30-31/01/2020 - Connectivity Issues

I am done. Might check back this evening local.

Can’t get in at all. Haven’t been able to since last night around 8pm central. Simply won’t connect.

I am in the same boat now. The last 10 times I have tried to log in have been unsuccessful.

I am still getting the connectio fail pop up window and then hitting the log in button. It might take 2 or 3 but I can log in. The lag is so bad it is take minute or two to undock and dock. Guess I don’t need to resub to a broken game.

You think that’s bad, I’m on day 6 of either not being able to connect at all, or being so laggy/rubberbanding/socket closing that there’s no reason to undock at all. I know I’m not alone, either.

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How long do we have to complete a mission again? A week or so? Something tells me I’m gonna fail this one.

East coast US, still laggy. Maybe 15 seconds to open the agency or anything when I can log in at all. Not gonna fly in this weather. Not after that close call yesterday.

Yeah. When I’m able to get in at all I’m nervous about starting anything lol

I am sad that I cant play but I play because I like this game. Yes there are some problems and way more than the norm right now but it will get fixed and because I do like this game I will not be rage quitting.
Right now their focuses is to get it fixed. Once fixed than the discussion will be how we are to be compensated and at that point if you are not happy with what they offer than that is the time to rage quit.
have a nice day and lets hope we can get back to playing soon.

another form about this nonsense. Its still very prevalent.

I STILL cannot get into the game for 3 days now…lame $hit.

I used my phone hotspot to play and works perfectly. however my home ISP (comcast) either wont connect or if does i can’t get chat. so it seems to be the overprotective ddos company they hired.

Its up to 5 days now, actually…

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Just wanted to share that it took me about 20 minutes, 6 or more log in attempts, but like everyone else, my chat is down and multiple features internally (character window, ship browser, etc.) are extremely laggy…they are not even loading. It took about 2-3 minutes for each of these to load.

No Chat yet its been a few days



So another thread is closed and we are directed here, where the last official update (according to the pin at the top) from CCP was at 14:45 on 31/01/2020 over 24 hours ago and things seem not to be improving one bit. Yet CCP continue allowing the customer base to get more and more frustrated by the lack of a) progress in resolving said issues and b) updates in relation to said issues. Job well done I guess


I was able to access the game earlier today after around 10 tries. I cannot get back in. I will try again tomorrow.


Those pesky lines under the ocean connecting this small world. EVE players we must unite and explore the vastness of space and leave this planet behind.

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When are these issues going to be fixed, I just plexed my accounts before these issues started, been days without being able to actually play. Please fix ASAP CCP, <3 you

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CCP can not fix it. Steam is also having massive problems for a while now and RDR2 is down too.

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