EvE Online vs. Star Trek Fleet Command


When I read some comments posted on the EvE Online forum, I can’t help but see some stratagems on the part of an editor in the grip of despair, in view of the ongoing disaffection on the part of a large part of the New Eden community.

Veterans in particular are increasingly turning their backs on CCP, but the latter still does not understand why a priori, as it is above all deaf to all our grievances filed here or elsewhere (reddit) for several months; some will probably tell us for several years, but personally, in 19 years of loyalty to CCP, this is the first year where I feel obliged to intervene so much on this forum, inflation of +33% having been for me the trigger.

So what would it take to cause a real jump on the part of CCP, and this so that New Eden can really be saved?

My feeling after 19 years of practicing EvE Online is that CCP no longer manages to innovate at all. By this I mean that CCP no longer knows how to surprise us at all and lets itself be overwhelmed by all its competitors striving on all sides to copy its best concepts; no fan of EvE Online can be fooled by this. However, there are also some serious publishers who are still trying to innovate, and they are doing so in unexpected ways.

I’m going to take a recent example that is starting to get a lot of attention, especially since its latest updates. It’s even a very fine example which amply deserves to be underlined as the story takes place in a very old universe well known to all of us here, namely the Star Trek universe, and which is therefore much older than the universe of New Eden itself; I want to talk about Star Trek Fleet Command, an MMO-RPG-RTS published by Scopely and produced by Paramount.

Because while EvE Online is emptying of its primary substance, namely its players, Start Trek Fleet Command is filling up!

And the last two updates of the game are so convincing that they attract more and more new players every day, even forcing the publisher to completely review its server deployment strategy to deal with it. But never mind this logistical problem, as long as the players are happy and invite others by word of mouth.

So how to explain such a burst of enthusiasm? Here, in my opinion, is what very clearly differentiates Start Trek Fleet Command from EvE Online, knowing that the graphics engine of Star Trek Fleet Command is content with pseudo isometric 3D, where that of EvE Online bets absolutely everything on DirectX 12; this point deserved in my opinion to be underlined before developing further this comparison, and I specify that personally, I force EvE Online to launch under DirectX 11 which is in my opinion amply sufficient, the other version causing an overheating of my machine which is simply unacceptable, because I always need my machine elsewhere.

Now here are those differences worth highlighting:

1- The narrative side is omnipresent through thousands of missions, which make you discover the whole galaxy and the history of Star Trek from its origins until today; on this point, we also feel very well the importance of Paramount’s imprint on the game, including respect for its texts by original authors.

2- The Star Trek universe is truly persistent, with players’ stations and ships always present wherever you are in the galaxy; it is thus possible to lose a ship between two connections if care had not been taken to put it in the shelter.

3- In addition to the equipment of the stations and the vessels, the emphasis is also placed on the crew whose specific skills are extremely numerous and useful; collecting characters, in particular all the characters in the series, finds all its meaning and all its usefulness here, not to mention the improvements specific to each one.

4- The game of alliance is very important there, the players being invited very early to take part in the community adventure, knowing that in any case, it is a necessary course to be able to progress more quickly.

5- Star Trek Fleet Command is single-account, knowing that each player with a sufficient number of characters can always control several ships simultaneously (maximum 7 for very high level players), which confirms the importance of individual strategy in this game, the alliance not doing everything.

6- You don’t choose your faction easily, you earn it as you accumulate reputation during missions for the Federation, the Romulans, the Klingons, the Augmented or the Syndicate, which puts a certain spice in the course in the history of the game, each player having their own style of play.

7- Star Trek Fleet Command can be played on both Mobile and PC due to account synchronization for each environment, what is impossible between EvE Online and EvE Echoes for example :
Star Trek Fleet Command | Play the Award Winning PC & Mobile Game

8- Star Trek Fleet Command is completely free and ad-free. For only 4€99 each one can, if they wish, add an additional construction line, or even for 19€99 more, also add an additional research line, all this in order to accelerate their individual progress, without it is an obligation, knowing that it’s already a very good start to take full advantage of a game of very good quality at a lower cost, and that’s all.

