Another kick in the face, well done, CCP

I feel your pain,.
I made the assumption (my bad) that there were just removing the roids,.not changing the yeild,.I lost about 500 million in unprocessed minerals,.Wish CCP would have went about this a different way,maybe reprocessing everyone stuff,then make the change,who knows.Also all that SP skill time in reprocessing roids is now basically worthless to me with no rarer stuff being made,.that was about 2 months of skilling time gone now,I’m not happy about that little move ,.I’ve been playing this game for 19 months,and I didn’t break the game in that time,so I am wondering why I am being punished for something that wasn’t my fault,.really unfair to do that to a player,.really discouraging to proceed,.


On the contrary, you are not being punished at all. There are such wonderful things to see and do in low sec and null sec. CCP has struggled to speak to you in a language that could convey the beauty of these other spaces.

Perhaps the universal language of greed will work.


Those spaces are filled with douchebags who don’t like seeing people besides their own alts so they sick multiple alts on a random single cruiser or frigate who dares to rat anywhere near them, that’s why so many stick to high sec.


What is highsec filled with?

newbs and chat bots

Newbs are often both capable of and willing to learn; unlike those, like you, who fall into the category of noobs.

Oh, then there’s the lowest of the low, the vermin below the bottom feeders who live on scraps and feces, aka code.

Are you trying to insinuate that I’m a member of CODE.?

You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried.

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They underestimated the obsession with “playing for free”. Seems every other week there’s a new video or tutorial somewhere on “make enough isk to play as Omega for free!”, and often it is about exploration and escalations via anomalies.

The Dynamic Bounty System should have been applied all across New Eden, not just null.

Just wait.
There’s no reason not to implement it in highsec as well.

I do not see any reason that they shouldn’t, but only from a game play perspective.

CCP crossed a Rubicon with the introduction of Alpha Clones, and now they have an entire group of players that need to be kept hooked into the game or their Alpha->Omega conversion rate will fall below average and so on. So while they may (and should) apply the DBS to hi-sec, they have incentive to not do so, because the Alpha’s need to be held in a state of almost making enough isk to pay for a months worth of game time, thus increasing the chance that they’ll drop real cash for that extra push once in a while when they only have 435 PLEX. If they nerf the bounty payouts in hi-sec, people give up and stop playing, instead of paying.

You’re like the opposite of those who claim that everyone will now use their credit cards to buy PLEX for ISK?
In any case … No.

Considering the fact that CCP is actively doing everything they can to get rid of farmers …
… as fast and as hard as possible, without applying any lube at all …
… I believe it’s safe to say that no one at CCP gives much of a ■■■■ about these kinds of people not staying.


CCP does not want isolationists.
CCP actively nerfs farming hard.
CCP does not want people to be self sufficient.

Alpha is for people to play the game so they can make friends.
Friends is what gets people to stay around.
Staying around, with friends, increases the chance of subbing dramatically.

Good, because those guys never really were customers anyway.
They were just farmers trying to sub to farm for yet another month.

■■■■ those guys. :slight_smile:

I’m not really an economics guy.

I wonder what happens when all the hardcore null farmers leave - the ones that were just farming farming farming to plex their account for free. I mean sure, the login numbers go down . . . but does CCP lose millions of dollars from that somehow?

Never said I felt differently. The problem is that the changes CCP is making would make it appear that they are shifting to a model for the game that relies heavily on a predictable number of free-to-play accounts dropping money when certain criteria are met (like a sale on plex, etc).

As long as there is hope for an Alpha Clone to make enough isk to pay for Omega without having to use a credit card, there will be farmers. If they want to get rid of farming, one of the first things they should do is get rid of the Alpha Clones.

I can’t say for sure about CCP, but going by the economic models, etc. that other free-to-play games use, caring about free-to-play players is actually important, because they pump up the numbers that the bean counters need to tout to potential investors. Number of daily log ins (hence daily log in rewards), average time online (skilling spree), and, as I mentioned before, the average number of those players who break from their pattern and open their wallets. Whether it is to get extra PLEX to help cover the 500 needed for Omega now and then, or to buy ship skins or skill injectors.

“CCP does not want people to be self sufficient” is a very curious thing in itself. For a long time, CCP has talked about corps/alliances being self sufficient, now there’s a change to the opposite. Honestly, I think it’s because “globalism” is the new popular thing. “we’re all in this together” “we have to work together” etc. is very popular in the real world right now, so the game companies are falling in line and changing their strategies to go with the flow.

Look at the re-balancing of minerals/ores. There is an expectation of an increase in people “coming together” because self sufficiency is becoming very difficult. The same applies for “CCP does not want isolationists”. That’s a bit what wormhole space was originally aimed at. Self sufficiency for isolationists (or at least people who can handle the isolation). And where are we now in real life? There is a push for globalism and the removal of entities/nations that lean towards isolationism/nationalism/self-sufficiency.

You’re overthinking it here. It has nothing to do with “globalism”, it’s about the fact that interactions with other players are what keep customers engaged with the game. If it’s too easy to be self sufficient you get a lot of players who never feel any pressure to engage with anything but menial farming grinds, accomplish all of their initial goals, and soon get bored and quit. If you’re pressured to group up with other players you have a deeper level of engagement and collaborative projects to work on, and that’s where the game gets interesting enough to keep paying for it.

It’s actually the complete opposite, that people moved to wormholes and were almost entirely self sufficient there was a complete surprise to CCP; they never even considered that happening when they implemented them.

Unconsumed PLEX are still real money already in CCP’s wallet.
Accounting says they’re not income, but … the money’s in their wallet already.

Back with CrimeWatch 2.0 CCP put a hard nerf on highsec PvP in EVE, but only slowly buffed the game for the PvErs. It took many years for the game to get worse and worse. Compare that with what happened since BlackOut: It’s one kick in the balls after the other. CCP isn’t even trying hiding it. They’re kicking the bears in the groin. Hard. Every single month since BlackOut, apparently hoping they all just ■■■■ off.

I think their decision can be constructed by looking at some facts about player behaviour.
I think it’s a really good guess, at least:

The fact that carebears and farmers don’t contribute much to the growth of the game, for example. The less interaction, the less likelyhood of making friends and thus less likelihood of getting others to play and, ultimately, spend real money on it. Carebears and farmers also require being attracted to the game by the NPC/exploration/crafting content of the game … and they also require being constantly fed with the feeling that they’re actually achieving something.

People like us, on the other hand, do that all by ourselves.
We don’t even need PvE, but we appreciate challenging PvE. (at least I do)

We don’t need CCP to do much for us, and …
… we interact a lot …
… we make friends …
… we form social bonds …
… and thus, ultimately, we raise retention.

Now guess who’s the better customer?

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Dynamic systems may be the next step over simplistic procedural generation. It may also be the way to facilitate inequality, make rich get richer and poor got poorer, faster. Which goes against CCPs stated goal of fighting stagnation.

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“Rich get richer” is trite, but maybe you could apply it to Eve. “Poor get poorer” makes no sense in an Eve context. And saying that dynamic systems foster stagnation is just “freedom is slavery” type doublespeak.

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Big get richer, small get poorer. Vets get richer, newer get poorer. Whichever you like more.