[Discussion] Community Safety in EVE Online

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Well, I don’t do typical social media like Facebook, Instragram, or TickTok. Never ever had those accounts. It has been a real plus in my life and for my academeics. I always looked at my friends who spent hours on these social media websites putting all their information out there… People just like it, I guess. I rather spend those hours playing videogames/related stuff.

Only social media I do is pretty much what I talk about in various Online forums (Under my character ofc) and Discord.

They teach you this literally in Elementary/Middle/Even Highschool. I still get reminders once a year from college to stay safe on the internet.

You can talk about your RL feelings w/o divulging your personal info. (Name/address) I have, and it has kept me going through the years and into college. That’s what I like about video games. Just practice online safety 101 and you will be fine.

Pirate or gank corporations would have no problems with more pvp in high sec.

Exactly see the point?

That person cud easili write masterpiece idea that whud better the game a lot.

But it will be imidietly dismised cause the pilot backgroung.

Don’t see the issue, have an alt in a low sec pirate corporation that mines in low sec and ganks in high sec.

I would advice ISD/CCP close this thread until a follow-up or if none is planned.

This could have been the most important community discussion in twenty years and an actual game-changer, and the way it’s now gathering dust and repeatedly derailed is an embarrassment to the company.


Just a usual day at the CCP office. :wink:




Hilmar hasnt commented at all.


Just because you dont agree with the sentiment doesnt make it off topic. What have you added?

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Judging by the off topic censored posts, flagging.


I agree with you. Such of clever persona!

I mean he is right, this forum post was put up mainly as a statement, rather than any information gathering.

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in that case - in short - if all this is true - #free gigX