Change is coming

(K'uata Sayus) #609

I could never understand the preoccupation with killboards, like bullies bragging in some middle school playground. Though I assume some players find it a satisfying way to gauge their “accomplishments”.

I spend some time in the FW systems exploring and shagging drones (that is, finding and grabbing them, not the sexual inference). Those who participate fight hard and respect their opponents, unlike the CODE punks and their ilk, or the suicide ganker maggots in trade hubs.

Savvy PVErs can adapt and keep their losses minimal, but a lot of newbs quit the game prematurely due to antics of the playground bullies above. That is a loss for all players, regardless of playstyle.

(Ima Wreckyou) #610

I always have similar thoughts when it comes to football or whatever sport where they count points one team makes. I guess some people are just bullies. Can’t they just play a game without having to rub it into the face of the enemy team that they scored a point? And I think people who support this type of “sports” are bullies as well.

Those CODE. punks!!

Yes, new players who check out a new spaceship shooting game should not expect to get shot at in the first months. Imagine playing an FPS and in your first month playing someone would shoot you, with a gun, you would immediately quit, and rightfully so. How dare they shoot new players!!

(techzer0) #611

You do a lot of killing when you play football?
Guess they are not the same eh?

Nothing wrong with CODE or what they do.
(but you already know that)

There is no gain in shooting noobs.
There also isn’t any gain in letting them fly around thinking they are safe.
Some extra balance in high sec should be looked in to.

(Sitting Bull Lakota) #612

Sometimes bears get overexcited and post on other forums for the same reason that a child will run to its other parent when the first one tells it no.
What war really needs is to be so accessible that hub humping is a waste of time.

War needs to be cheaper, and a player’s online/offline status needs to be public knowledge.
Those two changes fix 90% of the problem.
Any change that makes war more capital intensive or wartargets more elusive, as we’ve already seen, will only exacerbate the problems we recognize today.

Incidentally, a couple comments on that article say something like “I quit because my corp told us we had to stay docked to avoid the war.”
That seems to be a carebear problem rather than a wardec problem.

(Ima Wreckyou) #613

They are both competitive games. Also people don’t actually die if you shoot their imaginary spaceship. So yes, a killboard is nothing else than a score board is in other games, with the slight difference that EVE is an infinite game and not limited in time.

They are punks!!

(Mortlake) #614

Don’t speak too soon.


(techzer0) #615

Except in football the scoreboard is part of the game and in EVE players made the scoreboard.

And in football you don’t get many small players mugging the big guy with a nice watch.

(Ima Wreckyou) #616

Killmails are part of the game. Killboards are like your standard sports homepage displaying the results.

And in EVE you don’t see many millionairs running after a ball full of air. It’s a different game.

Are you just playing dumb or do you really have an issue seeing that those are just game scores?

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #617

Combat log in char sheet is not player made…

(Jonah Gravenstein) #618

Nope. A killboard is no more than a medium for reporting of the scores, which are provided by CCP through the API; the API being very much part of the overall game.

(techzer0) #619

I can’t open yours to “see your score” either.
Nice try i guess.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #620

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(Mortlake) #621

I can see that winning is clearly alien to you and therefore anything that illustrates the superiority of your betters fills you with jealousy and spiteful thoughts.

It’s ok to be mad, friend. It’s ok.

(techzer0) #622

Like you my killboard is also positive.
Retarded argument is retarded.

(Bumpy Kai) #623

All that talk of superiority, winning and betters, reminds me a lot of some historical documentaries I was watching recently. About Hitler …

(Mortlake) #624

Played for and got. Made you look.

New balls, please.

(Mortlake) #625

Wow. More please.

Also correctly quoting helps.

(Bumpy Kai) #626

We’ve seen their true colors recently when init decided to have a little fun with them and their ilk. LOL

What a bunch of complete sucky ass losers !!! So they truly can’t pvp, only shoot ships that can’t shoot back or newbs or people that don’t have PvP fits at hand. I mean, I was laughing so hard at their ■■■■ its funny. I was actually there and actually made popcorn IRL while watching local and everything and just LOL !!!

These guys must be like wow rejects or from some other games where they just couldn’t make it in actual PvP and conglamorated here.

I don’t understand how can anyone that sucks as much ass as them exist and still call it pvp.

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(Mortlake) #629

Your attitude is disgustipating tbh. I hope you explodiboom.