C2 WH Corp looking to expand - PVP/Indy/Explore (Also, this is really just a diary about girls and stuff I update to ensure it isn't just the word "BUMP")

EvE needs players and returning ones are the best… although I am pretty sure nobody ever actually “quits” EvE… I’ve heard rumors… but never seen it.

Ping SSjGhost a PM ingame and we can talk (let’s keep personal chats away from prying eyes of the forum… I may ask you some pretty personal questions… then there is the photo round… :wink:

Seriously though, just PM me :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh… and as you were so polite, have a feel good funky Friday song to bop to while you do write it :slight_smile:

Cool thanks :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️, will do that then

I don’t know… the idea of a bump button with a “cool-off” timer would be nice but people would just get round and abuse it.

Also… now this unofficial diary/blog/ramblings of a “tee-total (for a month!) renegade maverick with nothing to lose” is up and running… I don’t mind it so much :slight_smile:

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Keep up the good work Ghost!

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Apologies Mr Glaser…

I saw your link and clicked it thinking you were posting for your own Corp… you should have corrected me when I called you a cheeky b45t4rd!

If this is something you are interested in then PM me and we can have a chat :wink:


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So… a funny thing happened to me in EvE that last couple of days…

The first, I was baited out on a lone Epithal when a Strat turns up… I deal with the Epitahl and turn my attention to the Strat. Catching up with him on damage I think I may be able to take it… then the BNI and two Proteus (Protei? Proteus’s?.. Whatever…) turn up and make quick work of me.
“Oh well!” I think and drop a “nice bait” in local and I warp my full Geno pod back to the hole… "Where the F*CK has the hole gone!?"
No BMs out to K-Space and obviously no scanner on my pod, I resign to the fact that I’m going to lose it so post in local what happened and am about to offer the kill to the guys that got me when they offer to scan me out to K-Space.

Now, I am a little skeptical but given wormhole dwellers are a bit classier than the rest of New Eden (based on genuine scientilictic methodolgicilallyicle opinions of… me, simply because I live there) I thought “well, alright, even if they gank me there is nothing I can do.”

Boy was I wrong.
Had a nice little chat with the guys and they scan me through two wormhole systems to land my square on the HS exit.

Mad shout out to the guys in United Electro-Magnetic Federation for being classy as f*ck! Their CEO, Fetox74 was actually in the fleet that ganked me so when I went to send a message to their CEO saying how cool they had been and saw it was him was even more impressed. Top lads too. o7

Then, today I am scanning systems when I come across a hole (Giggidy Giggidy Goo!) with a Strat and Flycatcher on it. Given they one-shotted me to 70% hull and my Sisters Probe Launcher can’t fire the probes at ships for DPS (afaik), I heroically ran away… but then thought… “hmm… one Strat and a Flycatcher? If I am quick…” So I jump in my Cane and head back to deliver my own “hello message” through the power of the mighty (but couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo) Vulcan 220’s, I return to the hole… they left. Meh. So I warp around a bit and then go back to the HS. "Oh look. A lone flycatcher that hasn’t bubbled the hole and lets me agro him… oh look, he splashed the hole… I bet there isn’t a Strat on the other side…:neutral_face:"
Well there was (obviously)… as well as a Brutix, a second Strat and… yes… a Vargur!
After forcing the Strat back through the hole it isn’t long before my Cane complete with Hazard Control skin is even more a pile of scrap metal and they lock the pod.

“At least I came back for the fight” I say.
After a bit of a chat they decide that partly because I came and took the fight and partly because they thought I was with friends and felt bad for ganking a solo, they let my pod go and reimbursed me for the Cane!

Then, the rest of the afternoon is spent 1v1ing, (Cane v Brutix ((I win)), Raven v Typhoon ((He wins))) and when my corp mate shows up having a 2v2 (Rifter & Incursus v Kestral & Tormentor ((we won))).

Solid afternoon of honour brawling. Thanks POS Party and FelixJarl for being honest, decent and above all, CLASSY AS F%CK!

Recruitment is ofc still open and Dry January still sucks ass.


