Devblog: Preparing For The Future – Retirement Of Captain’s Quarters & Twitch Integration

(Nana Skalski) #789

Because CCP dont have common sense.

(Syds Sinclair) #790

Your entire post couldn’t be more fundamentally wrong.

The only reason Eve is a great game is the player interactions. CCP’s only saving grace is providing the canvas. The capsuleers are the innovators and story tellers.

If you want modern or compelling gameplay, then you should look at a number of theme park online games. Eve is not about being gameplay to its subscribers. Never has been, and never will be. And that is a GOOD thing.

Everything in Eve is just a backdrop to the main stage: the capsuleers. And as long as CCP just simply doesn’t interfere with the capsuleers, Eve is healthy.

(Syds Sinclair) #791

@CCP_Falcon First I have to say this is a good decision by CCP.

Eve is a spaceship game. That is just a simple fact. One can objectively say that if CQ and WiS was successful, it would have throttled the spaceship portion of Eve.

I can understand why CCP and some of the playerbase wanted WiS, but wanting something doesn’t make it the right thing to do. And I would expect CCP to understand that, which thankfully after seven (!) years, they have come to that conclusion.

It is almost as if CCP hired a homeless drunken fool to run the company. Walking in Stations? That is not what anyone signed up for when they first started playing Eve. CCP isn’t supposed to make content…

CCP makes the canvas. And nothing else! And as long as there is a suitable canvas, the capsuleers will come. WiS was not a suitable canvas, and it is embarrassing at how lost from the direction of Eve CCP became. Is CCP’s office full of yes-men? That, besides the homeless drunken fool, is the only conclusion I could come to.

I mean, I’m an idiot. A complete idiot, and I knew from the start that Spaceships in Space and Walking in Stations were mutually exclusive.

But enough ranting. CCP, good job. Great job. This I’m sure was a big dish of humble pie, but you have made the right decision.

And now some advice, if you will.

CCP, your number one goal from this day forward is to not interfere with the actors on stage. Your only job is to provide the backdrop, and props. BUT BUT BUT!!! Those backdrops and props CANNOT interfere with the actors.

Again, thank you.

(Ronnie Rose) #792

I appreciate your gratitude, but the only way CCP would get to the bottom on whether removing CQ was a good or bad idea was to take a controlled poll among its players, to include demographic information like age, medium income and gender. To unilaterally remove CQ based on the faulty premise of utilization; faulty because CCP never developed CQ beyond its introduction, is deluding themselves. I see many other games that are coming out that will compete against EVE and probably erode it’s player base, and as admirable as your dedication is to EVE, we all will get old eventually and stop playing.

(Syds Sinclair) #793


Name one game that competes with Eve’s prime directive?

(Nevyn Auscent) #794

Believing that CCP removed it on the premise of utilization is faulty thinking on your part.

(Syds Sinclair) #795


Even if CCP doesn’t use those freed up devs to benefit Eve, the removal of a direction that was horrible for Eve is a Net Gain.

(Nevyn Auscent) #796

Mmmmm, There is an argument that WiS can complement Spaceships when done well.
Regardless of that argument however, the old CQ was bad, and they couldn’t develop it due to obselete middleware. So it didn’t matter if you wanted no WiS or better WiS, current CQ had to go either way.

(Syds Sinclair) #797


There really isn’t an argument that Walking in Stations could complement Spaceships in Space.

They are directly at odds with each other. Competing for capsuleers and development time and attention.

(DrButterfly PHD) #798

Good job guys!

(tasman devil) #799

Uhmmm… Elite Dangerous. It is out there it is a “spaceship only” thing. No WiS as far as I am aware of.

Also Scam Citizen, they do plan WiS but they have other problems (like really brutal feature creep, and no it is not because their WiS)

(tasman devil) #800

Oh you coudn’t be further from the truth. There are all sorts of wrong things in your post. Consider this a cordial correction from my part.

Not really.
It was a stillborn to begin with so in that regard is good that there is now “less clutter”.
"Spaceship only" can get you only “spaceships only people” if CCP really wanted EVE to grow, they need other people too. It took them seven years to kill the future of EVE.

That is just your opinion and not the truth (opinion, truth, different things).

More and better CQ would have enabled CCP to have more “peacock features” like furnitures for aurum, trohpies for aurum, corp bars for aurum and other BS things. More income means more profit, from which they could hire more people to do both more CQ and more Space. It is not that clear-cut as you put it here.

That was precisely the reason a LOT of people signed up for. Just not you. And now you think by extension because you signed up for a thing, that everyone else signed up for that thing as well.

Also that “homeless drunken fool” would be Hillmar… do you really want to call him that? :slight_smile:

And as long as there is a suitable canvas, the capsuleers will come” oh do tell me, how many true newbies do you see by the day, by the week, by the month? We’ve kind of literally scraped the bottom of the barrel for “spaceship only game” people. There are not a lot of people left who we could fall back to for new blood.

