Apparel (Former: Cyberpunk Fashion - Haute Couture)

Sorry bro, gonna have to say no way on those flight suits, they look like rejects found in a garage sale.


Another example of an intimidating pose.

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French people are awesome.

No matter how far into the future we go in movies and videogames there are always normal people in normal human clothes. So that should also be an option.

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This camo looks Gurista, right?

It bothers me how there is caldari suit, or amarr lab coat, or minmatar pants, or guristas cap.

Imagine terran jacket. A jacket of a human from Earth. There are thousands of kinds of jackets. There isnt jacket one could call terran, right?

They could name things by planets or stations of origin, or designers name, or former owner in case of pirate clothes for example.

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Could use some stuff inspired by the original Bladerunner (big shoulders, tall collars, a kind of drab melancholic look) and some stuff maybe inspired by Dune (weird mystical priestly stuff).

Really - I’d stab someone for male long hair…

–Gadget thinks that’s a bit extreme, though


Not sure about morals to wear clothes, but if they want to wear specific clothes, and they’re willing to slag an entire planet unless they get what they want - why wouldn’t they?


Looks like ‘The Rock’ is fighting the ‘Battle Of The Bulge’.


I agree CCP should have made the clothes a lot more Faction specific. However when you factor in Eve Lore, almost all of the Factions are Terran descendants so it makes sense to have the clothes be similar.

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I posted this guys work earlier but this one is also very good. Ross Tran, check out his YouTube channel, Instagram, etc.

Those glowing semi transparent arms look cool. They could use a combination of Kevlar, Nylon, Carbon Fiber and Sapphire glass or similar materials available in New Eden to make something really outstanding. And Neon! Neon glow!

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That’s a normal men’s coat

And this guy either has is pockets full of change or swelling of some sort.

Balls cancer mayhaps

@CCP_Falcon can anything be done to coats that are using this model? Its ugly AF.

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The color and pattern is fine, the problem is the cut and fit of the coat.

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I actually bought a really nice replica of this jacket. It helps that I look like him.



The last screenshot didn’t make it so obvious, hope this one explains what I was talking about.

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Yeah, those coats have a definite bulge happening below the waist.

Found these two guys

… and now I finally see the difference between those exploration suits, it’s not just color and insignia, but the texture, the materials. Those closeups look awesome. Too bad you cant really see any of it in game as those suit previews cant zoom in enough. And avatar picture is a tiny thumbnail.


Even being a tiny thumbnail I would really love to have more than exploration suits, tshirts and caps… 20s+ thousand years in the future and humans only dress that?:wink:

And you are right, awesome details

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I suppose galente would wear some asymmetrical clothing


Those trousers are way too sensible for some Gallente. :wink:

After reading “The Burning Life”, I’ve got a much better idea how weird some Gallente are.

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That is something next level.

And I think I recognize what inspired it.

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