That new warp tunnel animation never made it onto Tranquility, did it?

It did get to Tranquility, I remember experimenting with it on the live server right after downtime. Not sure if it made it to the next downtime or was reverted the same day.

Looks like they did, and removed it to deal with a bug:

I guess this is yet another reason why them not reverting this font change is inexcusable…

Well to be fair the font is only annoying and hard to read, the warp tunnels were gamebreaking.

That’s kind of exactly my point, though. As I said here:

When the text is your information and its harder to read, your information comes later than it should and that is also gamebreaking. Imagine constant lag in which perfectly readable text is appearing, and immediately appearing text that is hard to read. Its the same really.

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What’s why kids you have QA department in your company.
Once i’ve heard CCP has had such department but it looks like they got rid of it.

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You are mistaken. It never existed outside of CCP’s imagination.

Found this for a brief second in the NES:


Font Changer (30 day volatile)
250 PLEX

Now, it all becomes clear… :wink:


Stop giving them ideas!

When it comes to pass, we will know who to blame…

Somewhere around 2012-2013 I’ve seen devblog of CCP QA team. They were telling how they perform testing of builds and such. Need to say I was impressed. Need to say it was the only devblog telling anything about their QA.

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The new font is HORRIBLE!!!


I come from the future, I bring grim news…

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Why did you change the Font to one that makes it harder to read it ? old one back plz


Did the font change?

I can’t see it over the years of continuous bot-spam in Jita (etc.)

I think the font is okay now, but a bit too dark. But since there are different perspectives here (in multiple versions, as you might have noticed), let the players decide how they want it. An option should not be too difficult to program. Please do not switch it back to the super bright font as it was after the patch. It gave me a headache.

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many times.

Awesome lore background, fantastic choice of weapons, graphics over the top, key shortcuts for everything, exciting pvp and rushing pve, man finishing Spellforce 3’s campaign was a blast! Anyway… fonts still look like if a toddler took his bachelor’s degree in graphic design with you boys, I’m astonished, basically everyone’s telling you to revert or give us (back) more options, still you don’t deliver, you really are a piece of work!

Well, SF3 Soul Harvest, here I come!


font is still looking like a 5 year old slapped something together. retrolook 15 years ago.

ccp fix fcking font


we have to realize that they absolutely don’t care about us anymore as long as the people that have problems are not a major part of the paying customers.

So we are probably never gonna see a fix that help us with eye problems


But now absolutely everyone have problem with gray text! I haven’t yet met one person in game who says gray on gray is better than previous white on gray chat. There are discussions about font itself, but gray colour is disliked by literately everyone!