For Folks who are 'Leaving'

So instead you give them the more valuable resource of time.


Or you just terribad at the game and can’t handle missioning, watching local and d-scan?


Pretty sure she just paid the dude to kill her. Or asked him to,

Its not tho. Unless they read the forums and saw you LOL.

So you also don’t know how to fit a condor? Huh.

You gotta bate them with meat :wink:

That’s nice and all, but once again, the person who killed you isn’t a ganker. Their entire kill board is filled with regular low/null-sec fleet and solo kills, except for you. If that player truly is a “cowardly worm who sneaks up on people with low shields from PvE,” they’d have more than a single kill like that on their record. So I’m going to conclude one of two possibilities:

  1. The kill was somehow provoked.
  2. The kill was staged to create some “cred” for trolling the forums.

And the Pope isn’t a Catholic !

I could not care less what you ‘conclude’, as you clearly haven’t the faintest idea what you are talking about.

I’ve never seen anyone as emotionally invested in two frigate losses as you are. I’ve seen more discussion and explanation and general yacking about your 5 mil in losses than literally any other player’s on these forums. Why is that?


Not as bad as you are at trolling posts.


Maybe because someone finally showed up who can see and express just how much the game dynamic sucks. Get used to it…its not the last you’ll hear. You lot could do with some input from someone who isn’t suffering from Eve Stockholm syndrome.

The problem is not ganking in itself, but the inability to proactively do anything about it. Gankers act with total impunity and little consequence, and it is pointless going after them with a bigger ship…or even going after them at all. And who wants to spend their time running away ? WHY do people day after day put up with Uedama being over-run by gankers…like some sort of Logan’s Run 'that’s just the way things are ’ apathy.

Literally all your words and their words. Hardly new.


I mean you got killed in a condor by a cata. You should have had a MWD fit and should have easily outranged him. The fact that he made it to blaster/scram range is entirely on you ROFL.

More outright lies. You choose not to and then choose not to accept accountability when you get caught slipping LOL.

Same reason as you. Perpetual victimhood.

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Wait, was it just a single Catalyst?

Maybe they read something like this you wrote on the forum ……. Saw you in game and decided to take a punt?

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So wrong and yet so right at the same time.
Democracy is old magic, used to abuse and confuse those subject to tyranny since civilisation.

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Story time.

Short while ago I had the silly idea to use a nighthawk for HS Guristas anoms. Apart from the fact that it’s not silly at all given you only get 4/10 or 5/10 escalations, the stupid dps, good application and (with 2 sebos) 700+ scan res that makes Hecates cry how I’m “stealing their kills” (this actually happened).

I’m ehp fit with ehp implants, I know my ehp vs Void and EMP. I’ve set standing to obvious gank groups and went out doing my thing.

I enter a 0.6 system and notice 6 folks part of Safety, they’re not on my ingate so while gatecloaked I quickly check them: they use catalysts. I’m not worried about 6 cats in my ship so I warp to an anom and go do my thing. It’s a missile BC hull so I don’t bother to move, suddenly I see 6 people join my grid (I see them because my overview isn’t a mess and because I’m paying attention), instantly hit MWD and start moving away from my current location.

By the time they get out of warp and managed to target and tackle me I’m already 8km away from them, where their Void does fckall so all they did was tickle me.

Moral of the story: a fight doesn’t start when the first shot is fired, it starts WAY before that and there are many choices and decisions along that chain of events, where you had the option to change or avoid the outcome, before you end up in the situation where there’s nothing you can do about it any more.

In short: stop sucking, stop being lazy, stop blaming others for your own lack of effort.


*It was at this moment I fell deeply in love with

The Nighthawk*

But I also love your post in general too


It’s actually very good at it for the reasons mentioned. High EHP, doesn’t require an expensive fit (most expensive was the sister probe launcher which I hardly used) and the hull isn’t even expensive compared to pirate cruiser hulls. It’s actually quite a good ship to use to deter ganking.

Dps is stupid, range is enough, damage application is great too with ship bonus and rigor/flare rigs (which you can use because of its innate high tank vs guristas). Only downsides are scan res (solved) and agility but generally not an issue as you can align before completing a site.


No they aren’t. They are quitters and losers.

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I bet anyone who says they’re leaving is coming back in 3 months. But maybe there are other people who will just leave without a word.


True! Most people simply log off, unsub and are never heard from again! But I fail to see any improvement forcing people to join MEGA groups to mine simple ores. I think EVE would be far far ahead if they worked on small scale solo adventures.

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Preach it from the mountaintop.

Also I wonder if they could have broken your tank assuming you fought back. Pretty sure nighthawks can be tanked like a brick.

You can solo and small gang. But you must, and I stress this, must accept that if you come into contact with a competent group bigger than yours, you getting blapped.

Nah, 6 catas in a 0.6 vs my ehp wouldn’t have worked, I have 150K EHP vs Void. He never scanned me and I doubt he gave it much thought, it was late night US time zone and he probably wanted to try “one last gank before logging”. Had he scanned me he’d have known I was EHP fit and had no valuables onboard, not in fit nor loot.

My only worry was him having more friends warping in with Tornado’s to try and finish it, but then you get to the point of ganking a relatively cheap ship with pretty much zero drop value, other than “lol lets waste a few Tornado’s” there’s really no point.