All that’s missing is a market for Star Trek Fleet Command, and that’s it. But the publisher should not take too long to offer this market which is important part of the expectations of the players, just as wormholes were part of it before the last update of the game; Scopely seems to hear his players…

Commonalities with EvE Online; in short: Pay to Win, SKIN, skill boosters, PvE and PvP, etc.

So. Try To Fly Safe Again. Or Not.

Ully Loom

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Albion Online is where eve players are going :slight_smile:


Starfleet Command is a single player game by Interplay that while based on Rask Force Games excellent Star Fleet Battles universe was very badly bugged throughout its life.

Yes @Ramona_McCandless .

Except that it is in no way Star Trek: Starfleet Command (Star Trek: Starfleet Command - Wikipedia) in my words, a single player AND multiplayer game released in 1999 in the USA, and signed Interplay.

In my talk, it’s Star Trek Fleet Command (Star Trek Fleet Command - Wikipedia), hey! yes, an MMO-RPG-RTS released at the end of 2018 in the USA, and signed Scopely.

So you’ve probably skimmed an extra Star…

But I grant you, it’s also very good to remember the existence of this game dating back to more than 23 years of existence now, Interplay having been from that time one of the first leaders of the genre; Interplay has just recently released a remastered version of its flagship title: Baldur’s Gate - Dark Alliance.

But here, it’s not Interplay that is in question in this topic, but Scopely.

On good terms.

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I stopped reading just here, sorry…

It’s quite the opposite. I kindly advice to take this off your post. Then I’ll read the whole thing.


You know what, with me, you fell very badly. Because I am in my way, a very old fossil of the game you see.

Out of 928 contacts made in 19 years of playing, and essentially throughout the first decade of EvE Online, 112 of them are my best friends [in game]; one of them is even my son.

None of them connect to EvE Online anymore, or very rarely, probably also out of pure nostalgia in order to see for themselves how things have evolved within New Eden.

None of my 928 contacts log in to EvE Online today.

Some of my best friends, much more radical than me with regard to CCP - I believe that CCP is capable of a new start - explore new things like me, and we debate them together. This is also how I recently discovered Star Trek Fleet Command.

But that’s not all !

Out of 521 players locked out - and yes, that’s largely possible in 19 years of play, and essentially throughout the second decade of EvE Online due to the unequivocal degradation of the quality of the [in-game] player community, no one is connecting to EvE Online today. Crazy ; I could even allow myself to erase the whole of this list which finally no longer represents the slightest risk for me [in game] today.

So, alas! veterans do run away from this game, and no one, not even new players, should ignore this fact…

I see that you yourself were born in October 2008, ie more than 5 years after my own birth [in game]. Of course, it’s all to your credit. But you have no idea what I’m talking about here, and that’s the whole problem of this forum, and in particular that of CCP which, by deliberately truncated statistics, completely evades a whole section of the story. from the EvE Online gaming community.

And no matter how hard we try to draw everyone’s attention to this point, that won’t change anything; in statistical analysis of data, this is called consistency. But CCP analyzes its data the way climate skeptics analyze climate data, i.e. by truncating most of this data:

Let CCP finally show transparency by restoring all the data history of EvE Online, from 2003 to 2022, and only then will you finally understand where the problem comes from. Because in the meantime:

eveboard - character sheets

Wow! 17 million characters? But then, where did they go? So yes, that’s for sure! EvE Online is becoming a real single-player game! There have never been so few people in the systems, and even the alts don’t change that!

So my faith…

On good terms too.

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Personally, and I suspect this is true of a lot of poeple, I simply don’t have time to investigate other games. I already have a Steam queue of 47 games lined up, but don’t have the time to play them.

And I think that’s the real issue. Companies rely on inertia, and the fact that once people have got into one game they wont want to have ‘wasted’ the time spent on it by going off and devoting all their time on something else. Maybe it is easier for vets to do…as a certain level of boredom will have set in.