"That, besides the homeless drunken fool, is the only conclusion I could come to."
Again, Hillmar? I suggest you have a word with him and dare to call him that in person. See how that works out for you :slight_smile: And do come back and tell us :wink:

Yes, you are. :slight_smile:
And no, they are not mutually exclusive

WAT?! Heh, whatever mate, again, that is just your opinion. :slight_smile:

(DeMichael Crimson) #801


I see the parade of :psyccp: Anti-WiS alts has started now.

(Jill RE-Valentine) #802

Indeed. I don’t understand why there is such negativity to the idea of walking in stations.

(Teinyhr) #803

Maybe you weren’t there, but from 2003-2011 WiS was one of the single most anticipated features for EVE along with planetary flight. A lot of players expected EVE to introduce avatar based gameplay at some point, a lot more people than you seem to think. One of the reasons for the summer of rage (not the biggest, nor the smallest reason) was the immense letdown of the result - a single CQ for the launch of the expansion - combined with the perceived lack of focus on other game development; “we waited 18 months for this?”, so it is really stupid to say that oh, nobody wanted it, because a lot of people really did and got really burned out from the broken promises by CCP.
Incidentally it seems most who parrot this “nobody wanted WiS anyway” view tend to be characters that have been created even years after Incarna was released - so basically second hand information. Of course it is impossible to say for sure how long and who has played the game before, since even I have older characters I don’t play (because I don’t remember the password and the email provider used no longer exists).

Your canvas theory is weird. Avatar gameplay would be more canvas, not less. And then, if CCP is only to make the canvas like you say, then cease all development of all other features, just graphics updates and bugfixes from here on. But this isn’t working, capsuleers are not coming, in fact they are leaving, you can go check eveoffline yourself, player average is in a slight downward trend even now, though CCP’s done nothing but focus on spaceships for several years - They have not done anything with the character creator or CQ besides maintenance since 2012.

(Benje en Divalone) #804

Because we were having fun wrong.

(Jian Mira) #805

I really think Eve does need walking in stations, it would improve the game so much…

it would be so good too walk around the stations and interact with other players, drink at the bar, play games and then walk into ship and undock…

its defiantly a missed opportunity and would add more to the game…

(Veskin Sentinel) #806

Okay, let’s use the power of these forums to bring some numbers.

Vote in the polls and ask your friends to vote too. Voting is anonymous.

Do you think Avatar Gameplay in EVE is needed?

  • Yes, Avatar Gameplay is a much needed part of EVE, that we have been missing for ages.
  • No, we don’t need Avatar Gameplay in EVE. I can continue playing the game and will never need to play with my avatar.

0 voters

If CCP decide to bring Avatar Gameplay to EVE, how would you like it to be implemented? What would you like to see at the start of it?

  • I would love to see the classic Walking in Stations implemented - with tools of player socialization, but no fighting.
  • I would love to see Avatar Gameplay that includes social activities, but also combat encounters, missions on stations and PVP.
  • I want the full spectrum of Avatar Gameplay - one that extends from planetside missions and PVP, all the way up to space, with ship interiors, Action in Stations and so on - able to be played right from the start of implementation.
  • I don’t need Avatar Gameplay to enjoy EVE.

0 voters

If CCP has a solid ground and resources to implement Avatar Gameplay, how would you like the process to develop?

  • With baby steps, implementing one Avatar Gameplay feature at a time, but with steady iteration and frequent updates.
  • I would like it implemented on larger chunks. I can wait a little longer for the updates as long as they provide abundant content and meaningful interaction.
  • I would like to have all sorts of Avatar Gameplay features available at the early stages of development. I prefer to wait longer, but have all kinds of meaningful Avatar Gameplay as a result.

0 voters

Select the things that apply to you. You can select multiple options (max 4). Remember to click on Vote Now button after you make your selection.

  • I am confident that Avatar Gameplay is needed in order to bring more players, variety of game features, lore and immersion.
  • I am a roleplayer that will definitely enjoy Avatar Gameplay.
  • I am confident that Spaceships and Avatars are NOT mutually exclusive.
  • I am okay with both Spaceships and Avatars as long as there is meaningful gameplay for both.
  • I think that Avatars and Spaceships ARE mutually exclusive.
  • I am confident that Spaceships should always be at the core of the game and I can live without Avatars.
  • EVE is a Spaceship only game, keep it that way.

0 voters

If you think there should be more poll options or additional polls, ask me to update the post, or make them yourself.

Let’s see what the results will be. :slight_smile: :rocket:

This Week in EVE #166 (19 - 25 August)
(tasman devil) #807

Hmmm I didn’t know we could do this here! :slight_smile: Nice one!

(Veskin Sentinel) #808


After such a fierce discussion, I feel this is much needed.