CCP to implement a better mechanic for killrights

The whole “enemy” thing is entirely childish anyway. Enemy implies some sort of hatred which shouldn’t occur in a game. Hatred is toxicity. Competition would be a better word and you have competitors all throughout eve, even in your own corporation and alliance. Gankers are competition - these Carebears sound like bratty children that want to change the rules in the middle of a board game so they can win.

Give us your kill rights
Use our bounty system

We will kill them for you

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Please feel free to both accept my apology and roast me for my posting error, my “T2 multispectrum forum hardeners” are on and good to go!


Folks, do not be fooled by the criminal doublespeak, they try to sow confusion where there is none. We are the New Eden Police Force, we are striving to be the good guys* and those supporting justice and order are the kinds of players we look to attract to our ranks.

We have rules of engagement which are monitored and debated by our Security Council. If you or anyone you know has been wrongly blown up by our members we have team of empire lawyers and HR representatives you can contact which review each and every kill. If a member steps out of line there are reprimands, name callings, and maybe even a boot from the corp.

  • Don’t mistake us when we say “we are the good guys” for what YOU might think a more real world “police force” looks like. We maybe aren’t the best guys, and we are a tad more vigilante and a good bit less white knight than we may be painted by our foes. We think in the brutal world of New Eden which includes clone technology this is a step in the right direction. Your first kill IS the warning shot.

Our low sec rules of engagement are a good bit more aggressive because it is low sec for golly gees sake. If you have a suspect timer you are suspect and nearly every Eve player at least considers taking a shot at you. We are no different and make judgment calls based on intel, situational context, and our directives. If we suspect you are associated with criminals we may blow you up, whether you are in a venture or a catalyst. If we make a mistake we will own up to it, but we do not generally attack pilots simply to take their assets or dictate what we think their playstyle* should be. That is what separates us from the criminals.

  • No, us shooting at gankers is not us seeking to dictate a playstyle, it’s an in game response to in game activities.

This corp was formed by those who wanted to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING and fight back against gankers, criminals, and the lawless philosophies they represent. If that is an in game purpose you are interested in supporting or joining then contact us: -NEPF.

If that is something you oppose then we will see you on grid somewhere around town to shoot at you and play this crazy spaceship game we all love.

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Since you wrote this in multiple places, I’ll link my reply here:

People who are not fit for PVP do not engage in PVP, and you insult them for that ?


It isn’t fit that holds them back. It’s that they don’t want to engage in pvp, irrespective of what they are flying.

Anyone can fit for pvp and go engage a suspect baiter, however they don’t (and never will) because that isn’t their nature.

But for the 4th time, I totally support the OP proposal. I hope CCP implements it.

You are wrong ; more precisely this affirmation makes no sense.

They are not fit for PVP. So they don’t engage in PVP. And then you insult them for chosing to not lose their ship in a stupid way. It’s a complete nonsense to say “irrespective of what they are flying” when they only fly non PVP ships.

“their nature” does not exist. You are making a hasty generalization.

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They could go and change ships. Or, you know, keep some PvP ships around for this purpose.

prove that they could .

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if you can’t prove that they can effectively change without an important cost their fit (hint : changing systems is a cost, baiting someone is also one) to get one that make them able to kill with a high enough chance to be worth the cost, then your point makes literally zero sense.

People who don’t have a PVP fit in the system just can’t be bothered to go to the next hub, buy an overpriced ship that they will likely lose. Eve is a game of alts and it’s safer to assume that people who come to engage you have already made it so they can’t lose.

So your affirmation is generally false. Most PVE players don’t have a PVP fit ready. I have several PVP fits in HS, but I would not waste my time to shoot someone who only engage in seal clubbing.

A more accurate comment would be, that you need to practice :

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Except that view that they are not fit for pvp is a constraint you are applying. I’m not talking about their fit.

I wouldn’t expect anyone that isn’t fit for pvp to engage a suspect, irrespective of being a carebear or not… That would be kind of dumb.

However, carebears won’t ever go and reship, undock in a pvp fit ship when they see a suspect in local, etc. because pvp isn’t in their nature. The fit is irrelevant, they just don’t want to go pvp.

But for the 5th time, I agree with the OP proposal. I hope CCP implements it.

As someone who does quite a lot of suspect baiting: Calling people who don’t fall for baiting “scared of their own shadow” is outright silly. Whatever reason they may have, whether they know, can’t be bothered or just don’t like pvp/confrontation at least they’re not stupid enough to actually DO take the bait.

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Maybe you don’t know how the suspect flag works, but all advantages are in favor of the player who attacks the suspect.

First of all, the suspect can’t make use of any alts/friends, because attacking a suspect creates a limited engagement timer. The attacker on the other hand can bring in as many friends (or alts) as they want. Add on top of this the advantages of knowing what ship the suspect is using, being able to scan them to check their gear, and being able to attack them at will when it’s most advantageous to do so in terms of positioning.

Anyone who willingly chooses to attack a suspect has every possible handicap in their favor, aside from the one that’s them inherently being a coward, which is essentially what Scipio’s argument is all about.

