At Bootstrap Mining we believe in a healthy work-life balance for all our colleagues

We recognise that with partners, demanding jobs, university exams or children our members have demands in Real Life™ which means they cannot commit to highly scheduled and regimented work schedules with us.

Our corporation is currently growing and focussing on some exciting goals in nullsec space which will suit the needs of members with any amount of time, and we are looking for members interested in either industry or PVP (especially small gang)

  • There is no minimum hours / kills requirement in Bootstrap so members who cannot commit to specific hours each week will not find themselves languishing at the bottom of the corporate ladder - the important thing is to join in and have fun when you can!
  • We run corporate operations on a strictly optional basis, and encourage these to be member-led rather than centrally directed
  • Our employee charter explicitly supports the need for members to go AFK or drop off at short notice when Real Life™ requires
  • We also recognise that for a number of reasons some members are not able to participate in voice comms
  • We have excellent systems to support a Real Life friendly, international approach to corp life including a sophisticated buyback site and online store which supports members both buying from and selling to the corp at beneficial prices

Our membership is currently approximately 50% UK/EU, 40% US and 10% other timezones, although we are glad to welcome members of any nationality, gender, sexuality or religion who wish to join us in a mature and tolerant international corporation that is supported with great out of game systems and comms to allow us to keep in touch across varying timezones and play schedules

We are happy to train new players and have a variety of experience levels within the corporation

If you wish to apply, please do so at

References will be followed up with previous corporations. We apologise for the intrusiveness of these checks but they are required to keep all our members safe.

Fed up with 'CODE' and 'GOONS' ganking you?
GSF - Indi pilot looking for a new home
188m SP pilot looking for a new home!
Miner looking for new corp
Casual player looking for corp
Looking for a home
Fresh alpha clone
A newb wanting to go back
26M SP Player looking for new home being gone a decade?!?!
Old player/newb
Adopt me. 80m SP returning WH pilot
47m SP, just resubbed after a long break
Veterans looking for a new home (found a home!)
13mln sp pilot looking for null/wh corp
29mil SP returning player LF Null Sec corp
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New player, looking for an industrious corp!
New-pilot looking for the high-sec industrial corp
18m looking for null sec corp EUTZ with a bit of pve
Dedicated newbro looking for corp pve/pvp/indy null preferred
Returning noob trying to get back into the game
Just wanna shoot some rocks
Looking for indy corp
Looking for a corp that has acess to and a solid group that can provide help in prodution! lots of toons
Looking for a new null sec home 150mil skillz
Returning pilot from long absence
Returning player 2 toons 40 mil sp each
I'm looking for a corporation
Returning Player 90mil SP (EUTZ) looking for a PvP/PvE corp
Returning player looking for active corp
41M~ + 29M~ SP Indy Pilot looking for new home
17.6M Player Looking for a place to Chill and relax - i like PVE
Mining/PVP/Mission Runner Looking for Corp
UK Player Looking
Moderately experienced pilot (18.5m sp and 25m sp) looking for null sec corporation
Looking for Industrial, PVE 0.0 based corp
30 mil SP miner looking for corp
Returning 88 Mil SP Miner / Indy Pilot looking for a home
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Looking for wh corp uk
I am looking for a UK WH pve corp to take me in
Oldie 120m SP guy looking for a nullsec PvE corp
Looking to help someone grow
I'm looking for a mining corporation
Some mining guys looking for first null sec home
Looking for a new home
115 mill sp pvp/indy + alts looking for corp
Looking for a corp
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150mil UK veteran looking for PVP corp
Returning to Eve After a loonnong break - 162m sp - Looking for Corp
Veteran player gone for years looking for home
23M/14M SP LF lucrative nullsec mining
3 mining chars looking for active nullsec group [PVE/Mining]
Looking for a new player friendly corp
Newer player looking for mining groups
Total Noob looking for corp
Returning player looking for a group
Returning 15mill SP player
New Player LF active industrial corp
20mil SP looking for a friendly corp
Returning pilot looking for a new home, 36mil SP
59m SP industrialist/miner looking for alliance
Returning Player Looking For An Active Home!
Returning 55M SP player looking for new home
8.8 mil sp retruning player looking for low sec home
45mil sp main and 15mil sp alt lookin for a new home
Looking for null industry corpw player
Looking for suggestions
43M SP Main and His 70M SP Friend Looking To Join Corp
New Player looking for first Corporation
US TZ 11m SP player
Returning player
Returning player looking for nullsec/lowsec Corp
New player
126 millon sp pilot returning to eve looking for NULL HOME
Extreme rusty Dutch player looking for a new corp [19 mil sp][EUTZ]
78m sp pilot LF PVE/Mining Corp
11mil Transport, Indy, Mining Player Looking for Corp
Seeking Alliance of Substance
Returning 20mil SP Pilot looking for corporation to get back into the game with
Returning ( norwegian) player without skills or a clue :)
Two returning pilots looking for corp with 0.0 access for pve, mining, and pvp,
New player looking for a home
Coming back to EVE. Looking for a RL friendly corp
Returning after a few years off looking for industrial corp
Returning player looking for UK/EU corp. 81mil SP
Looking for long term null home for 2 accounts

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i am interested. i message you in game


I’ve sent you some details in game. Please get in touch via in game mail or chat if you have any questions or difficulties and I will be happy to help

Fly safe!


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I am interested

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Ill message you in game

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Hello Page 1!

Lines are still open callers…

Nullsec opportunities await…


I would like to speak with you in game about joining up

Very happy to chat - I’ll get in touch as soon as I’m online


Now with added ore buy back programme!

Recruitment remains open!