Praise Aiko Danuja, True Savior of Highsec!

Hear This, Need a 88 Trillion Isk Loan!

Stop spamming in every thread.

Also, wouldn’t it be an amazing twist if Githany and Aiko were the same person?

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I am not Aiko!

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And I sir am not Githany

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Those are honestly the squabbles of a madwoman.
You have yet to make a meaningful impact.

EVE died for me the day I learned Lady Spank was no lady.

Probably neither is this ‘Aiko Danuja’, if that is even her real name.

Wait wait wait are you saying people don’t name their EVE character after their real life names? WTF. I feel cheated. cries in autobot

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People can use fake names?

Damn, I wish I knew…


If you want to know why I don’t use my real name, just read this:

That is a bit much…

I hope you reported him because I will.

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Cheeses Fing Chris thats appalling.

I like it when the miners lose their minds, but this guy doesn’t seem funny.

In my experience, gankers and ‘pirates’ are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

Meanwhile, miners routinely act like this. It’s why they all need to die (in game, of course).

I get reported all the time for far less egregious behavior. Supposedly, I’m just this evil person, evil in real life! I don’t bother to report people, because I’d literally be making reports every day. CCP has better things to do than police what people say.

Meanwhile, contrary to the notion that I want to remove players from the game, I’m just not interested in having someone banned. I’m really not. Somewhere out there, this miner has a family, and if by writing to me he is able to relieve some stress, very well then. I will endure this abuse, so that his family can live in peace. Perhaps EVE gives him the outlet he needs, and I would hate for him to be banned.

What mystifies me is how antigankers can truly claim to be ‘whiteknights’, when they are protecting such vulgar individuals. The Highsec miner is the foulest race in the galaxy. They are bitter angry bots, who just want free easy AFK isk. CCP doesn’t need to moderate their language, we can simply kill them all. We have the tools, in-game, to deal with them. We will do exactly that.

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No. You need to report this kind of people.
Short story, I still go out to alternative nightclub because there’s people of every age there and everyone is cool and ok with it, but from time to time some morons get in.
There was this young girl who must have been early twenties, she was complaining how some moron was physically abusive towards her but she did not want to report him and create drama.
I simply explained to her that if she tolerates this kind of behaviour, the guy will believe it’s the norm and can get away with it, and will keep on harassing other people. So we convinced her to go and tell security to get the guy kicked out. He even tried to get physical with a bouncer which was hilarious and did not end well for him. Unfortunately, not bad enough, as he was just manhandled by security and thrown outside.

Not saying you need to report everyone who feels butthurt, but these kind of cases are what reports are for.


Well, you might be right. Part of me feels like I should report him to the FBI, based on what he said, it’s like the sort of thing you should report - right? There’s people in CODE, no doubt, who have told me that I should report that kind of ‘content’.

However, it’s like you said

I suppose I have the same mindset. Honestly, I get death and rape threats like DAILY. My goodness. It’s just continual. Like, from my perspective, this is normal. It’s hard to mentally detach myself and view this like a normal person might. This is just how Highsec miners in EVE Online behave. I saw one today, his ingame name was literally like Anti Simite or something. I’ve ganked several variants of Adolf Hitler, and the like. It’s just insane. So like, there’s definitely a toxicity problem in this game, no doubt about that. I’m just planning to kill them all, that’s why James created me. I’m just gonna shoot every single Highsec miner, and throw them out with the trash.


Simping to their balls hard on the forum means nothing. Show your respect with ISK.

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Report him and if you gank him again just say your on a Captain Bonk gank and we will leave you be…

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Wow, Aiko has been given a green light to gank!

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I take the copying of my style …
… as a compliment.


What the ■■■■ did I just read …