Directional Scanner & Other "Vital" UI Elements

Hello, I hope this is the right place to post this.

I greatly appreciate the option to get to test Photon UI beforehand, so I was very excited to have a good look at it.

If I compare the current UI (left) with the Photon UI on the right, I notice one thing:

I see less information than before (8 instead of 10 entries).

Photon UI - D-Scan comparison

Since D-Scan shows absolutely vital information, I would greatly appreaciate a “compact” mode like the inventory already has it.
Most people won’t need a title for the directional scanner. What this window is becomes pretty clear by it’s content alone.

The whole border width seems a bit much. They look nice, but reduce functionality together with the bulky header.

This is how I have the window arranged inside my personal layout, which may give a better impression as of why this is a problem for me.
Without Photon UI:
With Photon UI:

The same goes for a couple other UI-elements I’d consider “vital” information that would benefit of a “compact” mode that hides the title/header and reduces border-spacing:

  • selected item
  • overview
  • d-scan
  • probe scanner
  • local bookmars
  • chat
  • fleet (at least the broadcast history)
  • drones

Obviously, this is different for every player.

“Non vital” UI Elements I would consider those that aren’t used often when in space, but when docked up. Such as the market, wallet or skillsheet. I’m fine with those being a bit bigger and having greater line-height to improve readability.

I hope this forum-section will improve communication from both sides about this topic as it’s an increadible relevant one and in everyones interest to get this as right as humanly possible.



You might want to post in the official dev thread.

Also, this is starting to get on my nerves now. It looks like they just straight up ignored player feedback concerning the new skill window, and replicated the same issues to other UI elements.

Ugh. I guess I need to take a look at things myself.


Works as intended, nothing to see here, move along. :stuck_out_tongue:


I understood the sticky post by CCP Paragon as such that individual parts of the UI can be discussed here in seperate threads. That might be wrong though. I’m sure some moderator can move the thread if required.


Correct, threads that want to discuss a specific aspect of the changes are allowed. However if people were to open multiple threads about Dscan for example. The extras will be closed and merged with the first one.

And keep in mind for any future persons reading this, all threads are to be constructive in nature. This one does a great job at that. Any threads created to bash or nonconstructive will be outright closed.


The designers may be banking on more players these days having ‘high dpi’ monitors. Although this concept was not mentioned in the blog, which summarizes as "make it nicer :slight_smile: "

Some justification for using different size fonts with more space around them - ‘breathing room’ - might be for CCP to survey the percentage of players using scale factors over 100%. That’s not me in particular, but I’d be interested in learning that number :slight_smile:

They did what to DSCAN? Really? Is nothing sacred?

Which is not the case.


A good source of gamer market hardware data is Steam Hardware & Software Survey

Notice how over circa. 90% have multiple monitors too.

Without solid data to backup any claim, it is impossible to verify and thus just opinion.

Hi Nora, thanks for this awesome feedback! We really appreciate you taking the time to write up how the Photon UI is affecting your playstyle. Super helpful and please check out the upcoming updates.


very unimpressed. doesnt seem like a big change other then adding colors and bulky buttons. between the two , i much perfer the current UI


One monitor for the eve accounts in full screen windowed to alt+tab between, one for dotlan/discord and other primary utilities, and the third for browsing forums/etc…

Now if the Eve fixed width window allowed UI elements to be in separate windows such that I can move them to the 2nd monitor window, then we can talk about a huge leap forward for Eve-kind.
But I think we are still a long ways off that… in fact, the main source would need to be written to such an extent that we might as well put it next to the full hemisphere range of motion for the observer camera so it doesn’t get stuck looking straight up/down.

Otherwise, thank you for saving D-Scan @Nora_Maldoran !!

Last I checked, surveys are not compulsory. Maybe you could look up the definition.

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Can you show the participation rate of the survey. It’s a lot more data than CCP publishes, it’s also a lot more data than you showed.

The new vesion, while pretty, takes up too much real estate. That alone is what I’m looking for in a new UI - more screen space.


I can back up my claim by telling you that I still use my 24" screen that I bought 11 years ago with a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels.

Even though I am looking at 4k screens, I am most likely not going to buy one until I really have to.

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That was 11 years ago. Electronic technology has short life span. With the average life expectancy of a human, you have to update your electronic hardware a handful of times assuming every 10 years.

It’s crunch time. You really have to now. Technology requirements have progressed, unless you want Eve to remain as a retro game abandoned. Stop holding everybody else back like the DX9’ers. Next dead wood to be cut is Windows 7 and Windows 8 support possibly.

Calm down zoiie, my tv i use for eve is well over 12 yrs old. Until it kicks the bucket im still using it

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Isn’t the “good way” to use a 4k screen in eve to have it split display 4 1920x1080 eve windows? dual monitor for 8 capsuleers being concurrently visible?

Though I have no clue how some people monitor lest control their 40 toons…

Its called isBoxer and it violates the TOS. Not that CCP seems to care much.