, and every single PvP roam I was online for since that was my primary interest).

I am definitely rusty, and I’ll need to knock the rust off refamiliarizing myself with the UI, general gameplay etc., but I can’t seem to stay away from this game.

Here’s what I would like - I’d like to join a NS corp (with an active EST presence), I’d like to join that corp relatively >soon< and I’d like to engage in content. Very specifically, I am happy to auth, provide API etc, but I’d also very much prefer the ensuing process not take a week or longer, during which I’ll likely ship spin and gradually lose interest. I attempted to join KarmaFleet (am still currently in EvE Uni) but by the time the acceptance letter got around to me (bit over a week after my initial attempt to join) i’d already moved on because I’ve no interest in ship spinning while someone agonizes over the ramifications of inviting a player to a corporation for a week. I understand vetting is involved, if you find your needs for security are that stringent then I’m probably not for you.

What I offer - 138m SP, almost purely SubCap PvP focused (minimal SP into huffing/PI), and I realize that’s probably not a standout by any means. At any rate if you have a Doctrine fit I can likely fly it. I also have a scan/cyno alt with around 38m SP. Both accounts are Omega, I also have a working headset/mic, discord, all the basics covered. I’m not super sweaty, super bitter, or anything to that effect, I’ve simply got an itch to play the game, enjoy the game, and ideally not spend the next week waiting despite being quite willing to provide whatever information is requested in order to move forward.

If I sound like a good fit for you please let me know, my ideal Corp would be NullSec Based, large enough to provide consistent (and ideally varied) content, and also have some form of “New” Player integration. Bonus points if there are relatively easy/accessible ways to fund my inevitable PvP losses available, along with a local market or some sort of JF Service to import things since I never bothered training anything larger than a Battleship.

Thanks in advance for your consideration, and fly safe o7.


STK Scientific is recruiting as well. Wont waste your time, I think we have what you’re looking for, reach out in STK Recruitment in game channel and we can chat

Hi there! Come fly with us in Primal Instinct and wreck havoc across null sec. We’re allied with initiative so there’s plenty of space to explore, mine, fight for, and everything in between.

I’d love to chat some more on our discord or ingame.

welcome back bro am looking for member to join my corp i also run a low sec alliance. we play to have fun very little blue so if its not blue kill it lol… we are very chilled i don’t tell you how to play your own game you pay for it play it how you want, big thing we stand by in the corp & alliance is RL comes first, so if you fancy some fun and pew pew jump on our discord and have a chat find more about us o7