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I understand… and don’t get me wrong… but when I say it is quite the opposite, I mean that it was CCP who did this. Veterans actions when leaving the game are just reacting. When you state “…turning their backs on CCP…(Vets)” … sorry man but I cannot give you the time… altho… i did read some and kindly invite you to check on my history on the forum.
Perhaps you will see that we agree and maybe catch why this kind of story MUST be told from where it began. And it began with CCP’s actions in favor of the new while demolishing the old. We knew it was gonna happen before the fact, voiced it out and well, you know where we are now. I like it better when you say:

We never turned our backs. We’ve got buttkicked the hell off…

Oh and… Xucca is my PR. My main’s age goes farther.

See you around… I’ll be camping the ga… Oh wait! we camp no gate no more (seldom). That’s “Old” school. Let’s gank, maybe? … mmmNAH.

[deleted because I just dont care anymore]

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you fool
all vets are on roblox now

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Star Trek is about crying these days. Eve Online is about bucketing up those crisis tears and splashing Star Trek back.

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But you are still going back here in the denial of the 2003-2007 period, whereas if you were really part of this first historical period of EvE Online, which I cannot verify since you are using a character from 2008 here, you would know that all the veterans of this era were literally shaken by the first changes in direction of CCP which occurred to everyone’s surprise in 2008, in particular the first changes in economic direction.

Rest assured, I’m sure we share the same feelings about the game and its evolutions. But to properly measure the extent of the massacre orchestrated for 14 years by CCP, and this since these first specific changes of 2008, it is imperative to analyze the situation on the entire sample of game data, i.e. all the data collected between 2003 and 2022!

These data necessarily exist, but they are so disturbing a priori, that CCP probably prefers to truncate them so that no one can judge from reading their monthly reports. So it’s manipulation.

CCP no longer knows how to innovate in its game! Worse, it no longer even knows how to conduct a real marketing study allowing it to understand its players and thus accumulates, month after month, errors that drive away more and more players.

So can this new communication deal currently in progress make us forget the resounding flop of the last Fanfest 2022? In no case, and another player has just expressed his very legitimate dissatisfaction on the subject:

CCP is in the most total impasse, only knowing how to drown us under an unbearable escalation of cosmetics; because that’s all that promises us this umpteenth video of announcements and promises so far never kept. So their narrative arc? 19 years that this game exists and they tell us about a single narrative arc for in two months?

I sometimes have the impression that this publishing company is now only managed by ultraliberals… But it is rather an uprising CCP that New Eden needs the most today!

In the meantime, Star Trek Fleet Command is filling up, and Scopely is rubbing its hands, all this with a minimum of cosmetics and great innovations for a game in pseudo isometric 3D…

So Star Trek vs. New Eden? How to tell you things; um, so let William Shatner speak for the occasion, because I’m sure our English friends won’t hold it against us:

Meh, I’ve tried the game.

It got boring quick.

Its a pretty standard city builder ish game.

I think comparing EvE and star trek online (PC game) is way more comparable OP Comparing games is a VERY slippery slope OP. The minimum you want is to stick PC-PC and so on.

Quick break down. EvE/STO share carnival theme of PVE content. Everything is in it’s own corner. FOBs, Incursions, so on.

Just go to the area you want to farm in and farm in STO. Really comparable to EVE. What sets STO apart is there is no PVP or risk at all. Just chill, grind, and the usual.

CCP is currently attempting to blend lore and gameplay together. Don’t know what might happen but I liked the triglavan invasion chapters. I am excited for another invasion style series of events.

