RMC - The home of high class hookers, free booze and bouncy castles

What Could Possibly Go Wrong (WR0NG) is the number one rated alliance in Eve Online based on leadership popularity as voted by it’s members, with our leaders winning the recent election with a 102% of votes in their favour* (*results verified by North Korean Government). We recently woke up to find the previous nights drunken roam had somehow resulted in us taking our own Sov space but no-one really remembers how or why it happened but it seems like to much hassle for us to leave now.

We’d like to share our new found riches by allowing bitter vets, salty miners, new bros or even full corps to move over to our quickly growing self appreciation society, where you can sit in station and bask in your own overwhelming sense of self importance.

New for 2021!! – Don’t miss out on our Alliance promotional Video - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

To Join - click on the discord link and have a chat with a recruiter, we will then forward you onto the joining process.

We offer:

  • A none competitive null market where its always 2 for the price of 3 at least!

  • FC’s that most of the time don’t speak the same language as you do!

  • Alliance wide battle badger doctrines!

  • Mining! - Our miners provide excellent bait which our PVPers love!

  • The only alliance in New Eden that only dares drop its Capital fleet on miners in ventures!

  • The chance to structure bash with t1 hobgoblins!

  • Moons that pop no-where near when we advise they should!

  • Exploration - We guarantee at least 1 wormhole less than 20 jumps away!

  • Free Russian lessons - “прыгать прыгать прыгать ебать тебя”

  • An alliance that came close runner up to Brave in the “Most Disorganised Alliance 2021”

  • P.I. - A great chance to fill the alliance buyback scheme with stuff we don’t even want.

  • A name that was accidentally spelt with a number in it that we now can’t change.

  • Indy - someone needs to build those battle badgers.

  • A killboard where you’ll genuinely find people actually worse at PVP than you.

  • The opportunity to offend/be offended in discord chat, free of charge.

  • Players across all world time zones (including the time zones only Americans understand)

  • Our American’s include players from the smaller U.S. states like Canada and Mexico.

  • Chance to meet the Trump Fan, who as a added bonus is also an anti-vaxxer.

  • Our EU - We no longer always wardec everyone, now the German guy left.

  • No taxes, cos everyone refused top pay them!

  • Ship Replacement Program – as it’s probably our fault you lost your ship.

  • A chance to join our killboard - https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99006751/|killboard

What we’re looking for:

  • Mic! - bonus points if your a heavy breather

  • Discord - assuming you CAN read (not all who join can) - Click on the link to join our discord - When you join Discord ask for “Clara” or advise I sent you to avoid being recruited by one of the useless recruiters!

  • Skillpoints! - We require a minimum of 1 skill point for all applicants

  • New bros! - Why die on your own, when you can die with us?

  • Bitter and salty vets! - Sure eve’s dying, come tell us all about it Boomer

  • PVPers! - its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission!

  • Indy players! - Someone has to build the ships cos we cant be bothered

  • Explorers! - We love to see your ridiculous Astero deaths on our Killboard

  • Players from any timezone - Aussies are allowed but must first pass an English test

  • No minors! - not our choice but after the last incident the court judge insists on it

  • No bots! - I know we didn’t believe it at first but actually Americans do really talk like that

  • No spies! - we have 4 already so all spy spots are full for now

  • No nudes! - last time the distraction cost us a sub-cap fleet!


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