CCP Hilmar, CCP Falcon, and CCP Goodfella reveal their plans for an Eve Era of CHAOS in this new interview!

I dont see a problem with waking up at 3am if you want the territory.
With that said, CCP should introduce a mechanic which allows for the attacker to modify the timezone of the structure in question

If current mechanics are so hateful, why do you use them?

Make some friends in AUTZ.

Removed some inappropriate content.

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we do it in hopes of fights. like, this last war generated a TON of burnout for goons.

I wish I knew what that meant.

The last war of goons… We had very little actual fights. Was just grind structure and sov.

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Sounds bleak.

If there was a strategic goal, then sure I guess its a thing to do.

If you CHOOSE to be part of the biggest group, then you CHOOSE to not get fights much. So you have two options:

  • realize that you chose the biggest group so you’d be safe and unchallenged, and thus accept being unchallenged

  • realize that you’re in a situation that (you say) you don’t enjoy because of the choices you made, and thus make different choices to stop that from being the case

The 3rd option: being part of the problem and then go pointing at said problem going “that problem sucks” is what many people do but isn’t going to lead to solutions.


Well, the big reason they didn’t defend… They didn’t care. It was similar to goons in the casino war. They knew that they were overextended, but inertia kept them in tribute.

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PANFAM losses a war and OMG the game is broke … goons fked it up…PANFAN barely formed…

CFC losses a war and its haha inurface “DUNKED”

I think people have a short memory or something… cause i remember the Imperium Hakonen deployment; PANFAN hell dunked alot of capitals, a kabillion Typhoons and killed basicly every Jackdaw in the game (With Supers/Titans)… I remember packing up and leaving … literally with hostile Titans and Supers on the undock shooting people… i think in eve it was historically known as “The Dirty War” or something “~~~” … anyways Reddit ate that sht up…That was SOOOO fun… even tho we lost…

My point is… the game is not broken, goons or the blue donut (whos donut?) … sht just changes… ya win some ya loss some…

Doesn’t mean CCP should step in and ACTUALLY fck up the game…
All the absolute ridiculous bullsht changes PREVENT conflict like that… they are great of small gang in cynabals shooting VNI’s but… MAYBE THATS NOT WHAT SOME PEOPLE LIKE… I KNOW HARD TO BELIEVE RIGHT… ?

You fly around looking at blank local… not seeing anyone… then maybe you see something on dscan; and your like this is obvious bait or this mf must be stupid i better do him a favor and kill him… and yeah it was bait… no sht…

Then you like wll sht can barely FIND anyone maybe i go rat or something… and then its just cloaked bs… playing cat and mouse the whole time… i think theres a cultural difference in NULL vs WH… NULL is very overt… come stop by ANYTIME … we’re not cloaked, we dont roll our systems to majicly teleport away and know people can cyno a WORLD OF HURT anytime…

Also… another lil tid bit… line members are krabs… when they arent warring they are krabbing; some are MEME dropping, and some being leet pvpers … and some join SIG…

CCP… I N C E N T I V I Z E C O N F L I C T dont just make playing day to day a pain in the ass


Incursion are an ISK sink.

Im hoping this chaos was just to fix some immediate issues, and the good changes will follow



Which is why i said “if i had to put eve into a metaphore, i’d liken it to a moth ridden hole filled shirt”.

Large amounts of the game have been played with so much that the game needs entire reworks / design passes of large sections of it (of them the most notable is corporations, and diplomacy, Ai, Mining)

No one ever said the game only needs one fix, but there are a few fixes that will have massive amounts of impact on bettering the game (like removing suicide ganking from high sec).

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Better is subjective, others will disagree with what you perceive to be improvements; you should be used to that by now.

(like removing suicide ganking from high sec).



But calling someone clueless in regards to their “opinions” on how to fix the game suggests a bit of arrogance and failure to realize that not everyone plays this game the same way.


:- Era of Chaos to date; Blackout

  • Regions of space seeing inactivity - Bots relocated to high and lowsec space, Small/er groups all but inactive
  • Large groups - Thumb their nose at changes and continue as usual (production is down, slightly, in their regions)
  • Conflict - Destruction of small ships saw a rise early on but has now subsided - PVP’rs complaining there is no-one around to fight (they really mean there is no ratters or miners to gank)
  • Online numbers - Seems to be down slightly with what little information is available, players from all regions of nulsec are complaining “space is deserted”. Maybe all those who moved to highsec and lowsec are masking the drop of login activity in Nulsec.

:- Cyno changes;

  • Announced only a few days ago and seen by many to be a cash grab attempt by CCP/PA as there is significant training required for JF changes and little time to have it done before the changes take affect.

  • Again the largest groups thumb their noses at CCP, gleefully rubbing their hands together as they work out how much safer they are now from even the most basic capital incursions into their space.

  • The “adapt or quit” crowd is having a field day in the forums, discord and anywhere else Eve related, sadly CCP seem to be leading the chant at the top of their voices every time they make a comment to the player base.

  • CCP Rise affirmed this in a round about way recently on TiS and has left many players wondering;

  • Do CCP really want us to just pack up and leave?
    Is there going to be some respite from the small group bashing by CCP or do we all just go join the Blocs if we want to continue playing?

  • Does CCP really want, in their words, “to make the game harder for older players”, those who have dedicated years to the game and often don’t have the time to dedicate more hours than a full time job requires just to continue playing under the new “adapt or leave” philosophy of changes being thrown out by CCP.

