Off-Topic Thread vol. 2


Well played.

I strongly advise against buying me any boots, as it is highly unlikely I will wear anything besides my standard issue footwear.

I wouldn’t dream of buying you boots.

Well, it wasn’t you asking about my boot size either. I am sorry, just wrongly adressed relply! Should have mentioned @Gosakumori_Noh - she was asking for my size.


Authenticity is a sacred obligation when it comes to the proper admiration of a d…rill instructress. Different size boots make different sounds as they march across a flight deck, and leave different impressions on recruits who fail to live up to the d…rill instructress’s instructions. The most promising recruits would know when posterior imprints were not from authentic DK 38 Specials, and would consequently fail to reach the highest level of mental and physical conditioning.

As President, I would consider it an official duty to ensure my fellow citizens enjoyed the full benefits of a rigorous health and fitness regimen, and knowing the correct boot size to reproduce just the right sounds and body welts is fundamental to satisfying that objective.


I feel, it’s my duty to inform you that when Gosa asked you for your boot size, she had no intention on gifting you a pair.

She was making a reference to a foot fetish, and furthermore, she personalized it to a foot fetish concerning your feet in particular.

Edit: in this case, the fetish, is the same as a kink.

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“No intention” is too strong. I would gladly give Diana sweetie boots.

I am however very familiar with Diana sweetie’s strict adherence to military doctrine. It would be inappropriate for an officer of the State to receive a gift of boots from a Federation presidential candidate. Despite the inevitability of WAR over the disposition of Luminaire, however, there is still room for our two cultures to enjoy the sound of authentic DK 38 Specials marching across a flight deck, or leaving impressions on misbehaving posteriors.

That I can do.

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The abject barbarism described in your post aside, can I just say how hilarious I find the fact that the best you could come up with for the Caldari and the Amarr was ‘Meritocrats’ and ‘Holders’?

Like, I can maybe comprehend you considering a title of Imperial nobility to be something negative, but ‘Meritocrats’?



I really hate having to agree with Remi, but… c’mon, man.

‘Dogmatic Amarr zealots’ maybe? ‘Heartless Corporatist Parasites living fat on the hog off the labor of the Caldari masses’?

Threats and denouncements need some flair, some drama. They need to really grab you by the scruff and shake you, waking you from your stupor and demanding your attention.

Ugh. But then, I suppose expecting a society as rigidly stratified as the Amarr to teach you how politics is done on the grand scale is a bit… unrealistic. Wouldn’t want to train a capable rabble-rouser. They might rouse some rabble!


I noticed that too, and was wondering how working hard and earning your place in a society is, tyrannical?

What is tyrannical is being lazy, expecting and demanding hard working people to take care of you as seen so prevalent in the Federation.

Your criticism is valid.
My gratitudes for this.

Oceans can be quite Intimidating, particularly on Lower Gravity worlds, as the Waves there can be Extremely Tall.

Also there are Things living in most Oceans. Sea Snails, Lobsters, Cuttlefish, and other such Sea Monsters.

Also, when you go to the Seaside and go for a Paddle, sometimes Things touch your Foot. It can be Disturbing.


I don’t even want to look up what those are. Though, I’ve seen lobsters in restaurants, and they don’t seem so bad.

The bodies of water where I’m from are more akin to small seas, and all but one are heavily irradiated. A terrestrial naval tradition isn’t really a part of my culture.

Imagine them ten times the size!
Lower gravity means also larger wildlife.

Who are you talking to?