*Shout out to:
FelixJarl (POS Party)
Brad Kanjus (POS Party)
Fortisque Gump (POS Party)
Ethan Melton (POS Party)
Rob Johnford (POS Party)
Fetox74 (UE-MF)
BayneNothos (UE-MF)
Rainbow Prism Colorblind (UE-MF)
SohtonEnyab (UE-MF)

nice writeup mate. Yeah, that’s WH space for u, we like to shotgun each other right into the face, but we also all know how harsh life is out here (I for myself use to fly a full geno set aswell and while I still have like 3 full sets somewhere in empire I still hate loosing that :P). We more or less have that one golden rule, we don’t talk in local until the fight is over (In this case we had no dictor ready, so your POD would have been a hard catch anyway)… But when we talk we hold our word, you where stranded in our system (that WH back was gone for ages btw, you must have been afk for a while :P) and thus it was kinda unfair as you couldn’t even call for reinforcements, that was basically why I decided you deserve to live… or well… also for taking the actual bait and show some balls (didn’t know by the time you didn’t fully killboard research on us, that’s always a good thing in wh space :P). Anyway, fun situation and nice reaction, appreciated!


Was only one Proteus btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing exciting happened today… as in NOTHING.

I mean, when I woke up I accidentally broke my ecig and trying to put the battery back in meant I earthed it out and it caught fire… will I’m still in bed!
But apart from that, nothing :frowning:

Having a good week with recruitment guys, which, given all of our recruits have to have a chat with me first must mean people like what we are about… or there are lots of spais in New Eden that don’t like me… probably the latter…


I’d like to place my alt in WH space to do PI/PVE/moon materials, how I can help is with my main, I can build cap ships to get a strong defense fleet up, I haven’t tried to build carriers, etc, but have the skill set to do so, if you need cap builds I can do it but just would need the materials.

Other areas are T-2 builds, you name it I can probably build it, I can even build T-3, if you have bpc’s for the caps you want and related components I will put them in the oven, need black ops or Marauders built, can do (however need skill book for black ops).
Anyway I don’t like null sec but WH’s are still of interest as I’ve been wanting to expand what I can do, the limitations of high keep me from moving forward, so if we can come to an arrangement I’d love to whore on some WH stuff but give back in services for the Corp.

Hi o7

Thanks for the response and interest.

Ill be honest with you…
After Valhalla learnt their lesson about over-extending in WH space and stop anchoring loot-pinata’s, we recognised our limitations and decided to take our time and grow a bit more organically.
This involved scaling back operations and planting some “firm roots” in what we affectionately call “home”.

Over a short amount of time we have stabilised ourselves and now have a solid base in our C2 which, among other things involves the ability to defend ourselves.

In our system we have a small “floating city” comprised of 9 structures affording members citadels to rest their heads and one of each “other” structure allowing members to ability to do whatever CCP wanted players to do with those structures… part of which is Capital ship construction (at maximum efficiency) and the ability to properly defend ourselves (or at least bloody the nose of those looking to evict us).

The reason I am explaining this is because this is all second to our primary reason for recruiting being “making sure we take the right people for the right reasons” and while your offer of being able to contribute to the Corp in exchange for what the hole can offer you is very much appreciated, we already have the ability to facilitate this and already have a number of Capital ships ready to go if we needed (in fact, we are probably verging on the point of being a little OP if I am honest).

While we do offer our members PI (perfect with the exception of one resource) , PVE (although a C2/C4 isn’t the best) and moon mining when it drops, we are really looking for players that want to be part of something longer-term and grow with us as a Corp.

That said, I am not the sort of person that likes saying “no” and someone willing to engage with us and offer something deserves a fair crack at the whip so I will speak with leadership about your offer but my opinion (and likely that of the rest of leadership) will be that we are not looking for alt characters looking to generate ISK albeit while being able to offer something back to the Corp.

Feel free to PM me in game and I will arrange for a chat (as I do with all potential new recruits) but with this I will probably have to get one of our indy guys involved as a) that sort of stuff bores me, and by virtue of that b) am not sure of the appetite to recruit such a player given the primary reason we are looking to recruit.

I will have a chat and look out for a mail (SSjGhost) and pick up get back to you one way or another.

Thanks for your post though!


No worries SsjGhost,

I often sign all my stuff for forum activity purposes.

