For Folks who are 'Leaving'

Nah, 6 catas in a 0.6 vs my ehp wouldn’t have worked, I have 150K EHP vs Void. He never scanned me and I doubt he gave it much thought, it was late night US time zone and he probably wanted to try “one last gank before logging”. Had he scanned me he’d have known I was EHP fit and had no valuables onboard, not in fit nor loot.

My only worry was him having more friends warping in with Tornado’s to try and finish it, but then you get to the point of ganking a relatively cheap ship with pretty much zero drop value, other than “lol lets waste a few Tornado’s” there’s really no point.

I fail to see any forcing.

Tbh though Im starting to think it would be quite amusing if CCP made it that large orgs HAD to accept players once they reached a certain SP threshold.

What an evil thought, discrimination is all we have.

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Lol…no…I wasn’t just sitting there in the middle of nowhere. I was actively engaged in fighting 4 npc pirates in the middle of an asteroid field and half a dozen Ventures, had low shields as a result, was focusing on targetting the last npc, had an Overview full of mining drones and hobgoblins, and the cowardly worm sneaked in while I was already in the middle of combat. The fact that the last NPC is even recorded on the kill log is proof of all this.

So, the real moral of the story is I should watch out for cowardly worms. Oh…and I fitted auto-targetting missiles as there’s far less distraction.

End of. Have already moved on to much bigger things than a Condor :slight_smile:

The more likely explanation is that I had two alts spying on their gate camping.

the plot thickens

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Holy failfit Batman. Auto targeting? Ew. And it seems like your overview set up sucks.

Yesm, def terribad. You deserved that death.

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Lol. Just the inevitable startup hiccups. I’m actually doing incredibly well for someone who was a total noob only 2 months ago. I even spotted in advance several attempts to set up a gank on me today…and had great pleasure in typing ‘lol’ in local when a ship that had followed me all the way to a station from 2 systems away targetted just too late and i got in. Alas…Eve doesn’t record the ‘got away’ moments.

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Yet you have opinions on everything. Weird, that.

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Get used to it !

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Where did I pretend to be new. You’re not very good with facts.

Nah I’ll just mute you, so much easier.

As we have seen though, they arent very informed opinions

Cilly obviously isn’t a new player.

She is an alt of someone who is pretending to be new.


Which is my point. Troll spamming to the point where it becomes an excersize to read their pages of nonsense is already bad enough, lying about it makes it worse.

Problem is solved though.

I pretty much called it right away.

Looking at who did the “suicide-gank” would be a good place to start.

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Lol…watching you guys get worked up over ‘the return of Khan’ is frikin hilarious. Keep it up…Eve could do with some comedy now and then.

I hope I don’t end up a conspiratorially minded fruitcake after 15 years in Eve :slight_smile:

Heh, the only fact here is that you’re also a newb, created on 08-02-2021. The irony is that you have the audacity to condemn others for doing exactly what you’ve been doing. And to top that off, they don’t even do it half as much as you.


Ah, you mean the heroic, daring, dashing hero who got out of the kill right by zonking his own ship with an alt ? I thought there was honour among thieves !