First CSM Summit Meeting Minutes

Hooliganism? When they get in fights wearing helmets and heavy pads. Those are some powder-puff class hooligans.

Ice hockey is just figure skating with sticks.

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Really i want you to say that to their face and show me how many teeth you have left after that.

If I can wear a full hockey get-up at the time, sure.

Lol ok fine, youll still be missing teeth and prolly have a cracked skull.

Not anymore. Stupid NHL took the good bits out.

They’re there for the same reason cynos can still get where they need to go: getting around bubblecamps isn’t impossible, and it’s not even particularly difficult if you have half a brain.

As for gate camps dying… I heartily encourage you to go to HED-GP through Keberz on Saturday evenings. Say ‘hi’ to @Brisc_Rubal while you blow up.

The Pats are basically football’s version of the New York Yankees: A solid organization with a proven record that has engendered legions of puffed-up, overly-entitled fans. And it’s the fans who contribute more to the team being hated than the team itself does. Though, Belichick does quite a lot on his own there. The one thing he never learned from Parcells was how not to be a douche to the rest of the game.

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That made me throw up a little in my mouth… comparing any Boston team to the effin’ Yankess of all things. And I don’t even like baseball.

You’re a New Yorker, aren’t you? :slight_smile:

Hey, do you remember the Pats before Brady? The Steve Grogan era, perhaps? We’ve paid our dues with sucky teams. Let us enjoy the moment; B & B will retire soon enough.

Jeez, you’d think the Patriots were Goons or something.

what happen? No more brawls?

I just remember more of them. It’s been a long time since I explore NS.

People seems to underestimate Belichick role. He’s the Brain. Like with last match with GIants. First half was not so good, Giants didn’t shine either. They were crushed in second.

A Mets fan, yeah.

Yep. I do. I also remember the Yankees during the 70s and 80s. Even good orgs have bad periods. I don’t have any problem with the Pats org. I don’t even have a problem with the Yankees organization… ok, I don’t have a big problem with the Yankees organization. I take issue with their fans—the spoiled, entitled jerks who decide the whole season was a waste if they didn’t win the Superbowl, or the World Series.

The ones who keep it in perspective, and remain decent sports fans? Hey, I hope they enjoy it. It’s been a good run. The jackasses, though? Yeah, they make us pretty much hate the Pats, just like those of us in the Flushing crowd hate the guys who play in the Bronx.

I don’t underestimate Belichick at all. He’s a brilliant head coach. He’s also a jackass. :slight_smile:

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Eadwulf Ronuken
Jeremiah Saken
Thanks guys, being an Aussie I really have no idea what you are talking about “West Tigers all the way” but this was a nice change from everyday posting :smirk:


Completely normal. Thats why EvE has gone to crap. less than 12% of the games population are telling CCP what needs to be done.

Well at least the Null sec people should be happy about driving off paying customers so their PLEX costs them more isk.

While that may be a good idea that I would also support, it’s just not possible on the scale of Eve. It would generate extra lag in a fight of hundreds to thousands and everyone hates TiDi.

And where are you getting that figure from?

I’m curious too, I would have thought it to be far less than 12%

I would have gone with a higher number, like 20-30%

Player population, or character population?

null sec player population, I would say.

Well as you are a CSM, you figure it out. Here is a hint CSM published it but even that is being VERY optimistic.

Since warp changes are live NDA still stands? Can we discuss what was bringed up at summit?

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We can discuss the warp changes.
One thing being released doesn’t uncover everything else

Is there any point in discussing anything in the summit minutes?

The NDA precludes the CSM releasing anything that can have an effect on player-game interaction:

  • All the talking points in the minutes that touch upon changes to game play or game environment are not covered by the NDA, therefore are not going to be included in the game anytime soon or are not of great import - Its just blog waffle