Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

So, umm, @Evi_Polevhia… care to explain what the rumours of Sansha attacks are about? I heard through the grapevine that some of your corp were loitering around Seshi when it was allegedly attacked. If anyone could back this up, I would be greatly appreciative.

Just so I know to not be nearby when it next happens, you know?

((EDIT: Tried to make my comment more plausable IC because I misunderstood how IC the fiction portal was as it has a decent IC/OOC bleed to it.))

I cannot discuss Operations.

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And there was Nauplius purchasing a whole bunch of slaves to dig holes on some backwater planet, when it seems capsuleers who felt their honour had been slighted would have done it for free.

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Well, my day is made!

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I’m not sure I get the joke. Is that supposed to make them want to rebel against the Empire because … well, however that works, or against you for making them read all that?

Someone remind me, who/what is Vesper again? I take it someone is being referred to by name but my name memory is a sieve.

Aria Jenneth is who they call “Vesper", I believe.

I call her that because I believe Vesper is a different entity from Aria Jenneth. I pray, perhaps, a different soul than her former basis, so that she may be judged separately from the sins of the past. If not, may she be forgiven with the good works she now does, God willing.

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To be clear, it’s a name I chose myself, during the first few weeks after waking; I might even have changed it, if CONCORD allowed such things. It’s not like the lord-consort imposed it on me. He’s one of only a couple people who use it though.

A “vesper” is an evening prayer, so, depending on interpretation, either a light of the soul to last through the night … or a last whisper of hope before the dark closes in.

I wasn’t all that sure who I was in a meaningful sense at that time-- whether I was doomed to repeat my past or free to find my own way, so the name’s deliberately ambiguous. I wanted something that would be appropriate no matter how things turned out, but that also would remind me of my situation and maybe encourage me to take it seriously.

As it turns out, though, I think it’s still kind of ambiguous.


I should’ve actually posted from my very first reply here in Off-Topic.

And I was speaking generally as well.

It’s not constructive, no, but that still doesn’t make it gatekeeping. I find it curious how you rationalize that by looking into employing a codedot propagandist to write an opinion piece about “how code is good for the economy”, you’ll find “all” the viewpoints and the “whole truth.” You seem to think that they need a voice, that not wanting to listen to their preaching and propaganda is somehow unfair. They’re already constantly yelling to everyone about their personality cult. Your story really wouldn’t change at all if you just made it about “how constant destruction feeds into capsuleer economy” instead of giving yet another soapbox to people that already stand on every proverbial street corner.

Yet again, I’ll say, you’re free to do so, I can’t and won’t stop you. I’ll just say it’s dumb.

Actually I’m as surprised (but appreciative) of the kind words I’ve received as the next pirate. But no, I’m not looking into controlling any narratives. You’ve dug in your heels about this and I believe I understand why. I just don’t agree with it.

Anyway, I’ll check your releases other articles when they come out, hopefully they’ll be worth reading.

Again, you’re free to offer a dissenting opinion and it will be published. Free Press = multiple perspectives, not just the ones we agree with.

I very much respect this statement and agree with its sentiment.

With all due respect, I am not a member of CODE. and, once I may have been somewhat… evangelical about the message of James 315 in the past, I would care to say I am more measured now.

Consider me the Kernerite of The Code.

Yes, I still support the actions of the New Order. Yes, I still believe that they are trying to achieve an outcome that would benefit New Eden. No, I do not think they or their methods are infallible nor even wise some of the time.

However, unlike Kerner, these days I generally don’t try to convince those who refuse to listen to open their ears. Don’t get me wrong, I admire her for it. But it’s not for me.

In short, I’m not “codedot” nor a propagandist and I would appreciate an apology.


A) Can you please just stop latching onto things and attempting to frame your own identity around external sources? Just for a little while?
B) Kernher. With an ‘h’ in the middle. She posts all over this forum, there’s no reason to misspell it.


I thought about mentioning how it’s the Time of Shame again, where Omir Sarikusa makes a fool of himself in front of everyone.

But then I realised, that ultimately, I just don’t care anymore. Omir can be a butte if he wants, I no longer care.

I’ve felt like this for a while. Everything seems to have lost its appeal recently. Witty banter on the IGS, puns in the Summit, it’s all lost its lustre.


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Please no Omir butts anymore.

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I would, if I meant you. You offloaded the endeavour to someone else didn’t you? Self-entitled Princess something who seems more nuts than you ever were. And calling you nuts I might apologize for.

Well actually, I apologize, since I just quickread through the relevant post and thought you gave up the whole thing and gave it to someone else instead of just saying “contact this person just in case.”

Maybe she meant ‘Kernite of the Code’ - ie a dense and slightly dull lump, not much loved by miners?


In fairness, I have all but handed it off. However, the earlier context from others in that thread before I did so was of a similar tone so I apologise if I tarred you unfairly with the same brush.

It was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek reference to wind up the Amarr loyalists, apologies if jokes don’t come through well in text. I was intrigued to see that you assume I cannot and would not have an identity of my own though, Arrendis. I’m not sure if it is a blessing or not that you hold me in such high esteem.

I also wish to apologise to Ms Kernher for the spelling mistake. Everyone is fallable including me. That my biggest mistake was a spelling error is quite the improvement on my usual decision making. I shall not apologise for the offence Arandus took at my inability to spell, however.

That last sentence was meant to be in jest. Just for the sake of clarity.

Above all, I hope we can all draw a line under this and move on because, let’s face it, it’s dull grring on CODE. and it’s even duller for me to fend off the usual I-don’t-like-them-because-they-stop-me-doing-what-I-want ‘logic’.


I sincerely hope you can regain your lustre. Shooting at Omir’s brainwashed drones always helps me feel better but yes, I can empathise with the concerns you have about the Summit.

If you left, the place would not be as bright which, considering you’re a Blooder, is very high praise from me indeed.

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