I'm qutting

Dude, you’ve had so many losses on both those characters. You clearly weren’t taking the right precautions or learning from experience. It’s not possible to never be exploded unless you never undock, but you can minimize the risk to yourself by being smart.

Instead of getting mad, ask for help. Ask the pirates what you did wrong. Read pirate/ganker blogs to find out how they operate. Talk to other industrialists to find out how they minimize risk. Educate yourself and apply your newfound knowledge to your operations. Don’t just quit.

LMAO :joy: I knew this name was familiar. This is Data from star trek ( char name: Jean-Marc Lepelletier ), I know her from University of Caille corp chat where my main ( @Marcusson_en_Chasteaux ) started playing since last January.

Poor dude had a very troubled time every single time she logged in, and as I’ve learned had a long past of misfortune when it comes to dealing with other people. She even tried to organize some anti-ganking fleet of sorts.

Once tried to suicide gank my thief alt’s frigate at Jita with his frig just do die in the process so I have at least one of his corpse. Might even sell it for the right price but that would cost a lot as I rather just keep it for the sentimental value. :slight_smile:

She is well known to be very triggered by his gender being mentioned, had countless fight in corp chat with other people who mistakenly or outright deliberately mixed it up so no wonder she reacted so harshly to such input.

I always had mixed feelings of feeling sorry for her, smile at the chat drama he was involved in and at the same time feel it deserved everything they got as it was always their fault of not simply ignoring the people who made fun of him. The ignore button can do wonders you know.

I am a bit sad to see you go but to be honest this is the best for your wellbeing, you couldn’t cope with either the harsh realities of EVE as a game and its players either so I am very confident the best is to find a place where you can play without constantly being angered, even unintentionally.

Good luck and play safe o/


If you quit, “they” win.

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This is true, and you have a couple of offers of help in this thread. You could easily make some simple, common sense adjustments to your playstyle and come out making money instead of losing everything getting killed.

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Bye. Contract me your remaining stuff.

EvE can be hard, but it’s this level of conflict that makes it such a good game. It’s not for everyone, but your inability to handle the pressure does not make it a bad game.

There are less involving games you could be playing. Again the difficulty is not a problem with EvE, rather with you.

You only have to HTFU if you’re going to stay. Not an issue if you leave, however it might be something to look into regardless.

Profits have skyrocketed over the last few years.

You can do that stuff, you just have to get good is all. If nobody can make it as an industrialist, where are all these millions of player created items on the market coming from?


“Then eventually you’re regularly trading in terms of billions of isk. So I ask you: what exactly constitutes space poor? My alt scraped together 250mil through PI operations in the last week or so.”


You got complacent and greedy.

Dont send or offer this player isk.

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This is why so many people announce they are leaving. Over 100 replies to a “I quit” thread. Giving nobodies all this attention for accomplishing nothing.

Maybe I should make a post titled “I wiped my ass today” just so I can get some attention.


You should have run a cloak/mwd trick Epithal, like everyone else.

Stupid to use a 300mill ship to transport that small amount of PI value.

You failed and fked up.
Thats your fault.
Not CCPs or the aggressors.

Angry person is angry and doesn’t want to hear anything from anybody.

I’m sorry, you yourself said you only went there for the richer resources, and despite the fact that you have been in game long enough to fly a DST… you somehow thought you could grab the richer resources without dealing with the higher risks.

If you took reasonable precautions, travelled at a low activity time of the day, scouted ahead, maybe had a friend along with you, fitted your ship for whatever is most survivable (align time, or warp stabs, or tank) - you would have had a reasonable chance.

You took the easy way out to make more profit per time spent, and you paid for it. You made an expensive mistake, and you’re probably as angry as yourself as you are at ‘bad game design’. So you’re just venting all over the place here.

tl;dr - You took your chances, and you paid your money. Even though you knew better.

Depends who you wiped it with I guess ?

You are right, but some of us don’t like to see people leave the game even if it’s their fault, they need to HTFU, or whatever else. Some of us will offer help, deserved or not. And sure, we can be ‘had,’ just as we were. But I’m currently laid-up and not capable of doing much more except typing anyway, so no skin off my nose. And in any respect, leaving a forum post sort of plays by the same rules as Eve does: don’t spend time that you can’t afford to lose, etc.

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Then post your fit. Tern we can can tell you how you fukked up. I also suspect you’ve never used dscan.

All leavers get roasted on the walk of shame.
Its our due entertainment.

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That would teach the wrong lesson. It would teach the lesson that a good fit entitles you not to die. But a good fit entitles no such thing. If he is going to continue playing, he needs to first and foremost accept that he can die anywhere, anytime he undocks. Once he does that, then he can learn fits, scouting, this, that, and whatever else.

He/she posted it earlier.

Was running a 300mil DST with a PI cargo of only like 25mil.

Should have used a cloak/mwd Epithal, like everyone else.


Wouldnt dream of asking, you kinda already said you keep losing your stuff :skull_and_crossbones: :joy_cat:

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Yea … record profits. Thats why they have recently fired over 100 people, including most of the EVE Online community team, closed 2 offices and and fail to hold talent. (In case you havent noticed, several big names, like Seagull, Ghost, Torifrans, Pointy Bits and Punkturis have left CCP voluntarily in the last months.)


It’s just a game lol … and I was about to ask for your stuff, but you are probably space poor, so I’ll pass haha. x

You’re not wrong, but that’s what makes Eve different and challenging. Survive or be someone’s loot.

The story is just as likely to be true in reverse. That is, they paid out 100 people from a loss making division (VR), decided to restructure in the process (including the community team, who presumably were adding no demonstrable financial value?), and consequently ended up after these one-off payouts, permanently reduced costs, and at least static revenue, with increased nett profits as a result ?

I don’t know if that is any more true than your scenario, but suspect you don’t either ? What I also don’t know is what is the usual staff churn for either CCP and/or companies of this size/type. Especially a company that is based on creativity and that arguably closed its most creative (ie VR) department, albeit for sound business reasons. So, the departure of the people you mention may or may not be significant.