Player Bounties

Bounties are buff to ganking. However indirect, because it helps gankers, it has no chance to be accepted by the gank (pvp) haters and crybears who are spamming forums with their alts and who is CCP catering to lately.

You from all peoples should know that.

If I have to AFK I dock. Go do my business then undock and carry on.
If you absolutely feel like you need a kill I wouldn’t mind jumping a gate so you can gatecamp me in a destroyer. I like you but I’m not jumping more than 5 gates so bring your a-- over here.
Will have to be after the weekend like Monday or Tuesday though 'cause I’m not home til then😃

Doesn’t stop me from arguing for what I think is right. I usually try to pick the side of “what makes EVE a better game” (in my eyes of course), not caring for the interest of any group, playstyle or ideology.


Averages don’t tell you a whole lot on their own. There are more ganks on unprofitable cheap ships than there are on expensive ones.

Assuming they are going for profit, they will go after the easiest, juiciest targets, which will often be inexperienced players doing something stupid. With ganking, quite a lot of the time they aren’t going for profit though, as evidenced by them killing targets too low value to have any potential for profit and not having an alt on grid to scoop any loot that does drop.

It’s not really about being penniless so much as having an NPC-driven mechanic painting a massive bullseye on your station because CCP decided it was a good idea to make station bashing a PvE activity. If cores didn’t drop the cost of the station would be the same but the immediate profitability to attackers would drop.

I’d be fine with a bounty system also being profitable to gankers, as long as it worked as an actual bounty system (as in, encouraged people to actively hunt bounty targets) and was not exploitable by killing your alts. I just don’t see that being possible. Having a bounty system that doesn’t work as a bounty system and still provides a benefit to gankers is just a payout system for gankers.

Well, feel free to provide a list of ganks that Aiko has participated in that you feel targeted newer players in cheap ships.

You’re more than welcome to provide your “as evidenced” evidence to support the ganking of newer and cheaper ships.

I looked for that evidence: except in relatively few occurrences, I never found it. It turns out to be something quite hard to gather decent data on. That said, there seems to be a lot more talking about hunting newbies in cheap ships, than actually doing so. But again, please provide your evidence:


And yet, somehow, you determined that having higher payouts on bounty kills and being able to place corp-wide bounties would do nothing to encourage players to collect bounties.

If paying people to do it achieves nothing, what sort of system are you envisioning?

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Station bashing groups were attacking stations long before the introduction of quantum cores. I would carry on doing it even without any share of the loot. So your narrative is a false one.

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Yet another bogus narrative. There are by definition more cheap ships than there are expensive ones. Also by definition, cheaper ships require less gankers to gank and therefore less of a loss for the gankers. Any such small loss is more than made up for by the large gain on expensive ships. In fact as long as the gankers are overall in profit…any losses really are not a problem.

You also avoid the fact that not all ganking is for profit. A good deal of it is about territory…and some corps are willing to take the loss in order to send the message ’ this is our space '.

That is a total contradiction of your first statement. One minute you are telling us that cheap ships are ‘unprofitable’…and in the very next paragraph you are telling us that easy noob targets are profitable. Then you go back to gankers ganking unprofitable stuff. Talk about trying to cover every which way in order to be ‘right’ about something. It’s the same old tactic…slither as many ways as you can and hope nobody notices.

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Anyone doing so needs to also provide the means by which they established that any ‘newbie’ is actually new. It is simply not good enough to talk about ’ 1 day old noobs’, when people have no way of knowing if that person is genuinely 1 day old or is an alt of some 20 year old vet.

In fact, it is mathematically arguable that there are way more ‘fake’ noobs about than genuine ones. A single person is obviously only a genuine noob once, but that person can over time create lots of new characters every one of which will appear ‘1 day old’ at some point. I was new once…yet in the intervening 16 months I have created 8 more characters.

MacGybo pointed out that 15% of all his ganks ( and he only ganks if the kill is over 400m ISK ) are ’ 1 day old noobs '. No genuine 1 day old noob would be taking 400m ISK of implants to/from Jita.

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Remember when like a year ago I told you that in about a year you’ll understand who the real enemy is and you were like “nooo I already DO” and I was like “we’ll check again in a year” and now you’re hardline-arguing with a bunch of Dunning-Krugers for hours on end?


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Hey…you were my mentor.

Wow. God, I’m old.

No one told me the thirties were going to be this rough.

Anyway…I don’t ‘argue’. There is nothing to argue over. To me it is more like this…



Why? The claim will just be made that you can’t tell if they are new players, or you can’t determine intent. you can easily check her killboard and see plenty of ganks on ships new players use that have no possibility of profit.

Sure, because there’s no way to tell who is a new player and who is an alt. You can absolutely look at data showing the potential drop of a ganked ship and the cost of the ships used to gank it.

The bounty payout would need to be significant for people to take the time to actively hunt down a target. My view is that it would need to be high enough that it would be impossible to prevent abuse.

Nowhere near to the same degree.

I guarantee your alliance would take a hard stance against the removal of core drops.

Why would they gank at a loss anyway? If you’re trying to argue that they aren’t ganking cheap ships then you argument is “they make up for all the cheap ones by killing some whales” then your argument doesn’t track.

I know, most of it is for salt. And that’s fine.

How is that a contradiction? If they are going for profit what they want is players who don’t know what they are doing but are flying expensive stuff. When they go after ventures and stuff that’s not being done for profit.

And your evidence for that is ?

And your evidence for that is ?

As with the rest of your comments, you just invent a narrative with zero actual evidence that its how things actually are.

No, you specifically referred to new…‘inexperienced’…players. Noobs flying expensive stuff ?

And where’s your actual evidence that these players are genuinely either new or inexperienced ? Making use of those amazing psychic powers again ?

It’s weird that you don’t need evidence when you make the claim that cores didn’t make a difference.

I’m not inventing a narrative. I’m sting facts. You don’t like those facts so you call them an invented narrative. You’re dishonest at every turn in every discussion you are in.

And what’s the problem with that statement? Plenty of inexperienced pilots do silly stuff in expensive ships. One of the forum regulars here who is a new player keeps dunking ships into gatecamps for example.

The fact that in order to be a victim of a gank you have to be inexperienced.

I told them 15 years ago that the system was broken, its about time.

I am really starting to agree with you more and more lately.

If you want to dock up and chat one on one I would be happy to agree with you some more sweet Clone Nr007


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smirk: :innocent:

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I’m starting to understand this game more and more so there my might be a correlation :smiley:

You have yourself a date, you dashing pilot… after we have our little ship-to-ship encounter :boom: :wink::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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@Iceacid_Frostpacker 's docking request accepted? :smirk: :innocent: :blush:

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