Lee Adoulin for CSM 18


My name is Lee Adoulin, I’m 31 years old and living in Germany. I’m the Senior Director of “Space Wolves Ind.” part of the alliance “Solyaris Chtonium” and hopefully one of your next CSM.

My story

My Eve story begins in late 2013 as a newbie in high sec. I always wanted to try this game.

I remember, I was blown away from this game and had a lot of fun doing missions in high sec. Sadly, this didn’t last very long and about 9 months later I was out of the game. After that, a long time of on-off playing started. I periodically played for a month or so. I even had an attempt to go to null sec but quit again. Mostly because I had no idea about this game and no one really told me how I can play this game or what I can do in this game. So I became bored after a while and quit.

Then at the end of 2022 I started another attempt. This time it was successful. I decided to join a renter Corp located in null sec. At that time, I learned more about this game than in all the years before. I’ve become interested in Eve politics/news and started to watch things like ‘Frost Ees OP’ on Twitch or ‘Talking in Stations’ and was fascinated by this game and the community it has.

I discovered mining and industry for myself as my main activity in Eve. Mining, a thing I never thought I would do EVER. But soon I started expanding.
But I had a feeling to change things up a bit. I wanted more from the game so I decided to switch to a main alliance Corp.

Luckily I found a nice group to stay with.

I learned the basics of how fleet fights work in null sec. I learned how to make proper ISK and I quickly became a moon and ice miner and grew even further into Eve.

I became interested in Corp leadership. So I applied as a recruiter in my Corp, although I’m an introverted person and I’m not talkative at all. But I had a lot of joy doing it. About half a year later, a position as Junior Direct became available and decided to give it a try and applied. I already was involved in some aspects of the Corp leadership. I like to take care of the newbies in my Corp. Explaining aspects of Eve to others so they understand it and stay. Offering help to others. Finally, I became Senior Director of my Corp.

Areas of Expertise

  • Mining and Industry
  • Corp leadership and management
  • Null sec

Why become a CSM?

I love the game and the community it has and want to do my part for it. I’m the type of person if I find a place I like, I take care of it, try to help wherever I can. So I decided to apply as CSM 18 to improve our game and help this community. As a CSM, I will mainly stand for the industry people located in null sec. From the big player with countless toons, down to the single barge miner with the [-Insert ship name here-] he/she wants to build from scratch and has the greatest joy by doing that.

But more from a casual industry player perspective that just wants to earn some ISK or build something meaningful for themselves or their group they are part of. While having a good time in Eve.

A few things I want to tackle as a CSM

  • Supply of minerals in null sec.

Or the lack of minerals I should say. But I think I have an idea how to improve this without major balancing issues.
My solution for this would be to change moons. Or some of them. There are tons of R4 moons that literally no one uses. So why not change the composition of some of them. Maybe only one or two per constellation or a handful per region. Instead of reaction materials, they give you minerals in different quantities. Basically they give you the minerals that do not spawn in your area. The supply of some minerals would still be limited. But you would have a baseline to work with.
Related to this is also the current residue mechanic. I want to rebalance it. T1 and T2 crystals are just stupid. I mean you invest more skill points for less total ore but more speed?

  • Planetary interaction

I would like to have some improvements in terms of quality of life features. I mean, why do I have to click every single facility to start the production again, after it is done with the previous run? A simple button that refreshes the duration of the selected planet would do the job.
Another nice addition would be a blueprint system. Were you can save parts of your layout and copy/paste it on a different planet.

  • The Bowhead

There is one ship in this game that always made me wonder why you would use it. The Bowhead.
I would like to give it a purpose. I was thinking about a modular approach. With different modules, for different use cases. Just like T3 cruiser. A module for an ore bay, a module for a mineral bay and so on. Maybe even a jump drive module.

  • Hauler

Speaking of the Bowhead. Hauling stuff from point A to point B is another aspect of Eve. But there is a gap between DSTs and freighters. There should be a ship in between.
Also the ability of the Rorqual to bridge/conduit jump should be less restricted. So that all haulers can use it as well. Since moving the stuff you mine is also important.

  • New player experience

I know it is a controversial topic. But there should be a safe time for new player.

But I’m thinking more like some sort of newbie status for new accounts that prohibits any PvP from others. So a time where you can explore the game and learn it.
Obviously this status would end as soon as:

  1. you enter low sec/null sec/wormhole space
  2. you join a Corp that owns structures and is war eligible
  3. you attack other player
  4. 30 days have passed (14 days if alpha account)

All are saying we need more new player. But the biggest complaint in a review of someone who is trying this game, is ganking. Another player that will be lost forever (including his friends btw). I’m not saying that ganking can’t exist. But your first weeks in this game shouldn’t be ruined by it. Keeping new players in the game is essential for Eve. But we need to change some things.

Some final words

I’m not a streamer nor do I have a YouTube channel or any public appearance. I’m just a normal person that plays Eve in his corner of the Eve universe who wants to contribute his part. A random person from null sec.

I might be a stranger you probably never heard of. But I can do this job.

Fly safe o7

Lee Adoulin


You forgot “use a skill injector”


May I ask you about your views on what type of New Player does Eve Online need?

How do you plan to prevent veterans to exploit this mechanic for e.g. hauling things in total safety?