Also, I can’t relate to this PvP/PvE setup dichotomy anyway. All of my PvE ships were always fully ready for PvP as well. Whenever I ran wormhole sites, or even did complexes in high-sec, I was always ready to kill someone if they messed with me, stole my drop, etc.

I really doubt it, but stranger things have happened, so I guess it’s possible.

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most are afk and don’t actually realise or recognise you are baiting, or otherwise the bot is programmed to ignore the baiting.

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hold on there, we the gankers are the good guys trying to play the game as ccp intended . the ag types are griefers clearly as they just exist solely to ruin our gameplay and thats just not fun. no one likes a griefer :frowning:

Depends on what you’re baiting I guess, I mostly deal with mission runners and there I find that most of them will react in some manner like rushing back to their MTU and picking it up or perhaps getting “vocal”. I rarely see a situation where I suspect people botting, just very afk or not bothering.

Either way, the point still stands: it has nothing to do with “being scared of their own shadow”.

Yes, exactly correct. Some PvPers need to stroke their e-peen imagining everyone else is cowering in fear of them, but frankly there’s simply no reason for someone cruising in a PvE fit of any sort to take the bait. The list of potential complications is long and well known: the bait could be tackle to hold you there for the gank squad, the suspect could be re-shipping into a better ship, you need to have a PvP fit of the proper sort within short range, you could simply waste time with them and then they run away, etc.

If someone is cruising along in a PvE fit, then they already have their goal in mind. “Quickly re-shipping for a rando PvP fight” likely isn’t part of that plan. And in the final analysis, there’s no actual reason for them to engage. Odds are if the other person is flying around suspect they’re either ready for a fight and a loss (meaning they’re not a bling loot-drop), confident they’re going to win (so you suffer the loss), or they’re some noob that’s not going to drop anything of value. In which case, your logical course of action is simply to continue on with whatever you already planned on doing.

More ridiculous self-serving drivel from Destiny. It’s sad to see someone capable of posting sense resort to this kind of “if you don’t attack randos you’re a coward” BS.

For the reasons above, plus the reason that virtually nobody is flying around in a PvE fit but “just happens” to have a squad of alts and/or mates nearby in PvP capable ships, and/or has a scanner mounted, and/or gives a crap about EVE PvP anyway because it’s a pointless clumsy system.

Destiny has this odd need to keep going on about how super-duper PvP capable they are, how they train newbies to control their heart rate in a few minutes, infiltrates corps and takes on crazy odds and wins. All of this would look considerably less like sheer BS if, perhaps, Destiny had a better PvP record other than “I took easy fights when my corp could back me up. Seven years ago. But nothing after they all left me behind.”

Scipio and Destiny are both either delusional here or hoping they can sucker just one more idiot into buying the “attack random suspects in high sec, you have the advantage!” scenario. Or possibly they’re the … individuals they’re trying to self-delude.

EVE PvP is mostly interesting for the profit-gankers, or the type of person who gets a kick out of suckering someone else into an unequal fight. They’re just upset here because they want more suckers, but 90% of players couldn’t care less about their needs and just go on about their business like they weren’t there.

It must suck to imagine yourself as the lions of the battlefield, only to watch all the buffalo go wandering past you without blinking an eye because you’re irrelevant.

It’s perfectly reasonable for someone to take the bait anyway, if they’re bored, have a PvP fit ship very nearby, and don’t care about the loss. But in that case they’re doing it just for “the entertainment value of a brief PvP fight in EVE”. And for entertaining PvP, there are much, much better games out there than EVE.

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No it’s not.

it’s actually a common case, and the people whom suspect baiters want to engage.


I agree with the first part, but not the “nature” one.

Maybe you don’t know how suspect baiting works, but it’s actually the opposite.

Which does not prevent the use of alts. It only make them lose their ship. Which is a fine price to accept when your 5B ship is about to explode, and a single jam can make you warp out.

Being suspect does not give a free scanning module.

They have the most important handicap against them : they did not choose the term of the engagement. Everything else is mere details.

And I doubt your ability to make a non aggressive statement., but stranger things have happened, so I guess it’s possible

Only in HS.

in NS you can go and lose your ship. Sometimes people come, you fight, a team dies, the other one self destructs, cu kthxbye.

I agree with that. But there is still some good things in Eve. Just, PVP in HS is retard level.

Then the person attacking the suspect doesn’t lose anything, and on average would be the winner in these situations, since sometimes the jam wouldn’t connect, or other events could happen that would prevent escape.

Anyone is able to scan. Being suspect has nothing to do with it.

If they choose to engage the suspect, they absolutely do choose the term of the engagement, because they have to consent to it, and don’t have to take it if it seems unfavorable.

I think you might be confusing the point of this discussion, which isn’t that carebears are cowards because they don’t attack every suspect they see, but because they refuse to do so even when all advantages are in their favor. You can test this out for yourself by grabbing a Venture or a cheap T1 hauler and stealing some mission loot or taking from some random wrecks in an asteroid belt. The latter is especially hilarious, because many times, the second you steal from a wreck and go suspect, the carebears will warp to the station, dock, and log off—there’s no good reason for them to do it, since a suspect can’t attack them, yet they’re still so afraid that they’ll react that way.

Moral of the story: carebears are basically subhuman, almost like simple livestock.

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