For Folks who are 'Leaving'

But Ushra’Khan is synced with zKill, and there’s no relevant loss mail for Lux0?

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Which part of “he pretends to be new but isn’t, so is lying about that fact while creating drama/troll stuff about ‘being ganked as a newbie’” don’t you get?

We all know you’re not very good with logic and refuse to accept/admit to basic things, like a true carebear. No point in continuing.

Which part of ’ I AM new’ don’t you get ?

Seriously…I feel like I have walked into a padded cell here and need to beware of the folks who forgot to take their meds.

Which is what you do here in the forums… constantly.

Heh, you don’t know anything…

Good, it’s about time you stopped posting your toxic drivel, these forums will be much better without it.


Indeed…I had an hour long private chat with an experienced PvPer last night about the ‘disappearance’ of my kill right. The guy tried to persuade me that the Corvette being zonked was someone exercising the kill right…or rather, him doing it to himself via an alt…but I’m not convinced, as there should be something, somewhere, that says ‘kill right claimed’. So I’m a bit mystified.

In any case, the lesson learned is…in future don’t leave kill rights open to ‘anyone’.

C’mon guys if that line does not convince you that their protestations are true I don’t know what will.

Welcome, initiate, to the EVE online forums. May your skin be fortified and your journey fruitful.

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Its clear she is an alt. And Cilla is claiming to be new and obv not. Whats not to understand?

Aisha never claimed to be a brand new player. Bro, you got kinda slow since writing that guide huh?

Someone of the most honorable people I’ve met in this game has been the “criminals”.

The gas lighting and trolling skills need work. What’s funny is you don’t even know what’s giving you away :smiley:


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But you can trust that they will try to steal stuff from you.

You always know where you are with a thief.

People who say they arent thieves though might be liars.


And people who say they aren’t liars might be thieves or worse.


Maybe both… politicians. :wink:


Yea, certainly, although I wonder more about those who pull their strings and have them by the cahones, all while mostly staying away from the public eye.

Real-life null bloc leaders?

Ax’l Thorne. He likely has a log of the chat.

I wouldn’t know, I haven’t had the pleasure of any exchange with anyone of them and I do like to know before I point the finger.

Maybe they play EVE as a hobby and already met them. :scream:

What’s even funnier is you don’t grasp how complimentary I find it…not being considered a noob even though I am.

Maybe and maybe not and then again I still wouldn’t know, would I ?

Yes that was my point. :wink:

Well, you’ve just succeeded in confusing me :sweat_smile:
I don’t understand why you’d make that point though. :confused:

Just an interesting thought which is true in general too that you can never know for sure who you are dealing with on the internet.

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