Rhyme of an Amarr

Vakhai, vakhid, vamam, vamatalb;
Idi naji e ramud sahibe-u.
A artehs.

Emarr dunija naji emarr taht.
A e manu reshjval-u.

Emarr shlechan larr ard.
A e garla i reshios-u.

Soim chard dula-u, merkez shaife-u, hubra-u,
Itlech noch, chiost, ta riamkh nash veda tesel.


To live, to see, to stand, to claim;
This is the way of the Holder.
I am a person who rises.

My world is my throne.
I am the hand of the empress.

My slaves are her fortune.
I am the pride of the empire.

Seed of the gold flower, core of creation, solution of Heaven,
Every moon, planet, and star near knows to give submission.

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