Two pretty major changes in a very short time, that reduce “sandbox” game play, turn emergent game play into a nightmare undertaking.
They have done little more than got the Blocs laughing and pissed off many others as years of training and playing the game the way CCP designed it suddenly have the carpet pulled out from under them to find there are poison tipped spiked sticks under it.


Sandbox just means everyone plays in the same sand pit under the same set of rules. Nothing more.

As to the numbers online, This does not matter CCP is a business, the amount of money they make are what is important.

You also got the “adapt or quit” bit wrong. It is accept the new risk levels, move to an area where you can accept the risk or leave.

Looks great to me. Null sec doesn’t need more players (this is the fallacy terribles use as a metric or reasoning to avoid making life and blobbing more difficult). It need more active players.

Once a majority of krabbers, blue donut warriors (who never log in unless they’re being summoned by memes to then crush any opposition through sheer numbers) and lazy clowns buggered off (either to HS or preferably another game). Smaller entities with drive, activity, initiative and ambition will start to trickle in.

Right now if as a group you want to move in to null you have to pledge yourself to one of three factions. All because of the donut, cap umbrella and factions being able to summon an army of F1 zombies, with insta travel. Fck that.

And don’t do the “but the game will lose subs, don’t you care?”. No I don’t and neither do you, you just use it as an excuse for your personal goals.

We don’t need MORE players, we need BETTER players.


If this is true, then the change to local should stay, Though i doubt even if it is true, that this will remain the normal. it is interesting to see if low sec becomes validated out of this. Its been quiet in many regions as of late in low sec. Low sec really just is hard to deal with not because of being prime small/solo pvp locations, but because you cant really defend the system well and lock it down, due to gate fire (a mechanic that needs to go or get radically redesigned).

The super powers are the ones most impacted by these changes, however, because of their size, economic and military power, its easy for them to adapt to many changes the game has. However, this is not a negative thing. The other players (especially their rivals) Will soon learn that the blackouts provide huge amounts of benefit to them in terms of pvp, and hiding. When people wake up to this, pvp will significantly increase in null, in many forms, including (but not limited to) game camping, and stealth drops

I’d like to know where you got this statistic. Generally in null, Smaller ships (frigate/destroyer) are used unless its a trash-can / garbage sink alliance then they run around in t1 garbage.

The Online Numbers are provided very accurately in detail, from hour to hour, to day, to month, to year break downs. This statement is not accurate at all.

not everything is a cash grab, and i find this claim for this point to be inaccurate. This change was made specifically to try to keep logistics in a good spot for null, but effect the rest of capital / supers in control. The “cyno your super so you can super spam the people tackling your ship” was long over due for a bat nerf. It’s a great change for brining super powers into balance with smaller groups.

Everything that is happening now is dust after the sand devil rolled through town. It will take a few months before things get worked out properly. I just hope that ccp has the commitment to keep it there.

You mean goon scum + goonscum alts in code? They are always here, advocating against anything that will effect their power in eve. This is part of their tactics. They dont just fight in game, they way military conquest yes, but also political conquest (by attacking peoples character), and even conquest through what happens in eve (via game changes).

Its their mo. Its impressive, tbh.

A major change like this takes time. Eventually, people will learn this is better for the game over all, and especially better at helping kill off super powers. This means that eventually, given some time they will break up, and that will just provide more content for the game.

Iv been here on the forums, and was here bfore this change went live, when i was advocating for it (ish as i wanted the local to lock out only for 5- 10 minutes upon entry of local) All the while if been telling people. All they need to do to secure their space is back up, control less, and camp the chokes.

Conflict is very important. Death and life, is a natural cycle. Long ago in eve, alliances experienced this. Then we gave birth to the age of moon mining spam, Which caused alliances to become immortal, breaking this cycle.

That gave them extreme amounts of wealth, and with that wealth, the continued immortal state. This shifted and changed the scope of eve significantly. Alliances went from demanding and needing industry as a form of income and production, to not needing them, and forcing them to pvp.

This bread miners into a sort of pvp-industrialist hybrid, which largely shifted the experience of players who were primarily pve focused. Those who were less inclined to pvp, eventually left as a result of forced pvp (or moved to high sec).

This is probably the major reason why people bled from null in terns of retention loss, as the majority of players are pve focused (80% ish).

On the flip side, in h igh sec we are losing people for the same reason (forced pvp). Retention is hurting everywhere, and the one thing that could potentially fix it (the sense of accomplishment and unity as an entity) is largely lost from the game (mostly because stations can be spammed and the manner in which they exist).

Ultimately, these games help null pvers, help break up the power blocks, and re-establish the “many bloc galaxy of new eden”.

This has to happen. I liken this issue to a thorn. It hurts, and if it stays in the paw long enough it will get infected. Its been there way to long and its going green. IT has to be pulled out and cleaned for the limb, and ultimately the body to survive.

Super powers are out of check. The capitals need a specific purpose. Its ok if they pve, but they should be doing pve at the level of class they are in (so capitals should rat vs capitals, not player cap vs npc sub-cap). Also, if we shift stations over to an upgrade system going from small, to large via 1 station (instead of dropping the size you want) you will help create purpose and control the spam of stations (as the bigger stations can become gated). IF stations had an upgrade system like this, and were significantly more difficult to destroy (the biggest stations requiring supers) then we’d be better off with capital/super identity.

Imo, The future of capitals should be in these things. Fighting a massive, super duper omg wtf op station, that can easily roll 500 + caps, or 500+ supers. That will put these ships into purpose, but only if they are moved out of being able to kill sub-capitals.