Blitz and Burner Guide v1.2.3

Sorry, i mean i used the hawk, still got my face ripped off, couldnt break him and ran out of batteries :S

run out of boosters ? why do you use boosters ?

sounds like a skill issue, need to have high missile skills to get enough range for faction missiles to hit, and also need high enough skills that you do enough damage to break the tank.

Also I’d suggest a cap battery fit, with decent skills you can run the booster forever and not worry about cap.


maybe show the fit. a booster hawk is unusual.

Just found this thread and this looks interesting. Definitely something I will be giving a go in the next few days, as it’s about as good as it gets when it comes to solo/independant ISK activities in high sec (Incursion coms are cancer and waiting times are ridiculous so screw that idea).

One thing to note though, the guide seems to be pretty out of date as far as fits come, and that’s expected really with the amount of changes to ships and modules recently. That said, is the rest of the information still valid? Like how to do the missions, how to do the burners ect, ect?

If not, could someone who does these daily please get in touch in-game for a chat? It will be highly appreciated, and I am more than happy to reward your time with some ISK.

Ship wise as much as I think the Bhargest is a cool idea, I will go with the trusty old mach since my skills for it are maxed out anyway. High Grade Asc implants are more expensive than I thought (5.1bil omega wut?!) so I will get those bar the omega and use the WS implant instead.

I ran all of them, excluding the blood agent, throughout June. As far as I can tell while a little old and not as optimized as it could be, I was able to complete all of them using the fits in the guide. For the Blood Base I used an Onyx. I don’t know if the Orthrus is viable anymore as it was somewhat borderline to begin with.

Do keep in mind that my character is very well skilled and I was running some mid range missile implants (this might affect things like the Hawk fit for the serpentis burner and the Garmur fit for the Jaguar team burner.

Also I think they changed The Assault (Serpentis) to not be blitzable anymore. Alos Silence the Informant might be worth blitzing with a Marauder/T3 due to the 6mill AI chips you can loot.

the fits are not outdated. maybe some changed when it comes to cap booster/battery.

for the burners use the huge burner thread.

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Yup, that thread will have a wider variety of builds, especially if you need things like DC resistant builds or lower skilled builds. The guide is still good, with good info, just somewhat narrow in it’s application :wink:

Ah that Burner mission guide form seems a bit more up to date that’s good, will use that instead.

And well the Machariel fit is deffo not up to date as it has a different slot layout lol. It’s fine though, I adjusted it.

As for skills, I am maxed out subcap and have been playing EVE for almost 12 years now between my toons, so this shouldn’t be too hard, I’ve just never done the Burners before. Last I did lvl 4 missions was about 4 years ago and then I just used my T2 fit Vargur with a deadspace booster, was a walk in the park but boring af and even with an alt in a noctis full room salvaging, it was nowhere near 200m/hour so will give this bltizing a go.

Sounds good :slight_smile: And yea that Mach is def out of date, although I use a RHM Barghest for Lv4 blitzing due to the much higher burst damage. I use the Arty Mach for Scarlet and a Polarized Vargur for Pirate invasion (Angels).

Expect to still lose a ship or two while learning but it’s worth it once you get going.

of course the mach changed, but is easy to ajust.

but a fair warning with burners. if you think it´s not that hard and a walk in the park you can get a nasty surpise. when u make a single mistake your ship is gone mostly. you will def. lose ships.

Is your fit for the Barghest the same as the one in the guide? I did consider it too because technically the missile implants will then later help me with burners, but at the same time the gun implants will help while using the daredevil/wolf so… not sure.

I can get a cheap T2 fit arty mach for scarlet, as that is a pretty fast mission. How does the Vargur play into this?

Also was going to mention, I read above that The Assault is no longer blitzable, does that mean just decline that one or ?

@Ploing Oh I am not saying it’s a cake walk, but I’ve done harder things before so as long as I take it slow it should be ok? I can always overtank for the frig fights until I learn the behaviour of each mission and then adjust the gank as required.

Thank you for your input, both of you :slight_smile:

Yup, it’s a very general build that’s good enough for any of the lv4 missions in the guide. Because Lv4 missions are so easy, and none of the blitzing ones are really going to test your tank (maybe Zors?) it’s not critical to have that exact build.

The Polarized Vargur is a bit of an extravagance to be honest since I use it for a grand total of one mission. I use a MJD to jump to the burnt out carrier and wait for the BS to spawn, hit the Bastion module for one cycle and nuke the BS with Hail. The Polarized Kronos or even Polarized Golem will also work similarly although I can’t fly either yet so haven’t personally tested it. That said any BS (Like the Barghest) will work for the missions, this is just the most extreme fastest mostest optimized way.

Also yea, just decline The Assault. I mean you can still run it if you want, it just requires you to clear the last room instead of just the left most spawn.

PS. the Mach for Scarlet uses any of the meta arty due to fitting but the rest can be T2 or meta.

i just wanted to mention it beforehand :wink:

overtanking is not in every case possible. if you bring to little dps due overtanking you got a big problem. :grin:

maybe try it first on sisi for a couple of missions to get a feeling.

