Photon UI - General Feedback

bug id ebr-242070

have been useing the new ui for some weeks on tq and have got use to it so wanted to test the multi ov thing so jumped on to sisi tonight and found some nice and bad stuff

the nice thing

the multi ov thing is great but bugged, i added a capital ov and a drone ov and when you udock the focus jumps to a random ov window and loads that filter into the main ov window you have, but only some is bugged (if i dock whit the drone tab open it loads the right tab when you undock

just pressing the “main” tab loads the right filter again

also pressing the capital or drone ov do not change the d-scan list, so if i now want to scan for capitals offgrid i have to use the d-scan list and find my capital ov filter in the long list of filters, were before i just switched to the capital tab and d-scanned
so make pressing a diffrent ov switch the d-scan filter
and yes i have “active ov filter” thing set on the d-scan, but it so new they prob havent made it auto detect what ov i have last pressed

you now can set windows transparency to “off”, but after logging in to tq i notice the added abit more to the scale that is live now on tq so you can turn it down even more now so its off just not named as off

the bad stuff is that you cant make the damm ui all black!!! the neocom menu and d-scan list is black so we know you can still do it ccp

yeah me too hehe

Try Compact Mode. Also make your window larger.

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Been in EVE since 2004, and the new UI is terrible - to much spacing, padding, and shows less information.
If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!
At least make it optional.


Really horrible !

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really disappointed :unamused:
all oversized. some windows don’t have the classic :negative_squared_cross_mark: close-buttom.
horrible expirience. with this kind of changes, i have a thoughts that CCP continue destroying the game.
STOP IT !!! :sos: :sos: :sos:


я конечно очень ценю ваш труд но будьте добры перестать навязывать фотонный интерфейс всем подрят по умолчанию, некоторым игрокам по душе старый интерфейс
спасибо за внимание

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I still don’t use. It is still not good enough.

  1. There are too big fileds inside windows. I mean the area between their borders and content. It’s a blank, unusfull area that “eats” the part of my monitor’s display. In order to see what I need I have to make windows bigger than I have in a regular UI. I have 18 inch only.
  2. The second thing is concerned not Photon only but UI in general. The border of window is hardly observable and when I have several windows opened it’s really hard to understand where each of them ends. Very offen I close a window that I didn’t wanted to close. Please make windows’ borders more marked, more observable.
  3. Terrible contrast. Very hard colors’ composition. I can’t look at it more that a few minutes and after that everything blurs in my eyes. I can deal with a smooth light color scheme only and never use “white text on black background”.
  4. Don’t make it as a default and the only UI that is available.
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I have several issues with photon

  1. the buttons in the overview are horrible. impossible to tell if I have actually clicked them since there is no back highlighting, only a slight increase in brightness of the lines themselves
  2. several buttons in the new UI are significantly smaller and in different places than they used to be, for example the recover probes button.
  3. the new highlighted items in inventory feels very jank and ugly and again more wasted space.
  4. in the overview tabs, the fade out is way too aggressive in the labels and AGAIN wasting space between tabs. I can only tell what tabs are in my overview by the color of the text. completely unusable
  5. changing the color of the text in the bookmarks folder to match the overview color scheme is completely unnecessary and as someone who multiboxes often, keeps throwing me off. there is no reason to change that especially for wormholers who completely rely on bookmarks
  6. the space used text in the cargo of ships is not centered but at the far left which is most likely to be covered by blue making it difficult to read
  7. the fact that I have to OPT OUT of this every time you make a change makes this even more obnoxious since its completely unusable. I don’t want to have to fix my overview settings every time you make a change to this garbage.

there is no reason to change this overview or make it the only option. fix your ■■■■ ccp

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I would much like the ability to turn off the Michael Bay flashing of the typing cursor. I cant express how much im not a fan of it Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Really bothers me.

pls dont force that UI on us. i hate when i log in and its on by default. its all cool and nice, taht ccp works on a new UI for people who demand it for whatever reason. i personally dont need it and i dont want to be forced to use it pls. im perfectly happy with the old UI. ( i still dont understand why people want a new UI in the first place, i dont care if it looks " outdated" it is very functional, thats all that matters to me)

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The photonic interface is terrible. The game is slowing down. I hope the original interface will remain forever.

First off all I love to see you fixed stuff better.
Now give me an option to resize the chat headers as window margine size doesnt change anything that i did observe.
I wonder whats that for or what this should be doing.

So yeah from my end its only the stupid big chat headers that annoy me so far and were the simple reason for me to move back to the old design.

Please stop forcing it on us every time you make a change. If people prefer an older UI version, there is a reason for it.




still useless direct scan settings
it’s much better

  1. Can’t move skills in skill training queue with Photon UI. 2. Overviews are too dark, hard on the eyes. 3. Photon UI is faster, but the other issues need to be fixed before I use it.

Adding to the feedback: The security status of systems was showing in the old UI’s autopilot dots, which is a helpful feature. In Photon, all the colors merge to one ugly crimson color. This is less information available to pilots.

Photon UI Chats are still ■■■■ cause the headers/ Chats are to large, I have to set the UI scaling to 90% to get all chats working like I need it space wise but that fucks over the rest. Especialy cause the chats are much larger than all other UI elements!
If I would not to be forced into using Photon UI by multiple Overviews (FC) I would be staying at the old one. Even though I would like to get the 2013 UI back, that one was much more intuitive in my opinion.

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Stop turning this ■■■■ on, how many ■■■■■■■ times do i need to turn if off now???

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