⭐ MOONPIRE Investment Bank

Looking for new investments for a longterm trading strategy.

ISK Investment model:

  • 1% to be paid at the end of each month.

  • 1 billion minimum.

  • 60 days minimum holding period.

  • Who invest 50 to 100 billion, will get 1.5% / month.

  • Players who invest over 100 billion, will get 2 % / month.

  • Players who invest over 200 billion, will get 3 % / month.

How it works? :

Send your isk to corporation “Moonpire” in game. Post here how much isk you sent. And you are done. I will confirm receipt and pay you at the end of every month until you withdraw or i give your invest back.

Contact me ingame: Arisha Moon or Discord: MOONPIRE#5138

Thanks for attention

Arisha Moon


This poor attempt bombed already two days ago:

Collateral is the remedy for trust. This is more risk amplification than diversification imo.


could you all pls stop spaming here. Untel you dont have any scam proofs of me, please dont spam here. when you have hard facts, then you can post it, but until this stop it!

Sounds like the same scam that CODE uses to get miners to talk to one of their Permit issuers.

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Hi @Arisha_Moon!

Its perfectly fine for forum users to also voice their concerns over your share sale. As long as they are constructive and within the forum rules, i dont see an issue. Outside of the game you would have to also live with crititcal voices as long as they voice it within legal boundaries.


if it were constructive criticism then ok, but there are allegations that can not be substantiated simply from facts. Already reigns vigilante justice here?

I have stated above why i wont remove the posts you reported. If you feel i should have handled it differently, you can drop CCP a support ticket about this issue.

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You could at least provide a reason for why you think you should be trusted with this amount of ISK. It doesn’t have to be an ironclad contract that legally forbids you from from scamming.


Ok, i post it now in 2 Languages, English via Googletranslate and German(original), because i do not want missunderstandings…
ok i try to formulate it as i can. via googletranslate …
I started playing eve 6 months ago, before that I tried it 2 years ago and somehow found no sense playing it and then quit. So when I started 6 months ago, I had set myself a goal to do what I do in real life and that’s what I trade. I have bought from my 4 billion that I had 2 years ago, I have 1 month subscription and started to trade with the rest. I joined a Nullsec corp and very soon the members noticed that I understand my trade and invested in me. I immediately started to build a trading network in our Nullspace and soon afterwards in quite eve … I post my card now … and please do not think now, it is easy to publish such data, it does not matter if you know it or not, it does not affect the network …
If you look at the picture, you will find that I have no goods there, that is correct and the reason is that I just need all my ISK and invest in my skill farms. [removed, because it has absolutely no one interested, it does not matter what you show for facts, it is still guilty in the end …]
A Skillfarm per 3 Chars costs about 17 billion in the purchase.
So now to my plan why I started this topic at all.
I have spent the last few months studying the makrt and have tried a lot of things, from founding a corpse to having a Profitable corp that throws off ISK to the simplest stationstrading. I look at the last 6 months as a search that has now ended, the last project is over and now I have drawn the conclusions and concentrate on what is most effective in my opinion. Competitors enliven business and always drive innovation, so I’ve never made anything a secret.
Sure, you can say that’s all cheating and just a façade, I can not give you more than my word of honor, because had I had something to deposit myself here in the game, then I would have used it for my business. Therefore I went to the public to borrow from you for my project ISK and to give you in return%. As I said, I think who understands something of the picture I posted above, will understand that you do not do that to cheat people, but because you are serious.
If you have questions, just ask, but please stop making allegations and putting the dan in the room.
I want to build a fair and honest business that everyone should benefit from.

