Elitatwo for CSM 14

Just FYI, some mission objectives spawn in cargo hold, as above, and some do not. I think all the Duo of Deaths do not IIRC.

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If I weren’t constantly assaulted by Blobb Raiders, I would hop on TQ and check it out to confirm.

Either way, I stand by what I have said.

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No, we don’t, because that’s not what it is.
It’s a nerf to the sandbox and to the freedom of social interaction.
It’s also a nerf to “realism”, because it makes no sense that mission objectives spawn in your cargo hold.

It’s also a precedent, because the weaklings and self declared victims could start whining about how it’s like this in one mission, but not in the other.

It’s absolutely unfair to those who try to make money by stealing things.

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No it is not. I remember at the end on a COSMOS mission in 2007 my “award” was in my cargo hold also.
It stands to reason that it is not as novel as you think it is.


Fair. Scratch one point in the list, then.
Doesn’t really change anything, though.

they used to and still do for some things, now in some missions they magically appear in cargohold; i mean it makes it easier but its not needed and to be very honest kind of dumb.

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I am neither for or against it. I was however confused when I witnessed it the first time. With my OCD you can bet I will have question marks on my forehead quickly.

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i spent ten minutes killing everything and going through wrecks thinking wtaf the first time i encountered it lol

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I wanted to paint ??? on your forehead, but your awesome haircut prevents it!

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I don’t know why the devs made some objectives spawn in cargo and others not. I know cargo deliveries and militants don’t spawn in cargo, just don’t remember which missions they are from.

Maybe cosmos objectives are just too important, and the damsel is the only objective that I recall that spawns in cargo in regular missions. Could it be that hostage takers were RP’ing unsavory and non-PG13 things about her in front in non-adult players while kidnapping her? We don’t have that info, but I could see that as a good exception for spawning in cargo.

Otherwise I do agree that no other objectives should spawn in cargo. It’s fine the way things are, and people have options: they can pay the ransom, fight, or fly a ship that is hard to scan down if they care that much.

With that argument the whole game would need to be locked down and censored to “think of the children”. What a horror that would be … we’re adults. Imagine children trying to play this game. D:

That would be a slippery slope argument. I suppose a kidnapper could RP doing unspeakable things to a special delivery container, but might not have quite the same impact. :man_shrugging:

But as I’ve said, I don’t know why the devs started that mechanic, it’s just speculation. It’s not up there with Scarlet, but Damsel is a fan favorite. Some father might take his kid to go and RP “save the princess!”. I could see a dev not wanting to deal with the repercussions and say “f$&k it, I’m just gonna spawn that b!&@h in the cargo and be done with it!”, cause context matters, so it seems that would be a reasonable exception.

Otherwise, I’ve already said I agree with you that mission mechanics shouldn’t change. Nothing has changed for years, I personally don’t think anything will change, and baiters have nothing to fear for years IMHO.

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I noticed you created a ‘list of broken things’ for PvE:

Would you have room on your platform for a list of broken things for PvP? More specifically PvP in high sec? Even more specifically the broken bounty system?

I think a new working bounty system in high sec that works for hunters AND criminals would make EVE an amazingly unique place. A game that has large fleet battles in Null AND a Wild West type feel in “law abiding” high sec.

Let me put it this way, I don’t want to make promises I cannot keep.
I can’t really talk about pvp in high sec when you already know what my stand on this matter is, so I didn’t make it part of my campaign.

Can you elaborate on

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The only thing I can say about this is there are a lot of threads posted about new ideas on the bounty system. I have one myself but it will likely be awhile till I post once I get it refined.

But it seems like people want this real bad, as it looks like there’s new postings every few months. I personally would like to see a new bounty system that allows hunters to be able to hunt effectively, but also at the same time allow ganking to continue as is. The stories that could be generated by the interactions between the two groups could be potentially awesome.

Now I have to ask, what would be the difference to say I got out there and annihilate a 6 character gang by my lonesome and collecting all of their belongings and make a video of it?
Nobody asked me to do it but I pulled it of.

Now imagine someone placed a 5 gajillion isk bounty on my evening gown. Either way that dress gets messed up and I get blobbed or “spawn-killed”.
I don’t see a difference. The result is the same, whether you put a bounty on me or don’t.

Maybe. Some do, some don’t.

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Tonight I’ll send you an ingame mail with some ideas, hope to read some of your feedback then

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Yeah, because people are dumb.

I’ve been a bounty hunter! Back in the day I’ve hunted pods in a stiletto. The best one I had was when I sat twenty minutes at a gate waiting for a ganker to finally strike, then grabbing him and going GCC when he went GCC, grabbing the 170 Million ISK bounty from his candy ass!

I’ve baited people into shooting me, so they GCC, so I can catch their pods! I’ve even requested from CCP SoundWave to make GCC pods legal targets (that was me, you’re welcome) because back then shooting criminals wasn’t even a thing!

Bounty hunting is a game mechanic for suicide gankers and anyone who believes otherwise just needs to look at how it works. The reason why they’re asking for changes, is not because they want to hunt for bounty, it’s because they want to be able to call themselves Bounty Hunters to feel like they’re good people.

Anyone who actually wants to hunt for bounty can already do so, on day one! All it takes is an Alpha, skilling for a thrasher and going off starting with pods.

Bounty hunting is fine.
It’s escapists’ unreasonable, unrealistic and romantic expectations that are broken.

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Aye! I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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But that’s not how the current Bounty System works. The reward collected is limited by a fraction of the worth of the vehicle you are driving, not by the value of the gown. So that dress may or may not get messed up, but if you’re driving around in a 20 year old Ford Fiesta, the motivation to go after you is minimal. But even if you were in a Rolls Royce, a fraction of the value of that still pales in comparison to a 5 gajillion isk gown, maybe even after converting to dollars. :rofl:

Anyways, if you are not sold on the idea of improving bounty mechanics that is fine. There are many others that will still try to promote the idea.