Except that this topic is in no way Star Trek Online, a game 100% free today, that has never exceeded the score of 5.5/10 on GameSpot in ten years (Star Trek Online on Steam), which has been taken over and published since 2022 by Gearbox (when a game is resumed so often it’s usually never a good sign), but of Star Trek Fleet Command, published by Scopely and which is therefore a totally different game 100% free, [cross-platform], and in no way boring:


Also, the slippery slope is rather that which consists in causing confusion in the reader by piling up subjects…

It was well tried once again after the attempt of @Ramona_McCandless with her Star Trek Starfleet Command by Interplay, except that it will not change the course of things, namely:

The players change sign and this other sign, Scopely, fills up! So, why?

Also, tell us rather why if you really want to show yourself useful under this ticket that we are trying by all means to elude wrongly, which by the way is far from going unnoticed?

As a reminder, CCP is dragging huge pots behind it and only has two months left (uprising) to prove itself again and convince new pigeons, not to mention the risk that the rate of players who are definitively lost, in particular all those lost since 2011, and still today since inflation of +33%, may prove to be literally incompressible!

CCP will therefore have to redouble its energy if it hopes to be able to convince as was the case in the past (2003-2007), because by dint of promises never kept, how can I tell you?

EvE Online is an MMO-RPG-RTS for which I paid nearly 1.600,00€ in 19 years, and I hardly play it anymore today, the free version of the game (ALPHA) being a restricted version of the game; this is how CCP rewards the loyalty of its players…

Starcraft is a single player and multiplayer game for which I paid 140€ in 24 years, and I still play it [online] today; Thanks Blizzard…

Star Wars Empire At War is a single player and multiplayer game for which I paid 50€ in 15 years, and I still play it [on LAN] today; Thank you LucasartS…

Dawn of War Dark Crusade is a single player and multiplayer game for which I paid €60 in 14 years, and I still play it [on LAN] today; thank you relic…


Star Trek Fleet Command is a 100% free MMO-RPG-RTS, for which it is possible to buy among other things, skill accelerators, and this game [cross-platform] is full of players to the delight of Scopely…

But rest assured @Anthony_FatTony_Amico :

EvE CONQUESTS is a board game for which I paid €70 in 15 years, and I still play it [on the table] with friends today; thank you CCP anyway…

Obviously @Ully_Loom is a paid shill for the star trek game. Took a look and it is nothing more than a cash grab mobile dungheap. Not sure anyone over the age of 12 would even play this crappy “game”.

Who is the hungrier hippo

Hilmar or CBS

Yea, it def isn’t anything special heh.

Esp having to pay for pretty much everything.

To be honest though, there is a clear and present danger to CCP.

If anyone decides to take the lessons learned from EVE Online [Failures and Successes] and combines it with graphics and systems that allow the largest number of players to play and access the game. Even if you have premium tech lines and other things or even FPS and other tertiary in world games that integrate with this main system. That opponent will be nearly unstoppable.

I think from my experience with Petroglyph showing with 8bit Armies and Forged Battalions that you could make a resilient game system without needing the resource intensive graphics engines that everyone in AAA studios want to have. [And which CCP has continually tried to Emulate] If you take into consideration not everyone can buy this huge new game because they need some insane powerful rig to play it. That is the first fatal mistake one makes.

When I entered EVE online in 2020, I was impressed that EVE Online was the spaceship version of Warthunder…because Gaijin Entertainment understood to get a really good market share you need to make it accessible. And Gaijin went further with Cross Platform Capability. PC/PS/Xbox system now are integrated and players can fight one another. But circa 2021 forward CCP has stepped away from that concept, and started to really dip a bit too much into the graphics much to the detriment of the player base. And that is causing some problems now making it less accessible. Besides its pricing being higher than many MMO and F2P games Premium prices.

No, what CCP has been doing and still continues to do is change the Lore and Eve History to justify them turning Eve Online from an open world player run sandbox into a company scripted theme park, all the while acting like a bunch of Carnies hawking their wares.

The Triglavian stuff they implemented was downright bad, forcing players not interested in that content to interact with it. The fact that they spent so much time and resources on it while ignoring other long standing unfinished content shows them to be unprofessional. That is the root of all the problems in Eve, CCP never finishes what they start.