Thank you for your attention

Arisha Moon


ok ich versuche es zu formulieren wie ich es kann. via googletranslate…
ich habe angefangen eve vor 6 Monaten an zu spielen, davor ich habe ich es vor 2 Jahren probiert und irgendwie keinen Sinn gefunden es weiter zu spielen und habe dann aufgehört. Also ich vor 6 Monaten anfing, hatte ich mir ein Ziel gesetzt, das zu tun was ich auch im echten Leben mache und das ist traden. Ich habe mir von meinen 4 Milliarden die ich vor 2 Jahren hatte, habe ich mir 1 Monatsabo gekauft und mit dem rest angefangen zu traden. Ich trat einer Nullsec korp bei und schon sehr bald merken die Mitglieder, das ich etwas von meinem Handwerk verstehe und investierten in mich. Ich began sofort damit ein Tradingnetztwerk in unserem Nullspace aufzubauen und bald darauf in ganz eve… ich poste jetzt meine karte… und denkt bitte jetzt nicht, es sei leichsinnig solche Daten zu veröffentlichen, es spielt keine Rolle ob Ihr es wisst oder nicht, das Netzwerk wird dadurch nicht beeinflusst…
Wenn Ihr euch das Bild anschaut, werdet Ihr feststellen, das ich dort keine Waren habe, das ist korrekt und der Grund dafür ist, dass ich alle meine ISK gerade brauche und in meine Skillfarmen investiere. [entfernt, da es absolut keinen interessiert hat, es spielt keine rolle was man für fakten zeigt, man ist am ende trotzdem schuld…]
eine Skillfarm je 3 Chars kostet etwa 17 Milliarden in der Anschaffung.
So nun zu meinem Vorhaben warum ich dieses Thema überhaupt angefangen habe.
Ich habe die letzten Monate damit verbracht den Makrt zu studieren und habe sehr viele Sachen ausprobiert, von Korpgründungen um eine Profitable Korp zu haben die am Ende ISK abwirft bis hin zum simpelsten Stationstrading. Ich betrachte die letzten 6 Monate als eine Suche die nun ein Ende hat, das letze Projekt ist zu Ende und nun habe ich die Schlüße gezogen und konzentriere mich auf das was am effektivsten ist meiner Meinung nach. Konkurenz belebt das Geschäft und treibt immer zu Innovationen, deswegen habe ich nie aus etwas ein Geheimniss gemacht.
Klar kann man sagen, das ist alles Betrug und nur Fassade, ich kann euch nicht mehr als mein Ehrenwort geben, denn hätte ich selbst etwas zum hinterlegen gehabt hier im Spiel, dann hätte ich es für mein Geschäft genutzt. Deswegen ging ich nun an die Öffentichkeit um mir von euch für mein Vorhaben ISK zu leihen und euch als Gegenzug % zu geben. Wie gesagt, ich denke wer etwas von dem Bild versteht was ich oben gepostet habe, wird verstehen, dass man so etwas nicht macht um Leute zu betrügen, sondern weil man es ernst meint.
Wenn Ihr Fragen habt, fragt einfach, aber bitte hört auf Behauptungen aus der Luft zu holen und die dan in den Raum zu stellen.
Ich möchte ein faires und ehrliches Geschäft aufbauen, von dem alle profitieren sollen.

Vielen Dank für die Aufmerksamkeit

Arisha Moon

Actually, I dont believe that you are a scammer. I think you are legitimate.

The problem here is that i also believe you are incompetent.

Part of the problem is that you dont handle criticism well. And yes, allegations are criticisms.

You dont have any past history. You are coming here with a brand new corp that no one has heard of, and asking for a whopping 750 billion isk. Yes, its shares, but you are basically evaluating what your company is worth by these shares, and you think your corp is worth 750 billion isk? Are you crazy? I had to re-read your original post when you said that you were going to sell your shares for a billion isk each.

There is no reason to trust you. You keep saying “Cmon, trust me”, but that is something that every single scammer, ever, in history, has said. And pointing that out, is criticism.

And now, you are crying to ISD to remove the posts that you think are not “constructive” because they poke holes in your venture.

Continuing the discussion from Delete pls:

What happened to this? I thought you were going to start with your small capital and try to become successful? Are you saying that you already multiplied your savings? If so, then provide an API or wallet screen to prove it.


i have written down, everything you need to know why and where… i have not enough isk at the momment to do everything at once. at the moment i am selling all my plex to region, to pay the skillfarm i am building.
This project takes time to build trust and I am fully aware of that.

I dont think you do.

And yeah, i still dont understand why you are offering this. You already, according to you, have like 60 chars who are skillfarming. So why not wait 2-3 months? That should give you plenty of isk to expand your business.

ok then an other question to you… why you go to a bank and asking them to get a credit? just wait a little bit… or why corporations asking people to invest in them, when they are planing to expand? they could just wait some years…
of course i get isk from the chars, but… if i can get it faster and do more business, why not?
and for me i the most interesting thing, is the process itself here.

Surely you recognize that there is a vast difference between borrowing in the real world and consequences VS borrowing in eve and the complete lack of consequences

of course i know it, but we all try to play the game as a fictive personage?! And its is my “real” image when i start to scam people, because i am in a corporation, where i real talk with people and they trust me too, so when i start to scam here, then its over everywhere, and i presents all my charcters, so if i scam, then all charcters would be blackmarked.

Now as to the real question, are you infringing on my copyright by using my own formatting


I guess they did mention something about imitation and flattery so I’ll let it slide.

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i have read your post and its look good. i am not so good at english, so i take it and added my stuff. because it same thing we do. but thx anyway

Inb4 the title of this thread is edited to “Delete pls”.


what mean Inb4?