I personally use a reactor T2 to use arty T2.
Also it happened twice that I failed the one-shot-blap on 2nd pocket(when it drops implant), so I need to warp in 3rd and blap it form afar.
I didn’t move on arrival, but it seems to happen.

arty mach
[Machariel, mach pirate scarlet]
Gyrostabilizer II
Gyrostabilizer II
Gyrostabilizer II
Reactor Control Unit II
Inertial Stabilizers II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II

500MN Microwarpdrive II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Tracking Computer II

1400mm Howitzer Artillery II
1400mm Howitzer Artillery II
1400mm Howitzer Artillery II
Small Tractor Beam II
1400mm Howitzer Artillery II
1400mm Howitzer Artillery II
1400mm Howitzer Artillery II
1400mm Howitzer Artillery II

Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II
Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II
Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II

Hobgoblin II x5
Hammerhead II x5

EMP L x11119
Tracking Speed Script x1

This also can do the zazzmatazz hand. By the time you kill zor, tractor in ts can, kill the radio, you should not lose too much shield (anyhow DPS is low, happened to me to leave with armor no problem - and not point)

The most important parts to me from the patches are the agent blood, the agent serpentis, the agent guristas , which can be done now much quicker with the AF since they got they cap buffed.

  • serpentis is easy in hawk with double web+painter+fury rockets+faction BCU+DPS rig II.
    One pith kinetic hardener + pith SSB is enough to tank him, while the cap is not even needed (my fithas 1:16 cap duration, the worst I hear the cap 25% on the last rocket)
  • blood is long (and require one reload of rockets) in capstable wolf . With latest patch and a cap implant you can add a DPS rig instead of cap rig. This allows to kill it in one clip of guns. however high engineering and rigging skills are required, I only have 0.1pwr and 0.3 CPU remaining.
  • guristas is still bugged (low reward) but it can be done quite as fast as serpentis in a mwd enyo. I OL the mwd two cycles, I can catch it cold but it takes two decenies. the kinetic profileof the enyo + its huge dps +traking makes it a living middle finger to the worm. Be aware though, if you stand still with mwd on when the two missiles salvos hit you, you will go into armor. Also happened to me already once to go from 30% heat to 100% on the SB in two cycles. so repair that fit. I was still able to kill it without SB, because the kinetic resist+ orbit is not an issue when you have that huge tracking bonus, meaning it dealt very small damage.
  • Also I make agent sansha with double web +1mn but it’s a bit on the edge, not sure with sub-perfect skills it could go . Actually I do it with modules cold so you almost 100% need heat. But some agent don’t have a repair module so being able to do them cold is a nice time saver (no need to pass by citadel).

So to me, genolution are the best implants to start, because most fits are very cap, cpu and pwr tight.

So I got around to doing these and so far so good, the burner missions are actually much easier than people make them out to be and I am using the T2/cheap fits as well! I think as long as you follow the instructions carefully on the guide, and go into the mission with caution in mind, you will be more than fine.

As for the ISK/Hour ratio I am nowhere near the 200m/hour just yet as I simply cannot decline all the missions i don’t want due to standings. Speaking of which, how high would you say your standings need to be with the corporation before mass declining for the blitzable missions?

Thank you

just above 5.0. You will lose standing 0.01 each time, so you need to do a storyline here and there. If you get higher than 5.0, the storyline will give you less.

The matter with burner is not to do them - it is to do them fast.
ideally you require MAXIMUM 10 minutes to do the base serpentis, and 6 minutes for any other burner - including warping time, repair, mass decline, refit, etc. That mean, around 10 burners per hour, with 5M isk +10k LP (± 20M isk) That means 250M/h.
for this, you need a kill time below 4 minutes - hence why you may ignore base serpentis (7min), base blood (6min), agent blood( 5min) or base angel (4min). The reward for those is +16M isk, while the time to do them is double (compared to other frigate agents).
Of course this depends on the location of the burner. one base at 5 jumps id definitely worth less than agent angel in your system - but one base angel in your system is worth more than agent angel 5j away (+1j->+1min for the run, so the agent angel will be 5M+lp for 7 minutes while the base angel will be 20M+LP for 6min).

Base serpentis has the potential for bestest loot (because three burners who drop), however the average value of loot is not that high (10M) . So compared to other burners, it may be worth less - but you MUST loot it ! also loot the team burners, thy can have neat faction invul / points/ scrams/propmods , or even the faction cloak (BM the can you can’t take the 100 m³)

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Keep in mind you need to be at 5.0 or higher FACTION stanDing, not corp faction (EDIT: to consecutively decline lv4 missions to maximise isk/h). SOE has a faction as well as a corp.

The special missions you get every 14 missions is a good way to increase your faction standing, so do those.

Ahhh right, this makes a lot more sense now. Thank you guys.

I will work on my faction standing in that case, it’s at 3.5 at the moment so hopefully not too long left. So far I am doing every single mission bar any that require fighting other empires.

As for loot, so far from the 6+ burner missions I did, not a single one had more than 1mil ISK in loot?

Yea, burners aren’t really about the loot, all about the LP and the bounties. That’s why it’s so important to pick the right corp/faction to work with.