I also know that by me commenting, it takes your post to top of the list (like a bump). It was my intention that I was more enjoying your post, then attempting to draw people to my corp. Being the excellent WHers we are, however we love making ‘Frenemies’ . Or even similar minded Corp/Alliances to run with.

Keep the good fight up and I will keep coming back for more great EVE AAR in place of bumps.

Hope to see ya in space,

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Quick! Gotta get this post in before midnight or I wont be able to update tomorrow.

This will only be a small bump as once again, nothing has happened in my life worthy of note. I mean, stuff happened…oh wait! S*it! (literally just remembered!) Got a story about a girl and I guess I’ll tell it here! It’s very VERY early days but I made baby steps…

OK. So I’m at work (I work in a very large company) and a week or so before Christmas I was getting changed from my suit to riding gear to ride home (on a pushbike, not a horse or anything like that… although riding to work on a horse in the centre of London would be dope as fuq!) and I think I left my cuff-links on my desk and when I returned the next day, they had gone.

I thought they had been stolen and while MASSIVELY P*SSED OFF, resigned to the fact they were now gone.
Anyway, today I thought to myself “Ill just check to see if they were handed in…” partly because they were my favourite cuff-links but also because they were these:

…so yeah, you can see why I was annoyed.

I make my way to the lift and down to the front desk to be greeted by not one but TWO hotties. One was hotter than the other to be fair and brunette (I’m more of an “alive” kinda guy myself and if they are, then brunette is my thing) so I ask about the cuff-links.
The blonde phones the control room and informs them I have lost a set of “Mont Blanc Hand-cuffs”… yeah, “hand-cuffs”.

“Oh how we laughed…” What a “Josh” and “Jape” we had at that little faux pa (I mean come on… it wasn’t actually funny unless you are an idiot but they were laughing and I didn’t want them to know I thought it was a stupid mistake) so I laughed along with them… No joy. They were gone.

OK, well at least Ive had some face time with some cuties and the brunette seems to be flirting a little (who can blame her really) so all good.

I get upstairs and one of the guys is leaving and has brought in some Ferrero Rocher. For those of you that don’t know, Ferrero Rocher are beautiful little hazelnuts covered in wafer and a crispy chocolate topping covered in crushed hazelnuts… they are amazing; lets just leave it there.

So, thinking on my feet, I grab two and slowly pass the time I don’t know… a mix of working and talking in SLACK (because of my role at work I don’t have any restrictions on internet access).

Then, at the end of the day, as I’m walking past the reception, I “fake” turn back, go up to the desk and present them with the chocolates…
“Oh, some guy was leaving today and brought them in… thought I should say ‘thanks’ for checking to see if my ‘totally have them for legitimate work-related reasons’ hand-cuffs had been handed in”.

Oh how they giggled again and I felt a million dollars (I didn’t actually, it wasn’t funny the first time and the second time a bit of sick came up in my mouth). As I turn to leave, I glance back purposefully at the brunette to make eye contact and leave it there just long enough to let her know it wasn’t an accident but quick enough that if any HR reps were about they had s*it on me!

She smiled and looked down… then back up, smiled again, then looked away in a kinda (I’m on reception and shy… what do you want me to do?" kinda way…

Seed planted.
Op success.
Recruitment open.


A long, dry weekend… actually getting easier but not sure it’s anymore fun… or even the same amount! Actually, it is crap!
…I will succeed!

Spent most of the day coming up with a route for an event I am looking to put on: Looking to run an EvE-wide event - NOT A SCAM which took twice as long as planned because on one of the final destinations I clicked “set desto” rather than “add waypoint” thus, clearing the carefully plotted route I had laid out over 270 jumps (slow-boating) across +30 systems… ergh!

No girls this weekend and I feel the fact I am continually writing that means alcohol MUST be synonymous with girls as last year I set myself a goal of 1 a fortnight and almost did it but got myself in a relationship for 4 months… “thanks Alina!”

Anyway, updates to both this and the race posts will be more frequent because… (here it comes…)…

PM SSjGhost for a convo :slight_smile:


Well, another update and another girl to talk about although not my type.

So, a day of interviews today with a number of staff to assist in progressing an investigation.
One of the girls walks in and Tl;dr, she was a 5 but lovely girl.