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Interesting perspectives on this.

However, I would be of interested how you want the nullsec resources to be increased to variated. One of the more interesting problems in nullsec are areas that have old asteroid belts and are hot spots for mining [supposedly] I personally think nullsec could “return” asteroid belts. But, I think CCP should make a scan down mechanic for asteroid belts/anoms in nullsec. So players can find resources and locations for resource collection. Because nullsec doesn’t have the infrastructure and surveying of low-highsec empire space.

The Newbro protection concept…sounds good on paper. But this might cause some interesting issues with alt creation [comment above pointed that out] Or in the inverse. What if players were baited into lowsec and their safety turned off via this so they could be ganked and attacked once they returned to highsec?

Maybe some anti-ganking instructions and videos should be added to the NPE. [Not sure how that will go over well.]

Good idea. Maybe via another set of ihub upgrades. But you can only install one set. So you could either have the current mining anoms or the scan down anoms with other minerals. But not both at the same time. But you can control which you want/need.

Regarding the abuse of my new player concept. You could link the “protection” status to the email address and add another point to the EULA.
Something like:
If you already have an account, any new account has to be registered on the same email address. Not doing so is a violation of the EULA and can be punished.

Sure this wouldn’t prevent all abuse. But it would minimize it at least. But just as an idea.

Yes indeed.

Well, I think there should be room for all types of new player. It’s a sandbox game after all. So you should be able to play the game as you like. Be involved or not in different aspects of the game as you like.

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@Lee_Adoulin would you back any idea mentioned below as CSM member?

  1. Insane idea - pay with PLEX in NES for extra dev time
  2. Quafe+ is from "biomass" (...or corpse reprocessing)
  3. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - Better Visibility Of Other Players’ PI Networks
  4. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - 13 requests for Stack Split enhancment since Jun’18
  5. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - PI KB-shortcuts for toggling between groups of structures
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  1. How Is CCP getting right?

  2. How is CCP getting wrong?

  3. What do you wish existed in-game that doesn’t?

  4. What exists in-game that you wish didn’t?

  5. What exists in-game that you think ought to continue to exist?

  6. What doesn’t exist in-game that you hope never comes into existence?

  7. How would you improve PI?

  8. How would you improve the entire corporation UI?

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Lee Adoulin—

Are you an industrialist by any chance… and are you an artist of any kind in IRL?

I feel like there are a couple issues currently in the whole of industry and mining. So I am looking for the person who best aligns with my ideas. Therefore I wonder how you’d answer the following questions(sorted by categories):

  1. What is your view on single to duo/triple boxing of mining in terms of viability and profitability compared to other activitie)? Do you think they are in a good state? What is your opinion on the waste mechanic? Do you think something beyond the exhumer might be healthy for the game? What do you think would be a fix to the T1 and T2 crystals?
  2. What is your opinion on the state of PI? Do you think PI is in a good spot price wise? Do you think PI is easy to get into? What kind of improvements would you like to see CCP implement for PI?
  3. What is your view on resource distribution of minerals/ores currently? Do you think it is healthy for Nullsec to be this dependent on pochven and lowsec? What ores do you think may be abundant in nullsec? Which ores should be more abundant in nullsec? Same for lowsec and wormholes.
  4. Last not least what do you think is needed to make capital production more profitable? Specifically looking at carriers, supers, titans and fax.

Thanks in advance and my apologies for the barrage of questions.

I’m a multi box miner myself. So I think it is in a good state.
But the current waste mechanic is just stupid. You invest skill points to get less total ore out of a belt/moon?
I would swap it. T1 laser get the residue mechanic, T1 crystals a reduced chance and T2 crystals 0%. Same for the ORE laser, so you have a choice. Either invest the skill points or the ISK for 0% waste.

PI is tedious. I would like to have a simple button that restarts every extractor on every planet if the current cycle is done. Or a box you can tick during the setup so it restarts automatically. I would also implement a notification if a cycle on planet XYZ is complete.

The distribution of minerals in null sec is not ideal. But I think my idea I stated above would be a good compromise.
Changing some R4 moons to mineral moons could be a good way to improve mineral supply without flooding a block with minerals. Maybe only a few mineral moons per constellation. They give you minerals that do not spawn naturally in your sector. So null sec would get Isogen/Nocxium moons, low sec Zydrine/Megacyte moons. Tritanium I wouldn’t change.

About capital profit. I think there are only two ways. First, the price of a cap could rise to reflect the aktual build cost + some profit. The second way would be to reduce the amount of materials/parts you need to build it (or make them cheaper). But caps are a trading object and Eve is market based. So even if you reduce the amount of parts you need, the price will drop accordingly. And so your profit margin. I’m not sure if there is a successful way to improve profit margins on caps.

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CMS 18
You are all welcome to advertise
introduce yourself on one of the largest German Discord servers
And to advertise 1300+ are waiting for you Respect Honor Passion

The candidates are invited LIVE in the stream

And with LIVE translation English to German !!
introduce yourself in an interview and ask questions
to be answered by German speaking players
Yours sincerely (Neo ceo RHP) mfg

Do you believe as a CSM candidate that a Procurer should have the ability to light Industrial Cynos since Ventures are allowed to? And that Procurer with Cynos has been a forever meta in EVE that was deleted for no reason by CCP?

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