As she leaves, my colleague says to me, “Well, she liked you!” Obviously I respond… sorry, let me correct the grammar on that bit… “Obviously”, I respond, and no sooner that I finish that sentence she comes back to ask some pointless questions. She leaves.
She then phones me to “follow up” on the answers I gave her to the previously asked questions.
10 minutes later, she is happy.
Then I get two text messages following up on the follow ups to the original questions. I answer. She is happy.

Then on the train I get a call… yet more pointless questions and I am a little annoyed as I had a really good time on Asphalt 8 and was pretty sure I was top tier… I wasn’t.

Nothing exciting but recruitment is still open.
Also, why not have a read of the race I want to run: Looking to run an EvE-wide event - 1 Race, No Rules, Big prizes, Hopefully bigger fights!

I know the streamers are doing something similar but they basically stole my idea because nobody has ever thought to run a race in EvE before… #notsalty :wink:

So, no girls today… well, actually that isn’t true as I did end up bumping into the girl that mentioned my facial hair at the water cooler today. My my my she’s upped her game!

Anyway, today my boss comes and has a chat with me about a complaint made against me!
I have no idea what it is about but it turns out is was to do with the Christmas Party.

Now, I must say at this point… I had already played several games of beer pong by this point… except we substituted beer for gin. That is all.

Apparently someone told me I couldn’t get into the main hall as they were having their office party.
Now, I don’t like being told I cant do something… especially when drunk, so when they locked the door I preceded to use a side door normally only used for security (but because of my role I can access any building globally) and on entering decided to tell the person they were wrong while I smugly stood in the middle of their party.

Not the end of the world but apparently I was “cocky”, “rude” and “obnoxious”. I was about to argue, but as that’s how I describe myself on Tinder I thought “meh, they are probably correct”.

I actually don’t remember any of it but now have a complaint against me… great. That will lokk swell come end of year appraisals…

Recruitment open (LOL, and Valhalla put my in charge of HR!?!?!)


Well, Tinder came through.

Let me explain first… I have a high… VERY high opinion of myself. Some call it arrogance while others call it f*cking arrogance. Me? I like to call it honesty :wink: so when I am trawling through Tinder, I have a very specific set of rules:

  • First photo a group one? No.
  • No good photos? No.
  • Too good to be true (aka, fake)? No.
  • Pulling a “duck-face”? No.
  • No written profile? No.
  • Looks like a Gold-Digger? No.

This is all on top of my “criteria” which basically means I have to find you fit… and I don’t often.

So when I get a match, unless I was drunk the night before just saying “yes” to all of them, I genuinely get a bit excited as I know Ive only said “yes” to hotties I find… well… hot!

So we start talking last night and we continue to this morning. We go through asking all the real questions… like she asks about my work and where I live and I ask her if she would rather have apet dragon or be a billionaire… you know, the important stuff.

Anyway, she then says to me:
"So, when are we going for a bevy? ;)"
I reply with:
“Well, Feb is looking busy but next week after work works? Close to both of us, chilled atmosphere, how does that sound?”

Now, I was pretty impressed she asked me (She is an ENTP-A type too) but when she comes back with:
“Actually, I was thinking more tomorrow night? Is that too soon?”

… He shoots,
…He scores.

Recruitment still open!


Well, basically… F*ck the lot of you! I have found the one!

This girl is grade A, premium content, world class, ultra uber the one!

Waaaaaaaaaaay fitter in RL.
Totally into dr… the things I am.
Fav music? Oh that would be Dubstep!
5’3" (“Fun-Size”)

I’m telling you lot… I don’t even GAF about recruitment right now but if anyone is interested, get the PM in now because I can promise you, allow too much time to pass and New Eden will be the very last of my worries!

Recruitment open… while there is still a chance of me reading the mails! :slight_smile:

FDo7… or whatever… I’ve got a second date to go on

Another date with Captain Perfection tonight… she said she was competitive so a few drinks over some friendly in no way am I going to whoop her ass table tennis, then drinks, then food, then… well, you know what’s next…
a joint… THEN what you were thinking! :slight_smile:

Anyway, to all those sending messages I feel I must apologise. Work has been super busy and the arrival of this little 5’3" ball of perfection may mean my second job suffers some delays but I will try my best… Just don’t expect and early morning or late night interviews :wink:

FD peeps!

By far the best read/enjoyed of any recruitment thread.

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